2 The Truth of the Murderer

Did I hear that correctly? Did she just say a murderer?! In a club for chess?! I shouldn't be surprised, seeing how the upper grades treated us. I knew I shouldn't have joined this club! Now I'm mixed up in the drama that's happened in the past. I turned away, looking at the floor, showing that I'm nervous.

"So...When did this occur?"

Nadia let out a deep sigh as if she was getting annoyed telling me this.

"From the previous graduates so about three to four years ago."

This shocked me, I didn't think it was so recent.

"Hmph, so if a murder took place in this room why would you guys occupy it?"

Nadia rolled her eyes and stood up.

"Simple, it's because we needed a place to start a club."

She then shrugged as if my question was pointless, but I wouldn't blame her. Who would exactly want to talk about a murder? She wasn't telling the truth, but I didn't have the energy to keep the conversation going. Nadia went to the middle of the room staring to the floor. I was curious about what she was doing so I turned my head to her, but while looking at her Gwen was there in fear. There's something up and I need to find out why my curiosity is at its peak.

"Nadia tell me what happened here."

Nadia let out another deep sigh then crossed her arms.

"You would probably misunderstand the situation and turn it against us."

While Nadia was saying that my eyes fixated on Gwen to see how her body would react to my question and Nadia's answer. While standing there she was staring at the floor the whole time so I couldn't tell what was up.

"Since I'm a part of this club too, I'm sure I have a reason to know why, what, and how whatever happened."

Nadia didn't seem to care at all, but then she glanced over to Gwen. Suddenly I stood up putting my hands in my pockets and started walking over to the door, then I turned my head so I could see Gwen.

"If it's uncomfortable for you to tell me, I guess I understand."

Both of their eyes widened while they were looking at me, making both flinch a little.

"W-what do you mean Zander?"

Gwen said as her voice was in fear. On the other hand, Nadia started to get nervous while turning her head staring at the floor. Ha, so I was right. For a moment Gwen looked to the floor, but then she shook her head then turned her body to face me.

"The murderer that killed a student is my cousin!"

She was afraid of saying those words, but she gathered the courage to say it, so I couldn't just leave. I turned to her.

"I'm sorry to hear that, but let's get to class now it's about to start."

Turning to open the door, Nadia rushed to my right side, and Gwen rushed to my left. Both of them saying in sync.


I couldn't look anywhere but at the door. I've never been in such a situation like this! Two freaking mega hotties this close to me! What do I do?! Shit, shit, shit! On each of my arms, I could feel their boo- No! Snap out of it, I need to start a conversation.

"W-what is it?"

Nadia is the first to speak.

"You knew, didn't you? The situation Gwen was in"

I turned over to Nadia while she said that then turning to Gwen seeing that she was shivering at the moment from the past.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but if we're late, this will be dangerous!"

Nadia shook her head.

"Come on, just tell me how you knew! You weren't afraid at all?"

Gwen then rested her forehead on my arm.

"It's all right Nadia, we should get going before we're late."

Nadia looked over to see Gwen.


Then suddenly danger was about to approach. The bell rang! All three of us jumped up.

"I told you we would be late!"

Opening the door, all of us ran to our classes.

"C-crap I thought we had more time!"

While Nadia said that I turned my head over to her, then I let out a slight smile. Nadia must really care about Gwen. For a moment, it felt like our journey in this is about to begin I couldn't help but have a smirk on my face. The thing is...when arriving at the classroom I had nothing but a frown on my face.

"So you kids are late, huh? What a shame, hurry and get in."

Gwen and Nadia were both relieved, but I thought otherwise I felt the pressure the teach gave off and I'm telling you it was unsettling. All three of us went to class and sat in our seats. Hours have passed, but the thing is that it was just so boring I fell asleep. I felt a tap on my shoulder, so I looked up to see Nadia smiling while trying to hold on her laughter with her hand. I was confused about what the fuss is, but then I heard a cough next to me. Slowly, I turned my head, facing up.


