4 The Upperclassmen

While walking to the classroom with both of my hands in my pockets I thought to myself of what kind of company that is. It's mainly to produce military items that have made them profitable. Gwen needs more people to rely on and what I've seen Nadia is her only companion. Arriving in the classroom, the door is open with students filled in.

Waking to my seat, I sat down with my bag set underneath my table. A few moments later Gwen with Nadia walks in the room, then to their desks. The class went by, as usual, nothing significant was taught. I stood up exactly on point of bell ringing, followed by Gwen.

I noticed that she was facing my direction, but I didn't want to figure out why she is. I took wide steps to the door then heading out to the clubroom. I tilted my head to the side slightly, noticing that Gwen was the only one following me. I should start a conversation. It'll take a bit until we reach the club room.

"Is Nadia not coming along?" I said while turning my head to my right side.

She was facing the floor before I spoke, but when I did, she looked up flustered.

"H-huh? Oh no, she has some business with her sister."


I turned my head facing the front noticing that we're almost there but not quite. Suddenly, bumping into a student. About my height with a muscular physique, his looks were appreciated by many girls in the hall, but I get the feeing I've seen him before or at last heard of him.

"Ahh! Sorry I didn't notice you were there!" taking a step back, he'd stare at me with a despondent expression.

Me being how I am, I was visibly annoyed with this encounter, but I needed to make a conversation to not seem weird, so staring back at him with an annoyed look I'd close my eyes for a moment before opening them back up.

"Don't mention it, but do you mind moving out of the way?"

A drop of sweat coming down his right cheek then letting out an awkward laugh he'd reach out his right arm.

"Sorry again for blocking your way haha...Anyway, I'm Justin, or you might know me as the president of the sports club!" His expression changed to pure enthusiasm.

Letting out a sigh, my gaze lowering to the floor and being more annoyed because he's carrying the conversation on. Raising my gaze back to him, it's more visible now that I'm annoyed.

"Zander, a pleasure to meet you James, but if you'll be so kind and move out of the way."

James is one of the most popular students in the entire school; he has everything: money, talent, and intelligence. He goes out of the way to help the helplessness, which is a very noble and honoring thing to do, but also a pain. Not waiting for an answer and turning to the right side, I'd continue walking to the clubroom.

"Hey!! If you need anything don't hesitate to come and ask!"

Still trying to grab my attention it would be completely ignored, but Gwen knew who he was and what type of person he is. After hearing James her body would shiver up, I couldn't help but glance back at her. A few moments later we both arrive at the club room then opening the door I'd walk in sitting down on a chair while Gwen shuts the door after walking in.

Unexpectedly Gwen stands in front of me not saying a word as she stared at the floor. Suddenly bowing down towards me, her hands were turned into a fist.

"Zander! Please don't get involved with my business. I can handle it on my own!" Still bowing, her eyes being shut tight waiting for my response.

Thinking about what she said she would've meant that she has a plan and everything is under control which is less likely or...She just doesn't want me involved. It's appreciating that she cares for my wellbeing, but what she's going through doesn't matter if she wants my support, it's as if she needs it.

"Then tell me what's your plan on stopping it?" My gaze turned into a glare.

Her eyes widening soon a drop of sweat came down her right cheek, walking over to sit down on a chair with her gaze still on me.

"I haven't fully thought of a way b-but don't worry I can hand- "before she could finish up her sentence as she sat down and her bottom began being completely soaked and cold.

Squinting at her for a moment because she didn't reply. Once she looked down with a frightened face, I slowly stood up, walking over to her with my eyes widened.

"Ice cream..?"

It's strange because all the club members were in their classroom and bringing in sweets here? No, obviously it was done by another person, but the question is who? As I was analyzing the situation and Gwen being in shock, the door slid open with several people walking through pointing the fingers and laughing. Quickly I turned around facing the group, and it seemed like they were upperclassmen.

"You mind explaining what's all of this about?"

One of them walked forward with the most punchable face ever.

"Hmph! This club room is ours, we don't need a murderer taking over this room!"

My glare coming back but now on these assholes, my legs moving to walk toward the upperclassmen that spoke.

"Seems like this idiot doesn't know what he's talking about because she didn't murder anyone."

Two upperclassmen would try to step forward to hit me, but the one in front held the ones behind back with a smirk.

"Come on, there's no need to fight right, Zander?"

Honestly, I didn't care if he knew who I was or not. It's just that this guy made this such a drag.

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"Who knows, maybe we might need to."

The smirk on his face remaining, he let out a deep sigh.

"Come on now don't be like that... Instead, all of this can stop if you beat me at a little game."

Suddenly Gwen stood up from her seat with her pants dripping in ice cream.

"Zander! We should just report them to the principal!"

Lifting my right arm and still starting at the upperclassmen, I gave a nod.

"Gwen just relax, it'll be a pain if we do that so we should accept this offer to make this quick."

The upperclassmen's smirk widened after hearing my remark.

"Interesting, the names Axel."

Gwen wouldn't say a word after hearing what I said, then letting out a deep sigh I would continue to stare at Axel.

"Now tell me what game we'll be playing?"

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