1 Kidnapped by father's enemy

Sasha is a 17 years old teenager who has a family of 4 her mother (zasha ) her father (lash) and her brother (tash). Both siblings are so close with each other that they share their every secret with each other. Sasha's brother was just 14. He loves her so much. One day they were playing together in their lounge that a man came and asked him (if he know where is the street no 64 ) but lash replied No I don't know then he sees sasha and asked her if she knows but she replied no I don't. The man go from there but when they start playing he sees her again but didn't say anything after she sees him she said to Lash let's go inside and play there. Her parents was so strict that they can't give them permission to go outside and they were the one who didn't give their children permission to even talk to anyone because they were so possessive about their children's safety . She was a college student who was really brilliant at her studies but she was an introvert student who just kept everything to herself and her brother was also an introvert so they didn't talk to anyone in their college just go to study and came back home and her father dropped them at school in his car with black paper on the windows of their car so no one will be able to look inside but one day when she is sitting inside her car she sees that man again but she thinks it was my superstition and maybe I am just thinking too much and she just ignored by saying maybe he is someone else and next day after college she and her brother both sees him and at night they were talking to each other about their school and after ending their conversation he said to her do you remember that man who came to ask about the street she said; yes and her brother replied; I see him today and she asked maybe it's only in your mind I think that too that I see him but I am not sure if he is that man and Lash said; i am 100 percent sure he is that man but they both ignored it and go to sleep next day again they both see him and that day they both talk to their mother but her mother ignored them by saying you are just thinking too much nothing more. Some days later sasha has a college trip going to Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ but she knew her parents won't give her permission but her teacher asked her again and again and forced her to come then after talking to her teacher she make ask her mother but that was the first time her mother give her permission and she was so excited to go there but she was sad to leave her brother behind she wants him to go with her when she reach there with her classmates she were enjoying alone because that was the first time she go somewhere and also because she has no friend because they were not allow to talk to anyone even in their class she was enjoying so much that she didn't care about anything and she gone too far that she forgot where her classmates were and she was running backwards to be with her classmates but that man came and kidnapped her