1 Beginning of our sins

Tell me something, what's it like to be alive and have importance in your life? The majority of people don't end up happy or successful. Wasting your entire life in books to impress the people closest to you. I won't become profitable or have any importance in my life. Let me just say school isn't the environment for learning or building up your intellect. It's just a game you play to see how many A's you can collect.

I was like any of you trying to be at the top of my grade. It's just that my importance isn't so important. To think I could impress anyone that will actually be impressed. I've wasted my life being denied, so I just couldn't be bothered anymore. I barely passed any of my classes, and I really just didn't feel the need to do any of my assignments. I wouldn't want to be a laughing stock though, so I made sure to pass my tests.

I've been enrolled in Wellstone High which is recognized mainly for the students. They have a 99.9% success rate. You know me, I would never even think about entering a school such as this. My parents ended up enrolling me without my knowledge though. The very people that think of me as a failure. There were two things that they called me for because they didn't have the time to come see me in person.

They started with telling me that I was only enrolled to make our name get a better reputation than it had. Second, they said each month they'll be sending me ten thousand dollars. I wasn't surprised when they didn't say anything else.

That night I just had a sudden feeling that all of this will just be a huge mess.

The next day went by quicker than expected. While walking to school in my uniform and bag, suddenly a girl from behind me runs straight in front of me then stopping at the red light. I couldn't help to notice that she was crying. I just thought of it nothing more than an average teen crying over some boyfriend, so I shrugged it off. Eventually, I was at the stop light with her. I glanced over once again to see she was still crying. My eyes came forwarded starring at the cars in front of me. That brief moment that felt like more than just a moment, I heard her say these exact words:

"S-someone just help me."

The light turned green I glanced over at her one last time, but it wasn't just that she was crying. A truck came at it's top speed not even stopping to see that she was right in front of him. That moment in time paused for me and her, both of us staring into each other eyes as we were still processing what was happening. Swiftly I moved my arm and body forward tugging on the top of her shirt pulling her back to the floor. After that several people behind us were asking if she was okay, but I was still facing that truck as it was still driving away despite what just happened. I couldn't help but be suspicious of him. The driver in the truck seemed like he was angry, almost as if he missed a chance in his lifetime.

I turned over to that girl, her eyes fixated on me. I knew she was still in shock so I went ahead and started the conversation.

"You alright?" I asked sounding almost as if I was annoyed.

She stood right up, bowed, and ran off.

I couldn't help but be shocked because of that. So I just stood there for a brief moment then carried myself to school. Walking down the hallway to find my classroom I was supposed to be in for the next 3 years. Good thing they have dorms though, I would've never found a place to stay in this city. This school just keeps on getting fancier and fancier.

"Class D...That seems right."

When opening the door I came face to face with that same, exact girl from the traffic light incident.

"Hello," I said carelessly

She bowed to me once again and walked off. I walked over to the seat in the back next to the window. I looked out the window noticing how beautiful the weather is today... I couldn't help nearly falling asleep. A few minutes past and I knew that this moment was probably going to be the most peaceful one I'll have for the rest of my life. The bell rang which shook me right up.

"Holy sh-"

Only a few students came into the class though I wasn't surprised because this school has a ton of people in classes much higher than my class. Then I turned my head over a little to see someone with long black hair running to the seat in front of mine.

"She seems like the cold type," I whispered under my breath.

I turned my head over a little farther to see that familiar orangish-brown hair.

"It's that same girl again?!" I thought in my head.

Of course, I was starting to get annoyed because we kept crossing paths. She dropped her bags to the seat next to mine. I wasn't sure if she was walking towards me or not. I kept hearing her footsteps get louder and louder. She leaned her face down then I turned my head over as well. We're staring deeply into each others eyes. What seemed like forever she still didn't move her head, and from what I can tell she hasnt even blinked. I had to break this or it'll get more awkward than it already was. Once I looked away she just kinda stumbled back all flustered.

"H-hey I'm sorry about not thanking you properly from earlier... I apologize for that, so I'm here to say thank you!" she said while bowing down once again.

I let out a short sigh.

"Don't mention it."

The girl in front of me turned over.

"Hey! Don't you think you should give her a proper acceptance of her apology?"

Turning my head over to the girl by my side once again.

"You're welcome."

She started freaking out

"Th-that's okay! Really!"

I let out another sigh

"Right well the class is about to start, so you should sit down."

She nodded her head and sat to the seat next to me. I couldn't help but be annoyed over the fact that the teacher just had to give her than seat. Then unexpectedly, she got out a piece of paper from her bag and started to write. She stood up walking over to me.

