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He lost two babies: A mother and a child!


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What is He lost two babies: A mother and a child!

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They had met accidentally, atleast that was what she thought. During that time, she was owned without her knowing. She's been cherished, she's been protected and guarded, she's been saved countless times before, by the devil yet so gentle towards her. A lean man approaches her with an imposing aura. A man who's been trained to protect people ( especially her ). "Miss, an order from master, You're not allowed to have a boyfriend or any intimate relationship towards the opposite sex! Me: '.....'what the hell is he talking about" Who are you? I sked him. "A friend, Miss" he said (why were you walking in the park leisurely madame, we're just passing by and yet the devil saw you from a far, afraid that you will get a boyfriend, like seriously? who would get a boyfriend instantly in a park) "Well, sorry to dissapoint you, not so approachable man, I'm going to meet my boyfriend right now! I said to him". "This man is scary, there is something in him that will let you feel fear, and a warning that tells you to stay away from him, anyway, no one's going to approach him for sure, when his face already tells you to, "FUCK OFF YOU USELESS CREATURES" While the two persons are arguing with each other, a devil ascended from hell approaches them and heard the last words she said. " What did you say? he asked angrily, grab her wrist that will surely leaves a finger marks after. " I stared at my second attacker appreciatively. "Amara! I talk to myself internally, were you doting to your attacker? come on, show him how independent and strong woman you are! Well, when I said that my first attacker is not approachable, that word is non existent to this man, you won't even dared to look at him in a first place, instead you will bow and cower in front of him. "What did you say? he asked again with warning. "I..ah..I..ah,"I said while stuttering. Collecting my courage, "I said I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, AND I LOVE HIM", I said impasizely, hoping that the last words will send them away. "What is wrong with them and with this BOYFRIEND THING? Beside them, the assistant thought to himself: '.....' Why were the future madame is shameless, claiming she have a boyfriend, tsk!. Madame, stop spouting nonsense, the master knows that you don't have a boyfriend ever since your world begin! "Well congrats, said the devil while smiling mockingly. "But, you have to met him right now and end your relationship. This is me being nice to you. "Seriously! nice! end my relationship! how in the world am I going to end it! when it's non existent! "Yes! Surprise! I don't have a boyfriend, and the worst thing is that I don't even have and had a boyfriend before! "Opppsss, don't tell them! While thinking of how I'm going to talk sane with this crazy man. He approaches me, lean his head near my ear, tapping my head like a child, which infuriates me, and complain I'm not that small! He smells so manly, he's seductive, handsome and strong, a lot 9f girls are maybe lining up for him. "By the way you look beautiful, he said and smiled so nicely, but you're so thin, I don't want my wife to be skinny! And past through me towards his car. "I must be dreaming, yes! it must be a dream! While contemplating if I'm dreaming, the first attacker face me. "You two look good in each other, a perfect couple. Indeed!" I stay rooted for a second, and realizes what he said, "I'm beautiful" And then lightning strikes me! "Yeaahhh!!!, I shouted " I'm not thin you son of a chauvinistic bachelor, you're just fat. And I'm not your future wife you idiot!!! I'm a future nun! I hissed angrily at him before he enters his car. " She's so cute,and he laugh! I can't wait her to be mine. Assistant: '.....' why is it that he's happy, doesn't he realize what future madame just said earlier and she clearly loathed him, sigh! what a low EQ.

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