Haunted Ave
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Haunted Ave


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What is Haunted Ave

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Jillian Fox is a 26 year old, single and finds a roommate online to rent a house with, when she meets Gerald Gillum she finds him attractive but she isn't looking for a relationship with anyone, the f "I'm at work Daryl." "I know, I just wanted to check on you! Harry said you're covered in bruises!" My brother says through the phone. I sigh, "I got into it with a junkie in the ER that attacked me last night and I fell at home, I'm fine, the new house just needs some getting used to I'll be fine, I have a roommate I'm not alone," I say into my phone as I walk into the ER. "Okay sis! Call if you need me! Don't be a stranger!" He says, "I love you!" "I love you too and I will Dar!" I say smiling. "Bye sis," he says. "Bye bro," I say as I hang up and put my phone into my pocket and pull my pager out, turning it on. I go grab my tablet for my patients, I clock in at the desk, then login into my tablet and access my patient files for the night, I head for Trauma Bay 1 to check vitals on a patient waiting for Ortho, "Hello I'm Jill your nurse, I'm just here to check your vitals before Ortho gets here to check out that leg," I say sweetly smiling at the girl in front Of me. "It hurts so much!" She cries out, I check out her leg and it's bruised badly. "I understand, Ortho is on their way," I say trying to reassure her as I begin to check her vitals then type them into my tablet. As I go to leave she grabs my arm, causing me to make a face since it was on the bad bruise that was covered with my long sleeve, I push it away as I ask, "What's wrong Alex?" "I'm scared! My parents are going to kill me!" She cries out, then begins to cry. I sit on the chair near her bed, "I'm sure they will only care that you're alive, can you tell me how this happened?" "I was goofing off with my friends doing flips and I screwed one up and ended up on the ground, landing wrong on my leg, and hence why it's probably broken, it hurts so badly," She cries more. I hit the page butt

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