"Would you like to join our club? It's a chess club." she handed me the piece of paper.

"Hm, I'll think about it."

She returned to her seat and then the girl in front of me turned over to me again.

"You should think of joining, she really wants to thank you properly, and she'd like for you guys to get closer."

My eyes raised up to match her eyes.

"Will there be anything else to do besides chess?"

"Well, of course, we'll have some fun too."

"Right of now, I'll tell you that I'll think about it."

She turned facing the front. I guess being in a club won't be too bad, and plus I'll have time to myself as well. I want to have some sort of hobby so maybe I'll consider it.

Out of nowhere, the teacher slammed her hand on the desk in front of her.


One of the students stood up in anger.

"What did you say?!"

The teacher looked at the student in disgust.

"I said you're pathetic, as a matter of fact all of you are. Failing and being in D class... they should have made it so only people with perfect scores could get in."

The same student slammed his fist on his desk.

"Why you!"

"Sit." She said as if it was the devil himself about to punish him if he didn't do as she said.

He of course sat down but still snickered because he was still in anger. But he knew that he couldn't do anything about it.

"Listen here all of you rats. I'll prepare you for this school myself, so you all better be ready and aim towards moving on to class A."

Hours have passed after what has happened and I pulled out the piece of paper that the girl gave me during class. Eventually, I decided to see what the club had to offer. I came to see a door with a label. After opening the door I saw a table of two girls sitting across from each other. It was the same ones from before. In front of them was a chessboard. I could tell they were concentrating, so I didn't bother them.

I pulled up a chair across from them to sit down. I turned to face them and noticed that the black-haired girl was the one with the advantage because the other girl started moving one piece that had doomed her. Then suddenly she stood up.

"I lost again!" the brown-haired girl yelled out.

She then turns her head over to me then rushes over.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't notice that you actually came."

I looked up to her, blinking a few times.

"It's not a problem."

She let out a relived sigh

"So how about we introduce ourselves? I'm Gwen and that black-haired chick over there is Nadia she can be a little mean if you're not careful hehe, and what about you?"

"Zander." I said while resting my head on my hand

She smiled with one that lit up the whole room

"Nice to meet you, Zander!"

"You too..." I said closing my eyes for a moment

"Nadia!! Say your greetings to Zander!" said Gwen when she turned her had over to Nadia

"I couldn't care less about meaningless greetings."

Gwen turned back facing me

"I'm sorry about her but that's Nadia for you haha!"

"Don't worry about it." Zander said letting out a sigh

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Suddenly, the door opened. The noise of the door being slammed open sounded as if someone just broke it down. Two guys came into the room in front of Nadia.

"Looky here, why don't you guys clear out you Class D losers." they said thinking that they were hilarious

Nadia let out a sigh then looked up to them

"And why would we do that?"

"Because why would class D losers need a club? Give it up for Class C. Now!"

Nadia shook her head while Gwen came over to them

"We already claimed this room first so get out!"

Gwen is the type of person that everyone's friends with so seeing her this angry was a little shocking. I let it play out because truthfully I wouldn't care what outcome happened. The problem is that it was going on for so long I was getting a little annoyed. I stood swiftly, which made all the others turn to face me.

"Listen carefully. First off, we already claimed this room. If I'm not mistaken even a toddler could understand those words. Second, your class D right? You're not so far from our level of intellect so if you want to keep this going I don't mind bringing a teacher in to resolve the issue." I said while staring both of them down.

"Dammit! We'll be back! Don't think we won't!"

"As I said if you don't give up we can resolve this issue either with teachers or even the student body."

As soon as I said those last words fear struck their hearts. I don't seem to get why they'd be afraid of the other students, but I couldn't care less what is going on in their heads.

"F-fine it's yours but we all know that the chess club's name is in ruins!"

I flinched a little then I gritted my teeth.

"Name in ruins huh? What will also be in ruins is that when I tell the teacher how persistent you are and how you nearly used force on two female students."

"H-how dare you?!"

They were about to walk to me trying to pummel me. But I don't have the energy to fight. My eyes were fixated on them and I wouldn't even slightly move my eyes. It stopped them in the tracks.

"Screw this you're not even worth our time." they said in anger and nervousness

They dashed out the door while closing it much more carefully than before. I turned over to the girls. Gwen looked at me with a bright smile.

"Thank you, Zander."

"Don't mention it."

I sat back down looking over to Nadia.

"So what is it that ruined the name of the club?"

Nadia looked up at me

"In this chess club, there was once a murderer."

I flinched slightly

"Murderer you say..."

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