1 chapter one—mint hair

the sun shone brightly outside, it's rays falling on shoulders of those who were exposed to it. the birds chirped loudly as spring had just arrived, cherry blossoms were already starting to bloom.

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by the side of the school building whose walls color were fading away, leaned a fair school boy who had light colored hair that he had dyed just a few weeks ago.

"jungkookie!" he yells at his friend who was a few meters away, talking to taehyung—another friend of jungkook.

the boy whose name is jungkook had bowl cut brown hair, enough for his beautiful doe eyes to be seen as they light up and look back at jimin who was calling him.

the brunet's feet lead him to the light haired boy who leaned on the building wall with his arms crossed, but a smile on his face.

"what is it hyung?" jungkook inquires, his lower lip pouting a bit, and his thinner upper lip almost disappearing when he does. jimin just smiles again.

"ah, i just— i was going out for dinner since my parents won't be home. and i'm too lazy to cook today, would you want to come?" jimin says, his tongue swiping over his thick red lips after he purses them.

jungkook smiles, his upper lip disappearing once again when he does. "sure jimin-hyung, i'd love to."

jimin grins at this, his head ducking a bit when he gets shy. he avoids the brunet's gaze as he tries to hide his reddening cheeks with his chubby hands.

all of a sudden, the other boy jungkook was talking to before–named taehyung–grabbed at jungkook's shoulders as he forcefully joins in on the conversation.

"cool, you're getting dinner together? can i come?" taehyung says, his almond eyes narrowing a bit when he smiles a rectangular one.

this taehyung guy was tall, his shoulders were broad, and his jawline was sharp. his hair was colored a bright red, his nose and every other feature ethereally symmetrical. he was a god in their school, girls wanted him and the boys wanted to be him. he was quite a smart boy too, his grades earned him praise in the institution and his deep and soulful voice earned recognition in many singing competitions he had joined, and he was a good player of the saxophone. the teachers loved him.

jimin sits behind taehyung behind class, which he found inconvenient as he was shorter than the boy who sat in front of him; and jimin was a back bencher.

the light haired boy finds his words stuck in his throat as they seem to not come out. he didn't know what to say to this forceful invitation to what was supposed to be for jimin and jungkook only. he simply widens his eyes and gulps, not saying anything.

"yeah hyung, it'd be fun if tae-hyung comes too." jungkook could only grin, his pleading doe eyes falling on jimin's trying-to-get-out-of-the-situation ones. jimin gulps again.

jimin did not, in any way, want to sound rude. sure taehyung was hailed as perfection, but jimin disliked him. maybe he was jealous, or just possibly from pure dislike. just for some reason, he found displeasure in the red head's presence, although his best friend jungkook seemed fond of taehyung.

"uh—" was all he could spit out, his gaze on jungkook then back at taehyung then jungkook then taehyung then jungkook. it seemed endless.

"oh, you don't have to if you don't want to." the boy in crimson hair spoke, nibbling on his lower lip a bit as his right hand drew away from jungkook's shoulders. jungkook frowned, and jimin notices.

"aw, i was really hoping you'd come." says the bowl cut brunet, his inner cheek being gnawed on.

jimin immediately felt disheartened, hearing the brunet's sullen tone. his mind is torn between having only jungkook–the best friend he adores so much, or jungkook and taehyung–the taller boy who sits in front of him in class who he isn't necessarily fond of, unlike everybody else. it was either his best friend alone but sad, or his best friend with somebody else but happy.

and jimin didn't even hesitate to make a decision if its sole purpose was to make someone happy, especially his best friend.

"no! of course you can come. the more the merrier." jimin painfully smiles, his hand finding for the back of his head to hurriedly scratch at his nervousness.

the bowl cut brunet's eyes immediately light up, his lips brought to a smile once again. the red head next to him smiles as well.

"thanks bro, if you'd like i could pay even." taehyung chimes, his rectangular smile creeping up at his lips. jimin didn't know what to say.

he resented taehyung although he was such a nice guy, and he hated himself for it.

"uh, no need. i have money." jimin says sternly, his plump lips now pressed in a thin line, in attempts to not seem inferior to the such perfect facade that stood in front of him, next to his best friend.

a lopsided grin finds its way on the red head's features, "okay cool." he says.

jungkook smiles at the agreement, his hands proceeding to do an intricate secret handshake with the red head. and all jimin could do was stare in envy. taehyung pats jungkook on the back and says 'see you later' before he goes back in the school building.

jimin's eyes fall on the brunet's hand then on his bunny like features.

"how come you and i don't have a secret handshake like that?" jimin pouts, "all we ever do is fist bump." 

jungkook is taken aback by jimin's question, his face grows confused. "i mean if you want, we could make one right now. it's not that hard." he says, at the same time extending a hand out to jimin.

the bell rings an unpleasant noise, indicating that lunch break was over and the students were required to go back inside. jimin lets out an irritated groan as he runs his fingers through his hair, forgetting about jungkook's hand that was left hanging still.

"come on, let's go. class will start soon." jimin bluntly states, walking past jungkook and back into the school building. the brunet sighs in defeat as he shoves his right hand back in his pockets, mumbling words of annoyance that rolled off his tongue easily like butter.

jimin who was already in the classroom, notices the brunet walk in with his brows crossed. he watches as the figure walks toward him, his hair bouncing a bit as he does. he sits next to taehyung, fortunately close–but still next to taehyung.

"why does everything seem to revolve around this redhead." jimin mutters under his breath, no one being able to hear him except himself. he finds himself crossing his arms on his desk and laying his head on his makeshift limb pillow, wanting to distract himself till classes ended, his eyes closed.

footsteps suddenly silence the noisy classroom—the students stop playing and the girls stop chatting about what parties they were about to go to that night. the teacher had gone in. well, jimin enjoyed his three seconds of sleep at least.

all the students rise to greet the teacher, and all the students notice the mint haired boy that stood next to her.

this mint haired boy stood there with his hands deep in his pockets. his cat-like dark eyes would stare death into souls that dare look directly at them, and his skin was pale like snow on an early morning.

"good afternoon, this is your new classmate. his flight was delayed so he couldn't come earlier, be good to him." the teacher says, before going to her desk and letting the mysterious pale boy introduce himself in front of the now sitting audience of students.

his voice rung that of a deep and husky one, as if he just woke up early in the morning.

"i'm min yoongi, a pleasure to meet you."

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