Hazrat Muhammad SAWW seetat tyabah

Author: DaoistpbbPSZ
Magical Realism
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What is Hazrat Muhammad SAWW seetat tyabah

Read ‘Hazrat Muhammad SAWW seetat tyabah’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistpbbPSZ, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Last week I discovered a stack of cards and letters from ***. Before I tell you how we met and the way our love story unfolded, I thought I’d begin by sharing one of the letters he wrote to me. This one, discovered just days before what would’ve been our 12th Anniversary, was written to me on our very 1st wedding Anniversary. Even though it’s private and personal (so is everything I write here), I am choosing to share it because it perfectly summarises all the ways he loved me. It serves as a perfect reminder of how blessed I was to have been his wife. I was honored, cherished…loved. I have completely fallen for you.Everything you do, everything you say, everything you are.You're my first thought in the morning, you're my last thought before I fall asleep, and you're almost every thought in between. "Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it or else we're lost and love is dead, and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do." "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." If anyone's first love is successful and it's 100% two sided (reciprocated) it will last forever. Otherwise, if it fails after initial success and the person does not get true love, it lasts forever in his mind and heart. Even if it fails, but if the person never gets true love, it lasts forever in his mind and heart.love leaves memory that no one can steal but sometimes, it leaves heartache that no one else can heal.in a same way our main characters of story faced in their life. True love is, Your first love is always alive &lives all time in your heart.How much you try to forget it, it never goes away from your heart, it is because the mind replays what heart can't delete. Always first love leaves a grieve about the lose of a person who is still alive. The amount of grief we feel is equal to the love we felt. ****Do you all want to know what was written in that letter? Continue reading book.

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When Arne was eleven years old, he was told by his mother, “The animals lie sometimes, they lure you into something that’s a lie, and you forget where you are, you have to beware of that, stay away from them.” Until one day when Arne finds an injured flaming red rabbit and looks into the pair of the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen, it's eyes golden yellow the shade of the afternoon sun with a circle of brown chandelier centered in them, and he can't help but pick it up to sneak it off into his home and nurse it back to health. He was 19 now, and he didn't tell his mother, that at nights and days he had sneaked off before and made friends with animals, they never lied. Until..... Until one day he woke up and suddenly found a man with those same yellow and brown eyes looking at him as if he could snap Arne in half. When he asked the most dangerously beautiful man he had ever seen, "Who are you?" The man's voice whipped through the air like a lash, his yellow brown eyes hissed at Arne filled with hate and distaste, the man said, "You are not allowed to make any statements when I take you there, you are to be taken straight to the palace under the rules of the kingdom. Your mother has been arrested under the imputation of taking you from the King without assertion." "What, what are you trying to say?" Arne had stepped back from horror and confusion, "Where is my mom, where is my rabbit, what have you done? Mom!!!" He bellowed. No response came back. "Who are you?" he roared to the stranger standing with naked chest in his room, the man had countless abs and muscles, his body hard and glowing stark under the dim light of the room but Arne had his own strength, he was taller than the man, and he ran, every day, surely he could handle the man if he tried hard. He prepared himself for a fight and launched himself at the man, the man dived easy as air and picked up Arne with tight strong burning hands as if Arne weighed nothing, throwing him on to the bed. The last thing Arne remembered before losing himself to a bright orange haze that made his body languid and chest hurtle, was those vicious yellow eyes seeping, the man's golden pale face covered with flaming red hair, inches above him raking goosebumps on his skin. And those words, spoken with a hiss of a snake, "You are a prince, and you don't even know how to fight." WARNING: Will contain mature, sexual scenes. Read at your own risk. @ALL THE COPYRIGHT BELONGS TO ME.

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Reincarnated into Naruto Universe: Kage of the Deep

*****Creative Release***** Trevor gets reincarnated, as Yusuke Uzumaki, into the Naruto Universe, in the same year Orochimaru is born. "Huh, what's that? Orochimaru is the same age as me? Hey, let's be friendly rivals!" "Huh, what's that? I can't kill this person because then person 'x' from the canon won't be born? Ummm...what's wrong with you? You're talking about a corpse." "Huh, what's that? Fuinjutsu isn't a combat viable justsu and redditors think that it's overused and not implemented properly? True it isn't implemented properly but, then again, you can't even hear me because my Fuinjutsu just killed you." *does best imitation of a teenager who voices Nikelodeon show intros* "Hey, guys! It's me Trev...ahem...Yusuke Uzumaki! "Come with me, on an fun and exciting adventure, as I pal up with Orochimaru, hunt down loads of interesting specimens and minions, become absurdly OP, and bend the canon over my operating table and fu..." "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special announcement..." Right, so this is just a little bit of a disclaimer. I'm not entirely sure whether I can actually make this story interesting or not but it's the story I want to tell. I know after around chapter ten our MC is going become almost invulnerable to most damage and later on he only become even more absurd. It won't be easy keeping things interesting with such an absurdly overpowered MC but I'll give it my best shot, even if I end up having to pull some Overlord type stuff. *I do not own Naruto or any of its associated Trademarks or Copyrights. Also the image is not mine.*

ChaosSlimeGod · Anime & Comics
12 Chs


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