1 Chapter 1 The Start

At the break of dawn. In the Lightning household, On the outskirts of the Light Galaxy.

Grey Lightning Woke up with a worried look on his face. Looking out his luxurious window to the Light Galaxy, he feels worried and scared.

Today was the day that he starts his six month journey at the Assassins Academy. Even knowing all the training he did doubted himself. From what his brother told him, there was people who trained from when the were three or 4 to come to the academy, but he has only been training for three years. Making him more than ten years behind. Knowing what kind of monsters they had to be, left him shaking and sweating.

Since he was twelve he trained with his brother to get stronger. For three years he sacrificed everything to get stronger.

He Went to Hell and back in those three years . Training with his brother in the End Galaxy til he couldn't move anymore, just to have him do the same thing the next day.

Most days filled with Blood,sweat,bruises and pain. Then the day came for them to go back home, with pride and joy he came back head held high; a happiness he never felt before, But it all turned to dust when his brother said these words" Grey there are people who train there entire life just to get a chance to go to the academy to become part of the AAA Squads. They are a lot stronger than you are and well are basically monsters compared to your strength and if you don't change you won't make it back."

Grey never thought even for a second that those three years were a waste. He sacrificed time with his friends and loved ones to train for it, but those words from his brother destroyed every bit of pride he had in his training. He knew it was his fault pushing back training and running away to play with friends. He felt shame and despair that he didn't train earlier like his brother told him to, but now he had to play catch up and trian, even when he was supposed to be on break or sleeping.

For the past month every chance he got he trained and trained as hard as he could. Most days he even trained all night til his body couldn't take anymore and he collapsed from shear exhaustion. During his training his brother watched him without Grey knowing. Each time Grey collapsed he was there to treat his wounds and would leave food and drinks there. This went on since they came back from End and ended only a few days ago.

Grey quite reminiscing and went and sat in his chair as he heard his door being knocked on.


Grey slowly walked to the door, knowing what awaited on the other side. He opened the door with his sweat filled hands, as his brother ran in.

"What do you want Ganji?"

"What, you seriously don't know what I want? Well I'm pretty sure you know this already but I've been telling you to come down and eat breakfast."

Grey knew he was calling him but he didn't want to go down because he couldn't stop his arm from shaking.He knew it would only make Ganji more worried, but he got his shaking under control just before he opened the door.

"Well anyway, come down and eat something before you go. We leave in 2 hours, make sure you have everything Grey."

I will and I'm pretty sure I have everything, but why are we leaving in 2 hours doesn't it take three hours to get there by our ship and if we leave in two hours I'll be late.

Ganji went and sat on Greys bed, with a huge smile on his face.

"Well I figured I would give you a grand entrance worthy of my little brother. Plus my way will be faster, cooler and I guarantee you won't be late."

Ganji left the room saying he had something to do. Grey was happy his brother was taking him because it gave home more time to cherish his home. Grey walked out of his room, through the hall and down the stairs of there mansion and into the kitchen.

Their cook had prepared all his favorite Earth style dishes. A Japanese style Ramen, American burger and gravy and biscuits. He ate everything up and as he ate all his worries and fears vanished.

An hour and twenty-five minutes pasted and he gathered all his things and was ready to go. Which was just two suite cases.

"Is this really everything Grey?"

"Yeah, it is. Why? Did you expect me to pack like a girl?"

"Yes, I The Great Ganji did."

Grey laughed at his brother acting like that with a big smile on his face. Knowing well that this might be his last time ever seeing him, He ran in Ganji's arms a cried. He cried for twenty minutes because he loved his brother more than anything else. With Grey in his arms he spoke.

"Grey, you've changed so much in a month you really are a different person. When I trained you in End I was so worried about you but now I see who you are. I know I don't have to worry about you at all. You'll be just fine. I believe in you."

Then the time came for them to leave.

"Ganji it's way to late we have 3 minutes to get there. What if I'm late and everyone hates me and the teachers think I don't care about this enough, flunk me and I get exiled by my classmates."

"Don't worry I'll get you there, just have faith in me, but the teachers will never flunk and the student and everyone is pretty much exiled but the top ten students. So there's nothing to worry about."

"Okay I'll have faith in you, but why only the top ten students not exiled by others?"

"Because they think they're better than everyone and team up to take everybody else down. Stay away from them because they are dangerous."

After their short Exchange Ganji Said This "Hashashin number one hundred "Lightning teleportation"!" . As he said those words a huge Lightning bolt came and struck the two and they vanished into thin air.

"And we are here Grey! It's pretty nice ain't it well it has changed since I last been here."

Grey marvelled at the site that stood in front of him. A school the size of city, with little to no windows, that stood on top of a mountain. The walk way to the entrance was made of rubies and diamonds with trees lined up on each side. The site was truly amazing, but when he saw everyone looking at him with envy and hated the site lost color to him.

Grey heard them speaking to each other about how his brother was a squad captain. How they was gunning after him to get the recognition of killing the brother of a squad captain.Grey was angry that they already hated him for just who his brother was and that insane entrance.As Grey and Ganji walked past everyone, toward the front doors, they showed their hated towards the brothers. Proclaiming their hate and telling him they was going to kill him.

"Well I have to leave now. I've got this mission i have to finish by the end of the day.Later."

As Ganji left with is lightening teleportation a person's voice echoed throughout the entrance. "Attention all students gather in the auditorium for an announcement." Then it proceeded to tell them where it was. As he walked to the auditorium he noticed how the halls where fairly wide and tall, with nothing on the walls except when you would see a door. He found his way to the auditorium and noticed that there was only a hundred people there. He took a seat in the back as a person walked to the platform.

