67 5th Level Great Mage

Next morning 

Ayaan and Rebecca went to the Doham chamber of commerce. He didn't leave Rebecca behind because many people had already noticed her, and he was sure that quite a few people must be spying on them.

Nevertheless, he didn't care about those people and their little tricks, he would never give them a chance to overpower him. At least, that's what he thought.

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On the way to their destination, Ayaan heard a piece of news. A piece of news about birthday celebration in the royal palace which was ten days later; moreover, the birthday girl was none other than Noor. Making him exhilarated and worried at the same time. 

Exhilarated because he found a way to meet Noor, and worried because this was the best possible situation for all the enemies and traitors to attack the royal family.

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