6 The men’s game pt 2

The two upperclassmen already has the weights on the bar for Mark and James. Both of them began to lift the bar up to do a rep. Mark started to struggle, luckily he managed to do the rep, but James was able to do so with ease. Mark sweating and began to be much more nervous. They both continued to do the challenge until Mark wasn't able to do it anymore, his max was 850 lbs on bench. James however was still ready to keep on going, but he decided not to and move onto the next challenge.

"Sh-shit...Mark I had faith in you...!" Axel began to shiver as he stared at Mark

"I'm sorry boss he was just too much for me to handle..." Mark said starting to pant

James getting off of the bench with a bright smile still on his face. Keith walking towards James, his anger started to grow more and more a vein could be seen popping out on his forehead.

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"You better get ready because I'm nothing like my brother!" Keith yelled at James

"Ahh, so you're stronger? Regardless I'll be winning so let's move to the next challenge." James still has his million-dollar smile turning to Axel

"U-uh....R-right the next challenge will be arm wrestling, James and Keith will be the participants. I'll have one of the upperclassmen be the referee...."

Both of them giving a nod at Axel. Now both Keith and James in sync they'd turn in the same direction walking to a table. Each one of them on the other side facing each other. Both held their right arms and placed their elbows on the table grabbing each other's hands. An upperclassman on Keith's side grabbing their hands, tightening it before letting go.

"Get ready...Go!"

Keith tried to push and slam James' hand straight on the table, but his hand wouldn't budge. Keith being too concentrated trying to win he didn't notice their hands weren't going down. Now raising his eyes to James a smile still appears on his face. Suddenly Axel turned to the other upperclassmen trying to whisper something.

"What the hell...?! You were supposed to try and push the bar down on James so he wouldn't be able to do the rep!" Angrily Axel tried to get information out of the upperclassmen.

"I-I tried, but it wasn't doing anything James still managed to do the rep with ease..!"

A drop of sweat coming down Axel's left cheek now turning his gaze to the underclassmen arm-wrestling. Keith still greatly struggled, James on the other hand his smile grew more. Instantly James slammed Keith's hand on the table. The entire table now cracking and breaking in two pieces Keith fell down along with the table. James still holding Keith's hand with a sparkling smile, pulling Keith back up to his feet jolting him. James turning around facing Axel, his smile disappearing.

"Looks like we've won this club."

Axel began trembling with sweat for a moment, but as he stopped a smirk would appear on his face. Now staring back at James a laugh could be heard from Axel.

"Are you forgetting? There are two more challenges that Zander needs to win!"

The room went silent for a split moment as James froze and his eyes widening.

"W-what?! Zander doesn't need to do any of this. I can finish the rest of the challenges!"

"Y-yeah! Let James handle this, I don't see a problem with that!" Gwen said as she was also frightened

I stood there not saying a word. It's becoming a pain now that they're starting to argue. I wanted to finish this quickly so I should just interrupt them and say I'll do it. Feeling Nadia's gaze on me here eyes squinting for a moment before turning away. Walking forward a sigh would come from me.

"It's whatever James I can handle."

James went silent for a moment clenching his fists walking away giving me a nod. Suddenly coming from the direction of where Mark and Keith came from. A student with spiked hair walking towards me with a far from friendly expression. We both exchanged glares before Axel interrupted.

"Let's get through introductions first...Zander this is AJ."

Barely hearing Axel's trembling words it was obvious that this AJ person is dangerous. Now AJ glaring at Axel for a second which caused Axel to fall to the ground frightened. AJ's gaze went back to me as I was still staring at him. The atmosphere began to get heavier along with the mood changing. Everyone else in the room beside me felt the fear and killing intent from AJ. This clearly wasn't a joke, but I don't know how Axel got AJ to help him with taking our club. Axel must've sold his life if he was desperate enough to get this person...My curiosity was at its peak as my gaze would shift to the side, eyeing the last person sitting on the bench only seeing his arm. I'm not sure who'll be more dangerous AJ or the mysterious person.