31 Chapter 31 : I'm Not Robbed

Thumping and loud steps woke up the birds that were resting on the branch of a tree next to Xiao Yun's room window.

The usual peaceful room turns rowdy in the early morning. Xiao Yun stands in front of her bed that was full of dresses and other clothes with a troubled expression.

She propped her chin with her hand and scratch her head clumsily.

" Ugh..! I should've brought a new dress for today! " She sighed and her body slumped to the nearest sofa.

While she was complaining, her older brother opened her room hurriedly and called her name dotingly.

" Xiao Yun ~~~~ " But before he could get inside her room, he was surprised to see her room. Dresses and jewelry being tossed everywhere and there was no place for him to walk on, it was as if someone had just robbed the room!

The only thought that could come to his mind that, ' Someone robbed Xiao Yun's room !! '

With no place to walk on, he step on Xiao Yun's clothes and found her with a dark expression and was only staring at the ceiling blankly on the sofa. Her expression was akin to a person who had been robbed, and that made him convince himself that her sister had really just been robbed !!

Xing Fu ran worriedly to his little sister and grabbed her shoulder restlessly.

" Xiao Yun, are you alright ?? Where're those bastards? Tell me, I will kill them now! " He stood up and was about to take his sword from his room before a hand reached out to him and stopped him.

" Ge Ge? What are you saying? Are you still half-asleep? " Xiao Yun grabbed her brother's hand and look at him with a face full of confusion.

" I'm asking you who robbed you? " Xing Fu was still restless and his face look ready to take a life

"HUH? What are you saying ? Robbed? me? " She looked around the room that was wrecked by her and had become a place that looks like a crime scene.

She shook her head and immediately understood Xing Fu's thoughts. She titled her head while trying to find words to explain herself.

" Um.. No, This, you see....." She explained to her brother that she was trying all the clothes that she had and explained him that her room slowly becomes a mess as she was trying to try all her clothes that she had.

Speechless, Xing Fu sat on the sofa and relaxed all his tense muscles.

"Geez! I almost thought that you was robbed "

Xiao Yun grinned happily while watching her older brother unusual behavior. Since she was little, his brother was more mature than the children his age. Smart and courageous, people praised him a lot for his achievements.

Since she is the only daughter in the family, Xiao Yun was always spoiled by everyone including Xing Fu. But in the past, because her parents always let her do what she wants and never scold her as they did to Xing Fu, she had always thought that her family didn't really care about what she did and resulted to her being rebellious. She made troubles and act recklessly hoping that her immature behaviors would catch her parent's attention.

Little did she knows, her parents loved her too much that they could never bear to scold her and stop her from doing all that she wanted.

In her past life, she realized all this fact too late, too late that resulted in her parent's death and her brother imprisonment.

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