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Hazel Marshall


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Hazel, the girl who was broken to shards by the cruel world, by her family, by her friends, she lost herself into the cruel world, until realizing her worth.... She realized she was born an warrior and a leader, but before that she must face difficulties, she must prove her worth She must unite the shards of the mirror that scattered when she broke... Uniting a broken person requires love, strength, and friendship. Will she succeed in uniting her own true self or will she scatter? Roses have died "Violets are dying" "Outside I'm smiling" "Inside I'm crying" She arrived at Lankot, trying to be brave until Leo, her trusted friend and Day her trusted partner (No spoilers) discovers, she is not what she seems... she must face difficulties to unite the Marshalls and unite the world, she must save Her branch from fire.... but she won't be alone....but... Uh are a few teenagers enough to save humanity? How about yes? A big yes! We stopped checking for monsters under our bed, when we realized they were inside us..... BTW the first few chapters are chiidish as I want to imitate Hazel as when she wasn't experienced and form chapter 15 she starts to get more mature and she writes more good, so basically read as if Hazel herself is recounting her journeys and her life...THNKS FOR READING*


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