5 The men’s game

Both of us trying to stare each other down, Axel still having his smirk silence filled the room for seconds before he spoke.

"We'll have several different games, determining the winner, but just to let you know that there are rules to this." a soft laugh came out of him after saying that

"No, problem so hurry up I want to get this finished quickly." my expression turned to pure annoyance

Axel took a step back as he crossed his arms then letting out a sigh. "There's going to be three rules. Firstly, you'll need to accomplish all of these challenges. Secondly, you can have help, but they can only do so for two challenges since you'll have four. Lastly, not telling the teachers of this or your life will become hell from now on, got it?"

My annoyed look still appeared on my face and a loud cough could be heard at the door. Two familiar individuals walking towards me then standing by my side he'd stare at Axel while the other one walked to Gwen's side.

"Good because I'll be helping him." Being said with a serious tone.

The person next to me with a muscular physique he stood there confidently with his eyes piercing at Axel. It was James, but I'm still confused as to why he's here trying to help. Glancing back at Gwen, appearing in my sight it would be Nadia having a proud grin on her face.

"I'm not sure why you want us to do this even though they already claimed this room. Unfortunately, he agreed to your games so we'll have to do this." James said being unexpectedly serious

Axel let out a soft grunt. Turning around he waved at us to follow him as he walked out the door. The rest of us followed him arriving into another room. It was huge inside with so many training equipment and a few rings meant for boxing or perhaps MMA.

"Thank you for letting us use your club room president." Axel said arrogantly

James didn't mind his tone towards him still standing firmly. "It's not a problem as long as I can help out Zander."

Strange how he wants to help me perhaps he might even have a motive. Several people sitting on a bench out of our sight, two people walking towards us. The two are much taller and bigger than anybody else in the room. Their size alone would make a whole gang shiver in fear. They stood in front of us for a brief moment before Axel coughed.

"Zander and James, who wants to go first?"

James walked forward staring the giants down while clenching both of his fists.

"I'll go first, but what will be the first challenge?"

"You'll be facing one of them off in...Weightlifting."

Both of the giants suddenly raising both of their arms in the air they'd suck in some air.

"We are the brothers of strength!" both saying in sync before moving apart doing different poses.

"I'm Mark!"

"And I'm Keith!"

Again both shifting to different poses before Mark walking over to two benches with weights on the bars then laying down having both of his hands on the bar.

"We'll start off easy with two hundred pounds!"

Suddenly, a smile appeared on James' face and he walked over towards one of the benches to lay down keeping both of his hands on the bar.

"I hope you'll give me a challenge Mark!"

"That's my line!"

Axel walks over towards the two while two other upperclassmen walking behind the benches do spot them.

"You need to successfully lift the bar up moving it down to your chest then lifting it back up to put it on the racket!"

Both easily being able to successfully bench two hundred pounds they sat up in sync looking over at each other. The two upperclassmen walked off then came back with weights on their hands siding it on the bar.

"Not bad president, but let's see if you can do two hundred and fifty!!" Axel said nervously

Both laying back down lifting the bar up and out of the racket moving it down to their chest then pushing it back up placing to the racket again sitting up and staring at each other in sync.

"Don't get cocky James you'll be losing!" Mark's anger grew as he finished his sentence.

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"That's my line!" Happily saying so he'd lay back down.

Bringing over more weights sliding it in the bar the upperclassmen starting to sweat while seeing both James and Mark complete these sets so easily which strikes fear in them. Mark also laying down gritting both of his teeth then placing his hands on the bar.

"Th-three h-hundred pounds!" Axel starting to stutter losing hope in Mark as he remembered the rumors of the president of the sports club.

Gwen starting to sweat, she'd turn over to Nadia with a nervous smile.

"Hey Nadia who do you think will win?"

Nadia's eyes shifting towards the ground with a worrying face she mustered up a shrug.

"Not sure they both seem pretty strong.."

Instantly Gwen noticing that Nadia is worried about something she swiftly grabbed onto Nadia's right arm pulling on it.

"Hey! Is there something wrong?"

Nadia's eyes widening before turning her gaze to Gwen with a soft smile.

"Yeah...There is something wrong...Remember when I told you that I couldn't go to the club room because I needed to talk with my sister?"

Gwen gave her a nod before letting go of her arm taking a step back.

"So it involves your sister..? Don't tell me...It's because of 'that' again?"

Nadia's eyes shifting to her left starting at the ground for a moment before staring back at Gwen.

"Unfortunately, yes it's because 'that' is the reason why I'm so worked up.."

I couldn't hear what the two were talking about, but I did notice their worrying expression. I shouldn't focus on that because for now I need to focus on how to win this game. Hmph! They're not even participating to help! Dammit I should just ask Axel for more challenges so they can join in! Even if James has a motive he's more of a friend than them! Gwen and Nadia's eyes turning to me our eyes would meet as they saw me pouting. Swiftly I turned my head over to James and Mark trying to act like I was focused on their challenge.

Gwen and Nadia let out a smile followed by a laugh as they still stared at me. The mood in the atmosphere would be much lighter and brighter. The both turned over to James and Mark still having their smile.

"You can do it James!" Nadia said jumping as she shouted.

"Yeah you got this!" Gwen doing the same thing but being much louder.

My gaze would shift towards the girls revealing a smile on my face before turning back to James and Mark successfully benching three hundred pounds.

"Dammit! Let's do five hundred pounds!" Angered he shouted at James.

The room would be completely silent for a full minute before James snickered.

"Fine then let's do it!" Sweat dripping down his cheek he happily accepted.

The room would continue to go silent before everyone except me, James, and Mark would flinch in complete shock.

"Whaaaaaat?!" They all said in sync very loudly.

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