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" Wait, let me get this straight, you want to catch a criminal, by using another criminal?" *** " I don't understand." " What happens in Havana, doesn't have to stay in Havana." *** He picked up the files on his table and went through them again. NAME: Damien Myers. AGE: 26. OCCUPATION: Top government agent. EYE COLOUR: Grey. HAIR COLOUR: Blonde. STRENGTHS: Patience and Calmness, Intelligence, Loyalty, Speed, Accuracy, Endurance and Good looks. SKILLS: Over 20 different forms of martial arts, Weapon master. WEAKNESS(ES): Family. He smiled and picked his pen and added one more thing to Agent Myers' weakness. WEAKNESS(ES): Family, Kimia Reynolds. NAME: Kimia Reynolds AGE: 23 OCCUPATION: Convict EYE COLOUR: Mismatched eyes. Blue-grey (left eye) and bright green (right eye) HAIR COLOUR: Black and grey òmbre hair. STRENGTHS: Intelligence, Speed, Loyalty, Craftiness, Sense of humour and Gorgeous face and body SKILLS: Hacker, MMA black belt, Illusionist, Thief and Psychologist. WEAKNESS(ES): None. " It's going to be one hell of a mission with these two." He said then smiled. ***

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