Healing the Broken

Author: DaoistwprUT1
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What is Healing the Broken

Read Healing the Broken novel written by the author DaoistwprUT1 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, magic, weaktostrong, sliceoflife, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


***WARNING!! BL! YAOI! BI CONTENT! SMUT!!! MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. *** Also, please feel free to give me some feedback. Try to see if anyone’s interested or places for improvements. Thanks! Posting to Royal Road —————————————————————————— In a world of myth and magic, where reality was bent by mana and the divines, powerful mages ruled and dominated the world. They set and manipulated the rules and laws to their liking. Many fell prey to their wants and desires. Others fell over into their graves from wrongly crossing a mage. It was almost impossible for the common folk to do anything about their treatment. It was best to steer clear. The common folk were not well treated, but they were not the bottom of the barrel in their society. Slaves. Slaves were the outlets to those in higher society. They were vented upon the deepest desires and fantasies of the privileged, or became objects of their cruelty. Once bound, it was difficult to escape. The consequences to freedom were dire. Curses of the divines were not to be messed with. There was a unfortunate man dealt an unlucky fate. When he was starting to be able to finally walk, he was already forced with the burdens of his terrible family. An unwanted product from the trysts of his promiscuous father, his fate was sealed when he taken in instead of left abandoned at the orphanage. Hated and disgusted by his step mother and step siblings, he was scorned and beaten daily. He was nothing but a trash receptacle for their abuse. His father was no better. His only intention was to sell him into slavery for some gold coin. His wife only agreed to take in the bastard for the greed of money. He was forced duties around the house, and later on when he could lift a hoe, he was forced into the hot sun laboring in the fields. They worked him hard and fed him little, but the boy was born with gifts of the body. He outgrew his peers and siblings, already stunning with premature charm. He told himself to keep working. To put up with his so called “family” and their abuse. He waited for the day he came of age. Then could he finally be free from his horrid old life and be able to build anew. But he was naive and foolish. He never thought his blood father would sell him into slavery. His little gratitude to his father for creating him and keeping him was no more. He cursed his father. He cursed his step family. He cursed at the world. But he could stop his becoming of a slave. He would become a slave of pleasure. And for many years he stayed as such. Until he could no longer. A terrible night almost led to his death. He made up his mind that night. He ran away and was cursed.

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