1 1. Am I Too Handsome?

The sun was beaming brightly. The girl's elegant facial features enhancing more. Her brown hair falling on her back like a waterfall. Her small nose. Her fair skin. Her pink lips and her cute eyes. Sunlight falling on them made them shine.

The chair beside her made a sound. Her not so full lashes fluttered and she opened her eyes. Before looking up, she combed her hair with her fingers. Looking up, she saw a boy sit beside her.

She noticed his tall and straight nose, his innocent eyes piercing through her soul and his pink lips. His blond hair falling over his forehead. His lips parted and he said, "Am I too handsome?"


Her eyes met his and she saw his smirk. Too handsome? Yes, he was. She knew it too but he was too proud of his face. "Handsome? Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" she scoffed and went back to sleep. The door opened and she immediately sat straight. The students sat on their respective places and their teacher started speaking.

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She said to the boy beside her, "That's what you call being handsome." She said while looking at their teacher. The boy turned and saw a tall figure standing behind the podium. His hair fell on his forehead with his small eyes and lips not so pink.

The boy touched his hair and face and thought, "I look better than him. This girl must be crazy."

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