1 Chapter 1

(There was a girl that I used to see when I was in my teen age . She was different from other always living in the darkness  and would have a cold face that will make you feel sad)

It was the time when I was around 18 and I had just came to California from Texas . My dad died in a car accident and now my Mom and me was living in California because Mom get her job here . I was a very happy kid from the beginning as both my parents loved me dearly. I was the only son of the family . My dad used to work as a Doctor .He was my inspiration . When Mom and I moved in California I wasn't that excited because all my memories is in Texas .The house that we used to lived in was my paradise. Abd the weekend we spend was my happiest moment . But now that my father was gone I somehow feel empty in my heart and I really don't know what I am doing sometimes .

The house that we live now is a normal house in a normal neighborhood. Today I will be attending new school in the town. But I was not that interested. It was all the same old thing . We had just settled down in our new house . My mom Anna work as an Marketing assistant in a company .I can see that the death of dad had also affect her because I found her crying in the room alone at night sometimes.

Today was the first day of my school so I get ready for that . Mom had already gone to the work as she was little busy with the new job . I get on my bike and car and went to school. After 15 minutes drive I reach at the school . The crowd of the students welcomed me . There was a lots of students that has different styles . Just by looking you can say it is just like other school . Popular , normal and looser . As I walk in the hallway I can see student that were talking about study, some student talking about the party , some were sitting quite and some bulling the other. I didn't say anything and went inside the office . The administration office asked me a few questions and tell me to go to the principal's office . So I went there.

Outside I can here the man voice shouting at someone

"You better apologize and know your mistake .I cannot handle it any more . If you don't quite all this I have to call your "

I couldn't see anything and I didn't even know if I should be here right now . The guard outside was also nit saying anything . So I looked at him and try to say something. But he just ignore me . I didn't have a choice ao I just stay there . Soon the sound inside

office quite down and the door open . I get up to go inside . But I stop it was like the whole world stop with me . In front of me I saw a girl. She had a beautiful blue eye her long brown hair . She looked so beautiful . She was the most beautiful girl I had seen till now but I could see that her beautiful blue eye didn't have anything . She had a stone cold face and she looked really angry . She came up to me and looked at me . I didn't know what to do my heart was beating so fast it felt like it will jump out of my chest . I couldn't stop looking at her . She also looked at me and then raised her eyebrows as if saying what . I couldn't say anything and I know that I was infornt of her blocking her . I could feel the heat when she touch mu should . The heat of her hand was given me comfort . It was as if I was used to all that .I was just looking at her like a fool and somewhere in my mind I knew that . Finally she said something but I couldn't hear anything .I can only see that her lips were moving . I feel a thirst while looking at her lips . At that time I felt a force while cuse me to land on the floor . I crush in the floor and it took me a minute to realize what actually happened . When I stand up I see that a biy has hus arm wrap around her shoulder . This did not make me very happy .But it was the first time thaf I met her and I don't even know them so what was happening me . The boy look at me and said with a angry tone

"Stay back "

And walk away with the girl . I could see her leaving and it somehow hurt me . But when she looked back at me again I couldn't help but smile which made her to look away .

I was still at the principal's office door and the guard remind me about that . When I met the principal's he was very nice with me . I was a scholarships holder and had a good academics recorde. He talk about the school and the rules and regulations and send me back .

I return from the office and went to find my class room . The hallway was silent now as students was inside soon I found my class and enter . Ther was already a teacher inside . The teacher looked at me and said

"Are you the new student "

I nod my head and inside . The teacher asked me to give an introduction . I looked at the students in the class to see that the boy who pushed me was also there . But I couldn't see the girl .

I introduce myself

"Hi my name is Alex and I just moved here from Texas . "

Teacher told me to sit down . I could see must of the sits were full and so I take the last bench . There was noone sitting there .

Everyone looked at me some with sadness some with a smirk. I didn't know anything ao I just sit there . Soon the class starts.

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