1 Oh Lord, Please No Breakup!

It was four in the afternoon and Love Marie had been sick in her gut throughout the day thinking about what Jay Song wanted to talk to her about last night. Holding her phone in her hand, she reread all those several sent messages that she had spent hours writing to him on WeChat, trying to dispel the panic and distress that shrouded her heart.

Late last night, when Jay Song had called her after being M.I.A for a couple of days, Love Marie seemed distracted as she was completing the individual in-game tasks to collect more free heart currency so she could buy new couples merchandise on Heart2Heart for them to show-off to other in-game couples.

Since Jay Song had not been logging in the game for the past week due to his busy schedule, Love Marie did not want to fall behind in the game hoping they could level up sooner. However, in the process of doing so, she had missed the restlessness in Jay Song's tone when he had wanted to tell her something when they last spoke. When she asked him halfheartedly, "what was it?", Jay Song had realised that she was distracted and had promptly ended the conversation wishing her a good nights sleep while reminding her to go to bed before it was already dawn.

It was not until the morning-after that Love Marie realised that something was indeed wrong with their conversation last night.

Replaying the conversation again and again in her head, Love Marie mumbled to herself, "What was it? He seemed strange last night.... or maybe its just me... Wait, did he say I love You..? I guess thats what it is, he didn't say I love you. He usually does, doesn't he.. why no love you? Did something happen? No I love you... Wait, and he wanted to talk about something... hmm, what could be 'that' something?" Love Marie rubbed her chin curiously trying to add up her thoughts to his unusual behaviour. After a few brief moments of silence, the room was filled with a piercing scream.

"Ahhh... does he want to breakup!?" Oh lord, please no breakup!

Panic-stricken, Love Marie ran out of her bed and looked around for her mobile. Getting hold of it, she switched on the screen and saw the time. 'Crap, its only Eleven a.m, he won't be up for another Five to Six hours 'cause of the thirteen hour time difference between country A and country C. What should I do?' Love Marie thought to herself. 'Maybe I can text him! See if he might just be up or read my messages and call me right away.'

And so began Love Marie's endless stream of distraught messages on WeChat to her beloved.

"Baby, about last night, what did you want to talk about?"

"Honey, I know I was distracted last night, was it something urgent?"

"Haha, You know I got us new Heart2Heart Summer Special Edition couple matching outfits yesterday. Now, we can show it off to that good-for-nothing Jing couple, strut our cute stuff and complete tasks."

"Baby.... umm..why didn't you say I love you to me yesterday? Not that I mind. But... is there something you want to tell me?"

"Not that I'm worrying. But you sounded different last night. Is there something we need to talk about?"

"Baby.. are we going to br... Are you trying to br...Nothing, I'm silly. Leave it."

"Haha, I know you love me a lot. You've loved me for Seven years. I'm stupid. I'll Ignore it. Call me when you get these. I love you honey.. Love you to the moon and back!"

"You have a good nights sleep, once again- I LOVE YOU. You are my heart, you are my soul."

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