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Heart Cultivation


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What is Heart Cultivation

Heart Cultivation is a popular web novel written by the author _Sha, covering STRONGGIRL, ADVENTURE, ACTION, FAKE LOVE, LOCKED HEART, ARROGANT GREAT-GRANDFATHER, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.62/5 and 41 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 378 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


One who said, "I am bad guy!" was speaking a lie. One who said, "I am a good guy!" was actually hiding the truth. Jen Xuan Rong is the center of attention for a few reasons, could she become what her ancestors had decided for her? and how far she could survive in the world of stronger opponents? Her husband should not be the one evil willed. Would she choose one from the two? Or walk on her alone path? ~~~~~~ Its a cultivation novel with female lead. Enjoy the development of this story with the author here... Author _Sha Photo, not mine, credit to the rightful owner. ........... "With the opponent sent flying, Jen was left in the middle of the battleground. The genius tried hard to stand up on his feet but he trembled and fell again. His appearance got messed with a single slap. A small line of blood appeared from the corner of his mouth. Apparently, it was a small injury but only he himself could elaborate his internal injuries. He looked at the calm girl one last look and collapsed. Jen really hates such learners who wanted to take advantage of weaknesses of others but he met with Jen, his bad luck."


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Though I've just started reading, I really loved the story so far. The characters are well portrayed. Moreover, it has so many chapters to binge read. To be honest, I am kinda shocked to see its not in the top 100's since it has enough chapters and a lot of potentials. It deserves more ATTENTION. Well done author. I hope you'll keep up with your good works. ☺


This story is decent and it's getting awesome, character design is great, with the female protagonist, wonder what would happen next, I am currently on the 177 chaps and I feel there is a long way to go... Keep up good work dear author.


The write up is so smooth and relatable, I love the few chapters have read so far and will definitely keep reading, thanks for your hard work. I hope my fellow reader will check this out, you will love it, am sure


Definitely a unique writing style that I've ever come across. Reminds me of Geronimo Stilton series. There are some editing required but other than that the plot looks promising.


It's a great story and has a lot of potential to get even better. It has nice character development and world background so give it a try. And the update speed is decent right now


The writing quality has improved greatly compared when I last made a review. Kudos to the author for giving your best and thank you for the good read. Looking forward for the following chapters.


Hello everyone, Delay for a short period, I'll be back. Just updating another story regularly and wanted to sum up so that I could give more attention to this story and like Eastern Fantasy, Contemplation Cultivation to continue its journey smoothly after this short delay.


Synopsis is short rather in perfect state that make me feel start reading😊 hope the story will not make me regret it😉 A small girl had taken the burden of responsibility to take revenge sounds gooood, good luck.


A review at 25 chapters. An evolving narrative with an interesting context based punctuation. Good Job. Good job. Good Job. Good Job. Good Job.


Ggggggggggggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Www******wooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk


At first I was confused by all the capitalizations, underscores and excessive exclamation marks. The Gramma isn't an issue here, it's actually quite good for WN content but here's the thing: This novel reads like someone's brainstorm draft. It's looks like the forming skeleton of a novel to be written. There's a main idea, there's a flow and parts& pieces of well thought out details. It is essentially the type of eastern cultivation novel that's so popular with readers. But if you can't get used to reading the style, it looks like only a base frame, the draft of a novel. There's so many chapters and so much to work with. The world build up is very well thought out while the lack on characterization could be fleshed out by going back and filling in the book more. Obviously the author put a lot of planning into this work, it just needs to be fleshed out.


The start is pretty interesting, i say. And what made me happy the most is that it has more thab 150 chapters available! Alright, time to binge read 💖 However, Omg, what's with the (..!!), (_), (_!) in every paragraph? You should fix this asap, i mean, i had a hard time reading it huhu. I checked the latest chaps and its decent, so i guess you're in the process of doing so. well then good luck author! Goodjob!


I hope you could clean the inappropriately used exclamation marks and underscores, it really felt weird seeing almost every paragraph ending with exclamation marks. That's my only complaint as everything seemed fine and great. You could also try using grammarly, it will help you a lot. I myself personally just downloaded it earlier and it was great in cleaning errors.


An interesting take on the main character and the fate that binds everything together. A good read for new readers as more experienced ones. This novel also has a different view on eastern fantasy. I personally like it. Writing quality and character design can be improved but other than that it is a good read! Keep up the hard work! Without new chapters I’ll be turning in my bed without sleep!


This story seems promising. I read it like gobbled fast. I hope updates will be stable. Try this eastern fantasy, I am sure it won't disappoint you.


This story is different from the generic run-of-the-mill novels the readers usually get to read on this site. The world building and the progression of the MC are beautifully depicted with the author paying minute attention to details. All in all, a good read for an idyllic day to pass away the time 🙂 Keep up the good work, author!


(Like 60+ chapters in and will read more tomorrow but this deserves review because it's good story if you're hesitating to read it trust me and read...) The beginning did a great job to introduce the story and main character, telling us about her personal life when it was "carefree". I like that we aren't thrown in out of nowhere but you slowly ease us into the story and that is what good pacing is. The way the character speaks are wise and do resemble a lot of the actual chinese novels I read too so it's really believable when they interact with each other. When you describe the places, I like how there are new words I don't know and it actually makes the story feel much richer as well. I like how it feels like a simple slice of life about Jen's school life at Yellow River school and how she grows as a character and meets friends. The chinese history and customs are always so interesting and the way you explain your world keeps me on my toes too!! It's so cool watching Jen in all the classes/stages. The action does not disappoint! Suggestions could be double checking grammar. Could still get through story and didnt bother me but there was some long running sentences that could be cut down. Cultivation names are hard for me too haha... Added to my library and shall continue reading tonight/will leave some more thoughts when i get to final chapter


I read through the first few chapters for now, and I must say that it got me hooked up. It needs a tad bit of corrections with the grammar, and other than that, I find everything rather amazing! Keep up!


I like the plot of the story but in my opinion I find 'comma splicing' to be very hard to read. I am in the first parts of the story and according to the other raters,your way of writing seemingly have changed? So i will keep this in my lubrary and continue to read it until I reach the 100+ part of the story hehe. Neverhtless,i am excited!


It's a good story with female lead... I have huge problem with the naming of the techniques in cultivation that very different from the usual names in other novels... The writer use hard words to spell and pronounce... I still not getting used to those names... Other than that I find the story is not bad. Although the narrative is dominated the writing style, not much dialogues... Really those cultivation names give me headaches....:D


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