1 I'm Strong

My body has grown tired from the falls and scrapes of my life My body has been in many pain since the day I lost myself and time

I lost in the game that I have never seen nor played or ever tried I'v never crossed the line or hurt anyone but still I got into a fight

I got into a world where I tried to find myself but everytime I fade But now it's over I will find myself no matter what I have faith

I believe in my self I trust myself I love myself because I have strength I am gonna be the richer by my heart even though I don't have wealth

I am stronger than the strongest will and this time I'll use my heart not my head. I will complete my dream this time with my eyes open and not sleeping on bed.

I am higher than the highest hill I will prove them wrong and myself right This time I am stronger not strong and this time it will not might.

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