Heart2Heart: Welcome To A Good Life Book

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Heart2Heart: Welcome To A Good Life


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For the past 2 years, Love Marie John had religiously logged onto the new-on-the-scene online game, Heart2Heart, for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship with her beloved long-distance boyfriend Jay Song. Devoting hours and hours on the game everyday, Love Marie had hoped to successfully complete each task together with her beloved to never have them feel the distance that grew over time. However, as fate would have it, an online game couldn't save her relationship from falling apart. Dejected and heartbroken, Love Marie abused the game wholeheartedly and decided to terminate her Heart2Heart account. But, was it so easy to keep the game away from invading her pitiful life. Surely, the game had other plans.... More magnificent, more complex, more tremulous... ------------------------------------------------------------ One night, pressing the deactivate account button for the hundredth time, the in-game screen read again, "Are you sure you would like to deactivate your account- Press Yes or No?" "what the hell, ofcourse... Yes!!!", snarled Love Marie. "Please state the Reason for deactivating your account." "Cause this game is effing pathetic.... bloody good life... it couldn't even spare me my relationship.. bloody took all my money too.." Then the system read, "Sorry for the incovenience. Please try again later." "Huh....!" *blank expression* "What the hell... get me out of here."