3 The problem

With his other free arm, he took a shot to punch my face but missed when I took a step back letting his arm go. While letting go of Nadia, he rubs his wrist.

"Damn him...Both of you get him!"

Both of them appeared to my left and my right giving me a hook to the jaw, but I ducked underneath making them both hit each other.

Class D teacher POV

In the office scanning each test, I snickered to see most fail- wait a minute?! How's this possible, someone got a perfect score?! To think Nadia was the one that had the highest score with an A-! I trembled with a slight grin on my face, but when trying to look for the name of the student who took this test there wasn't a signature.

"Oh, come on! You score this high and you don't even bother to write your own name?!"

After a few minutes to see which didn't take the test, I was in shock to see that this kid actually made a perfect score.

"Scoring D's on his entrance exams and scoring a perfect score on a test in which I made sure that some questions I didn't even teach them. Ha...It's like he scored that low on his entrance exams because he was lazy..."

Zander's POV

After ducking their punches I got back up grabbing both of their heads then slamming it to the floor.

"Tch! This punk!" He said with such anger and I can sort of even see a vein popping out on his forehead.

He charged at me with an intent to slay me, but that didn't work for him really, stepping to the side of his left I twisted my hips and my shoulders giving him a straight right jab do his jaw. It lands him on the floor face first.

"H-how are you s-so strong...?!" he stuttered while trying to get up.

"Shut your mouth," I said while yawning as I walked over to Nadia.

She's now dazed than usual. I tilted my head to the side, waving my hand over her face.

"Nadia? Hey Nadia!"

"W-what? Oh, sorry..."


After analyzing the situation she was in and what would happen if I didn't step in, I soon come to realize that I was exhausted so I needed to break this silence quickly.

"Right, well have a good night," I said while turning myself.



After turning my head to face her, I could see her blushing while having her gaze to the floor.

"Th-thank you, Zander...Really I appreciate it."

"Hmm...Yeah, don't mention it, get home safely."

After a few minutes passed, I got to my dorm, then once opening it I hopped into bed.

Nadia's POV

While at my dorm sitting on my bed with a towel wrapped around my head, and getting a little annoyed. I was about to flip him when he grabbed me by the neck, but then Zander showed up out of nowhere. He's just a lazy, scrawny nuisance...But he seemed heroic in a way that made me see him in a new light for a bit. I still wonder though how is he so strong for his body type?

Zander's POV

As the next day passes when arriving at the school I head to the club since we get four hours of free time before we need to attend our class. After opening a door the most unexpected thing I saw which made me let out a deep breath. Sitting in the middle of the floor, Gwen's bawling her eyes out. I took a step in the classroom while closing the door behind me.

"Hey, Gwen."

Crap! She's crying. Why would I say hi? I should've just left, dammit. Gwen then looks up to me immediately wiping the tears on her face as she gets up on her feet.

"Zander? I didn't see you there hello." she says, still having teary eyes.

Obviously here there's a problem to her crying this much. To be honest, I didn't care that greatly, so I went over to a seat to sit down while resting my head on the table with both of my arms cushioning my head. Hours have passed, so I woke up to see Nadia comfort, Gwen. I still can't believe that she's still like this. Overhearing their conversation, I heard five simple words that would make anybody curious about the reason.

"I should just kill myself..."

After hearing that, I stood up and walked over to both of them.

"Z-zander!" Nadia stuttered to my name.

"So is there a reason for you wanting to kill yourself?"

Gwen's POV

His expression is the same as always but those eyes of his. They're so fierce and comforting I can't help but feel so safe around him.

My eyes then gaze up to him.

"Sorry, but this is personal."

He squinted at me for a second, then somehow again surprises me as he utters these words.

"Is someone after you?"

Nadia next to me was in shock just as much as I was, but I just nodded my head while averting my gaze at him.

Zander's POV

Just as I suspected even on the first day of meeting her and that incident with that driver. She then took out her phone to show me a picture of her room. It's completely destroyed, all of her stuff all over the place, her bedsheets are ripped apart it's like there was a tornado in her room.

"What I'm curious about is how long this happened and why haven't you done anything about it."

Her expression says it all she's tried every method possible, but nothing worked.

"Zander...Of course, I've tried I went to the police to investigate, and they even watched over me, but they found nothing! No one! I wanted to just move from this country itself...Also three years." she said with the most frustrating face I've seen in a while.

You've got to be kidding me all of this happened for that long?... Wait a second three years..? No way it can't be because of-

"Yes Zander my cousin murdered a student of a well-known company and then after taking his own life...I witnessed him do everything and when teachers came in, they suspected me as being the killer, but after everything was cleared up the company still thought I had a place in helping my cousin.."

"That must be tough, I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry it's not your fault. Hah, they took everything from me...My house, my money, you name it. My parents struggled to even send me here because I had to rely on them, but I didn't want to get them involved...Nadia here has helped me so much I wish she was my sister."

"Sister huh...Yeah, I wish you were my sister as well."

Great, so Nadia has a problem with her sister huh? This circle of ours it seems to revolve around our family.

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"Let's exchange numbers," I said with the least caring expression

"H-huh but why?" Nadia started to get flustered

"It seems like a good idea so that way we can get help from each other if needed." Gwen said with a little cheery voice.

After exchanging numbers I went over to the door then opening it.

"By the way, what's this company's name?"

"Huh? Hutson why?"


I said then walking out closing the door.

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