1 It's just... Painful.

This is it. Today is the day that we've been waiting for. The day I am getting married to the man I love. To the man I've been with for 5 years. I am so exciteeeeed!

"I'm so proud of you, Claire. After all these years, I knew he's the one for you."

My bestfriend, Angela (the maid of honor) giggled as we smiled for the camera. I'm already dressed and ready. I hope Chris will like my look.

Chris and I have been together for 5 years now. He's the only guy that accepted me and loved me for who I really am, and I'm so lucky to have him. For all the stuff that we've been through, he never even a minute, left me. When I open my mouth to argue with him for simple things, he never shouted me back. He would just kiss me until I shut up, and stayed. He stayed each and everyday for me.

Right now, It is the day. The day he promised me. He promised to spend his whole life with me. Have children, and have a family. Give everything I need and make me happy. Right there I knew, I had the perfect love story, and the perfect man.

"Madam, the rain is still heavy." Fretted one of the drivers.

"Oh my. How are we suppose to get there? Nak, I already told you. You should have changed the schedule cause there's a typhoon today." Mom said.

I just looked down. I don't want to ruin this day. But mom was right.

"I'm sorry, mom."

"Let's just ride. Chris might be waiting for you there. Kuya, please slow down while driving. The roads are pretty slippery today. Especially to you, the driver of my daughter. I want you to be extra careful, do you get me?"

The drivers nod as the bride's maids went in the cars. Mom and dad gave me a big hug before we separate cars.


"What? he's still not there?!"

I just stared at the rain after what I heard and still stayed inside the car, outside the church. I'm getting worried. It's already late. He is still not there.

They said everyone is there except for him.

I decided to call him but he is out of reach. I kept calling but he would just not answer. I started to get angry.


10 minutes passed

20 minutes passed

30 minutes passed

40 minutes passed

He's still not there. And he's still not answering our calls.

Chris, where are you?

I just kept waiting, until I can't hold back the tears anymore. I don't care about my makeup anymore. I don't care if I will look bad. Because what if...


I just cried until I heard my phone ring.

It was him.

I immediately answered his call.


"I'm sorry... qjwndos iwnsijs sknwisi jwbisbw jsbsibwiw iwnknwisnw jnsisbwj jsbwiw hwjwiwn uebdinedie uebdieiskn"


My body went numb. I froze. I couldn't believe my ears as I listened.

"n-no, you're lying."

I said as I dropped the phone and broke down in tears. I kept crying. I don't know what to do.

I called Angela, mom and dad and told them about the phone call. They couldn't believe it as well that they too, also started crying as they hugged and comforted me as I cry.

His parent's came to me and told me that they also received the phone call from him. They also cried and comforted me.

I just can't believe this. What is he saying?!?!

It's our wedding...


Days passed since that day.

Here I am, still laying on my bed.

I don't want to come out. I will just see people with their normal days, happy. Like nothing happened. They don't care about him and us!

Suddenly, I cried again.

It hurts a lot.

The pain is strangling me to death.


Why are you doing this to me?

I thought you loved me...

I thought you promised me...

I thought you would never leave me...

But you broke all your promises.

You left me.

But sometimes, I always think to myself...

What if it was my fault?

What if he also got tired of my attitude? He maybe got tired of understanding me.

It was my fault.

I always get mad at simple things and make them complicated. I always push him away and scream at his face when I'm not in the mood.

He got tired.

He got tired of me.

I'm so sorry, Chris...

I need you. Please. Just come back.

I promise that I will be better. I promise that I won't push you away or scream when I'm not in the mood. I promise I will hug and kiss you even when I'm pissed. I promise I will always make you feel that I'm happy with you. I promise I'll treat you better. I promise I will love you forever. I promise I'll be better.

Just please. Come back to me.


Lord God, please.

Please give him back to me.

I cried again. I just don't know what to do anymore. So I just cried.


Please, Chris.

Come back to me...


This is the day. The final day.

We are all here.

My family, his family and our friends.

We gathered together as he was there in front, looking good with his Barong tagalog.

He looks so handsome. And here I am, crying so hard as I walk to him.

I can't believe this day came...

But right now...

It's NOT on our wedding...

It's on his funeral.


Chris is gone.

The day of the wedding, His car got covered with the landslide. He was rushed to the hospital but It was too late, so one of their nurses called us using his phone.

That was the phone call that I received on the day of the wedding.

Right now, It still hurts sooooo bad.

Every day, I still blame myself. If only I moved the schedule, then there is no typhoon that would take Chris away from me.

My heart is still aching and still cannot believe what had happened. It's just like a bad nightmare.

But this is the reality.

He's gone.

The man I love is gone.

But I know he wouldn't be happy seeing us sad and seeing me blaming myself.


I promise I will live for you.

But I will never ever forget about you.

You are my prince, my hero, my knight in shining armor, my boybestfriend, my teacher, my bodyguard, my lover, my everything.

I promise I will still love you forever.

I love you so much, Chris.

I know someday, we will meet again... there.

Good bye, my love.