"Dammit is right! I put my heart and soul out in the teaching and you do this?! That's it, everyone gets a pop quiz!"

Everyone in the class groaned. I heard whispers about me and the club room, and I couldn't help but get annoyed. The teacher left the classroom to get copies for the pop quiz. A student with three others behind him approached me. I looked up to see a bunch of jerks looking at me in anger. I didn't have the energy to react, so I stared them back.

"What do you want?"

After saying that, they got even angrier. I knew that this would be a stretch.

"Punk! How dare you talk to us like that?"

One student behind the one in the front shouted. I felt annoyed, so I wanted to end it there. Suddenly the other student from behind stepped forward, grabbing my shirt.

"Look here bastard, this is your fault so acknowledge it and apologize!"

My eyes turned over to the one in front of them, seeing that he didn't move an inch. He just stared at me as if I was a dog being punished.

"Look here I'm sorry, so can you just drop me now you're making a scene."

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I said, sounding lifeless and annoyed at the same time.

"Dumbass! Know what you're doing wrong?! Firstly, you haven't acknowledged it and second, you didn't mean that apology!"

My patience was getting thinner by the second.

"Who are you calling a dumbass? You're in the same class as me, right? So why didn't you say that I was a dumbass just like you? Since our intelligence is being determined through our class."

"You bastard!"

He shouted raising his hand up, but like I said I don't have the energy to fight so I'll let him hit me and get this over with. Suddenly the guy in front put his arm in front of the person about to hit me. To think he would say something, but he just stood there. I wasn't sure what he was planning, but unexpectedly he just started laughing and laughing.


The entire class seemed to be confused about what was going on I looked over to Gwen, but she was just facing the floor as she was trying to hold back from something. I could tell that she didn't want to let it out. Then turning over to Nadia she had a book in her hand just reading it, but she suddenly closed it making an immense noise. The student that grabbed me by the shirt then let go of me then turned over to Nadia.

"You got a problem, little miss?"

"The only problem is your disgusting presence."

"W-why you!"

"Don't even think about laying even a finger on me. We may just be students but violence towards others without a supporting reason. Don't you think this will end badly for you?"

The guy in the front glared at Nadia and then at Gwen. He gritted his teeth then pat both of the students behind him, signaling them to return as they did so.


I said after letting out a sigh with an expressionless face as always. Nadia then grabbed her book then opened it to the page she was on.

"I didn't do it for you I did it for Gwen, and you should be thanking me if I hadn't help your scrawny, weak self would've been in danger."

Completely ignoring her, I turned over to Gwen.

"Is something up?"

I asked curiously. Nadia then turned her head over to me.

"Hey, are you ignoring me?!"

Gwen then took a deep breath.

"Yes, I'm all right, it's just I had a terrible past with jerks like them."

"Hmm all right."

Nadia then stood up from her seat closing her book then smacking the back of my head with it.

"Gah! What the hell was that for?!"

"For ignoring me, obviously!"

The teacher then walked back to the class.

"Settle down now you annoying assholes, I couldn't even make any copies without you making a fuss."

After a couple of hours, everyone's done with the quiz. It was time to head back to the dorms, but I wanted to head outside for a quick breath of air. At the door, I stretched out, but I saw the same guys in on the outside and on the opposite side of where I'm standing. It was Nadia I wanted to listen in to what they're talking about.

"Come on, we're sorry so let us pay you back."

"Disgusting I wouldn't want your germs on me."

The guy that grabbed me by the shirt was trying to get close to Nadia, but then the guy in front smiled.

"I know your sister Nadia."

For a second Nadia froze in fear, then turned to him.

"Why's that of any importance?"

"We're close, and she told me to monitor you and...If you were up to no good I get to punish you like the mut you are failing your family."

He got closer to Nadia then he put his hand to her throat squeezing it. Suddenly he heard the door open then froze then turned over a little. Holding the arm that was on the neck of Nadia, then squeezing it. Nadia looked at me, but she couldn't say a thing.

"How annoying I don't have the energy for this..."

I said expressionless and carefree...

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