2 I Deserve

I deserve to be happy in my life without any cry in the happiness. I deserve to be live among the people I love to kill my loneliness.

I don't deserve to be taken down or to be sad rest of my life. I can't be dragged down because I am the queen of my bee hive.

I live in the dark because I don't belong to the sunshine And I am not a dine that you take with a glass of wine

Everytime I look in the mirror I found inside someone else. And I don't wanna live like snow white and her seven elf's

It feels like something is trapped inside my veins Even I tried to forget but still there is a pain

Now it's enough and I don't wanna cry or hide in my bed. And I am not scared anymore of the monster in my head

I am tired of being scared of dark at the night. I don't give up yet and I will still have a fight.