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What is He's The One™

He's The One™ is a popular web novel written by the author IluvbloodNcookies, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, FAMILY, TRUELOVE, SLICE-OF-LIFE, SECRETS, ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, ILLNESS, SEPERATION, Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 79 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 0 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kaia Crestfall is the youngest CEO of Crestfall Industries, a leading business in the entertainment world. But despite being capable of such a high position, she still needs to constantly watch her back. Especially with a fiance who has ulterior motives… One day, after calling her mom to call off the engagement for the umpteenth time, she almost gets run over by a car. Narrowly escaping death, she is pulled into the arms of the last person she expected to meet. The one person who had broken her heart...the one person who will brighten her world...the one person she should never be with… Why? Because he’s her enemy. But for some reason, while she is stunned by the man in front of her, he tells her, “Marry me…” *End: Cliche synopsis plot (only as a set-up for the rest of the story!!!)* *Start: The storyline after they get together* Despite many hidden secrets along the way, the secret relationship between her and the love of her life—Alexander Sabor—continues to grow. But as fate may have it, due to a dangerous man playing a dirty trick behind the scenes she is once again torn away from Alex. This time not of a broken heart from betrayal, but one of love and endurance. As you read, get ready for some cute and heartwarming, as well as some heartbreaking scenes. But a good story will always have its heart-wrenching twists and turns! ***“FLUFF” WARNING (a.k.a “the birds and the bees”): Chapter 7: The First Time & more to come in the future ;) Special thanks to Editor/Proofreader TomoChinYan Cover Art: Tzviatko Kinchev


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