Heat Wave: Washington, DC Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Heat Wave: Washington, DC

Tamer Lorika

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Simone Jackson is struggling in her first job out of college. Running errands for a city councilman in Washington, DC, isn't all that fun in the June heat, but Simone has big plans about being a politician, and this is a big step. Still, the humidity is hard to ignore, as is a tray of free lemonade left in front of a house with the most gorgeous garden Simone has ever seen. And the owner of the garden? Not half bad looking, either.<br><br>Natia Savea, a transplant from Samoa, is gentle, kind, and the center of the neighborhood. Her garden has become a paradise for everyone around to come and beat the heat. Natia soon becomes the center of Simone's life, too.<br><br>But when Natia’s home is threatened, can Simone take on City Council and save the day ... and the woman she’s grown to love?