Hate At First Sight. Love At First Smile.Hate At First Sight. Love At First Smile.

Hate At First Sight. Love At First Smile.

by Muriel

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They first met when they were kids and it was hate at first sight. He thinks she's so dumb and annoying, she thinks he's so arrogant and rude. Pranks are pulled and it doesn’t help that they always run into each other since they live in the same neighborhood. After a series of continuous pranks made at each other, Su Lijie still takes the liberty of annoying her to no end and Yu Yan being equally infuriated, if not more, of how shameless and childish he is. She never backs down and retaliates if not as vicious as the previous prank and the cycle goes on. Su Lijie knows what he’s doing is not good and while everybody sees him as a cold person, he only shows facial expression when he's annoying her. If other people tried to do what he does to Yu Yan, he will make sure he will beat them up and break their noses. Nope, he’s not jealous, at least he insists he isn’t. While they may continue pulling pranks on each other, they eventually became good friends, sometimes truce is needed for a rival, right? However, she absolutely refuses to see him as man and him likewise. The hate is strong in this one. Fast forward they’re now in their early 20’s, after finding out that Yu Yan’s boyfriend cheated on her, Yu Yan is determined to drown herself with alcohol and Su Lijie took it upon himself to accompany her drinking on a bar. What if she gets picked up by the wrong guys, right? Right! After constantly being challenged by Yu Yan and downing glass after glass of beer every time they lose the challenge, they realized too late that they had drank too much, and in their drunken stupor had the most wonderful, passionate and intense night they ever had. Before, if somebody asked them if they would date their childhood enemy, they’d rather puke blood rather than go there. After that incident, knowing that they were each other’s first in everything and discovering how incredibly compatible their bodies are, as much as they both wanted to deny it, sparks begin to fly and they begin to notice each other as a member of the opposite sex. They refuse to see each other in a romantic light, at least that's what they keep on convincing themselves. A/N: Cover photo is grabbed from a manga that I specially liked but cropped their faces until I could find the appropriate cover.

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