Heartstrings Symphony Book

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Heartstrings Symphony


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Kim Hyewon is a chaebol heiress. After going to a Twice concert, there was nothing she wanted more than to be a Kpop idol. Sadly, her parents had different plans for her. Forbidding her from becoming an idol trainee, they sent her to Korea’s most prestigious high school and made her join it’s string ensemble as well. Heartbroken that her dream is shattered, Hyewon resolves to rebel against the school and the ensemble, and cause as much trouble as possible until the she’s forced to drop out so that she can pursue her dream. However, her parents donates very generously to the school, but threatens to transfer Hyewon if her grades and behaviour doesn’t improve. Unable to expel Hyewon and unsure how to discipline her, the school decides to give her mandatory daily study sessions and cello tuition with the student council president, Kang Yujin, who’s also the school’s valedictorian and string ensemble chairwoman. Yujin was also hands down the most beautiful person Hyewon has ever met. As Hyewon spends more time with Yujin, her feeling for Yujin would change and evolve. What started as hatred for someone as ridiculously overachieving as Yujin, would turn into tolerance and later something Hyewon can’t quite understand. Love, self-discovery, change, and dreams blend and mix in Hyewon and Yujin’s symphony.


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