"Hello and welcome to the AAA (Assassins Advanced Association) academy. For the next six months you will train and learn about assassins here. If you make it to the end you will be put in the draft and any captain can choose you. Now for those who dont make it well I'm sorry but you will be dead."

As the man said his speech he got cheers from the crowd, but his last sentence made the crowd fall completely silent. Then he countinued.

"Now as you all should know each assissan has a scouter. Who here doesn't know what a scouter does?"

Everyone looked confused. Then the man continued to speak.

"A scouter is in charge of knowing the layout of the job and tells the assassin where their target is without even having to be there. They will either be the reason you complete a mission or die during it. Over all the scouter is the most important person to an assassin. "

The man looked around the room, then continued.

"Well a lot of you look confused. Then I'll start with square one. Each assassin has a scouter. Each squad has two assassins and two scouts. Now everyone looks confused."

Grey looked confused because his brother told him their was only ten squads. He looked around and the others looked the same. Because they was told the same thing.

"Now let me tell you this, There are a hundred squads, under ten divisions. Each person who you think are squad captains are actually division captains, who command over one hundred assassins and ten Squads. Now that I covered all that let's talk about your assassins cloak. Each and every one of you will get one at the end of this meeting. An assassins cloak will boast your speed,power,strength and skill by 10x of what it already is."

The man grabbed a medallion from a row of a hundred medallions, that a group of people put up there a few minutes ago.

"These medallions will be where your cloak is stored, but each medallion along with the boost, will also come with it's own perks that only the welder knows about. What's great about these is that even if you don't have your cloak on your power,speed,strength and skill will still be boosted by ten times. So basically your power will be boosted ten times it's amount for as long as you each live. Before I let you come up here and get yours let me tell you something. These medallions have there own mind, it's their choice to give you the boost or any other power. They can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy, depending on if you can get along. Its also extremely painful. The embodies itself were ever you choose and then that's when the real fun starts."

Grey was wondering what his medallion would be like and if it would like him back. He hoped his was strong so he could protect everything he cherishes.

"Were you pick, they embody themselves there then they release there own veins into your veins and your heart so each time it beats they get blood to live. Well I guess they are basically like a parasite, liveing off your body, but in return ,if you get along, it repays you with amazing perks like I said a few minutes ago. That process will hurt like you heart is about to explode, but don't worry the pain will go away in a few minutes."

The man said with a sinister grin and laugh. Then he looked around the room and continued.

"Now come up here from the order I call you to pick up the medallion that chooses you. Then go to the office before putting your medallion on, were they will give you, your room number and key. The number of rooms will be arranged from best qualifying scores to the lowest. Room number one would go to the person with the best score, room number one is the best room we have here and likewise room number one hundred will go to the worst score. Put your medallion on there because no one wants to hear you scream your lungs out. Oh I forgot to mention that your scouters will be in your room because they will also be staying there, since they are the most important person in your life now. Oh and one last thing which I probably should of said first I'm your teacher, "Tom Yeager."

With those words he called up the first person to get their medallion. Grey was excited to meet his scouter and wanted to know what he was going to be like. The man was taking forever it seemed to call Grey up there then he finally called Grey up there.

"Grey Lightning, come get your medallion"

With whose words Grey walked down to the front onto the platform to get his medallion.

"Your Ganji's brother ain't cha"

"Yes, I am sir"

"Well walk over to the table and which ever medallion glows when you walk by will be yours"

Grey walked over to the table and started walking by the medallions, when one of the medallions shined a bright white that blinded him for a few seconds. The medallion was shaped like a diamond with three others just like in the inside of it.Grey grabbed the medallion, thanked his teacher then walked out the auditorium.After he went out the door he went left ,then took a right ,down the hall , then another right. When he decided he was lost. Then after a few minutes he saw his teacher walking down the hall. Grey then ran toward him with joy knowing he wouldn't be lost any more. His teacher looked shocked that he somehow got lost, but the proceeded to tell him where the office was, but Grey still couldn't figure it out, then his teacher decided to take him there himself. He finally made it to the office after being lost for a few minutes, then talking to his teacher, getting directions .then having his teacher take him to where the office was. As the went into the office and told the women behind the desk his name and information, and she finally handed him his key. Then he looked down at it with shock.

"Um, there has to be some kind of mistake. Why does mine say room one hundred?"

"Let me look that up real quick. Well it says here that you never took the test. You came here through recommendations. Am I right?"

"Yes, but why did I get room one hundred?"

"Well, normally if you get a recommendation you get a top 3 room, but it says here to give you room one hundred and that's what we did because the recommendater paid for everything."

"Who was the recommendater?"

"I'm sure you know, but I'll tell you anyway. It was your brother. Now I'm gunna have to ask you to go to your room. We have our hands full today and I'll like to get my work done."

As he walked out of the office toward the dorms, he was wondering why his brother would give him room one hundred. Then he remembered his brother saying to not get near the top ten students, was this his way of saying that he already new something he didn't?

With all that on his mind, he finally made it to the dorms which looked nice. The dorms where at least half the size of the school but with windows and a slicker build. He found an elevator after walking into the entrance and walked in and pressed number one hundred. The elevator opened and a door was right there, he put his key inside it. The door opened to a luxurious apartment that reminded him of his room. He thanked his brother for giving him this room because to him it was like a home away from home.

Grey walked into the living room and was shocked at the site he saw.

A cute girl was sitting on the couch. Grey was shocked, thinking he must have the wrong room.

"I'm sorry, I must have the wrong room." Grey said with a shocked and embarrassed voice. He walked back to the door and Opened it and walked into the elevator.

"Wait, this is room one hundred, so it can't be wrong can it? Well maybe I'll just go back and look at her card number. No! No! No! I can't do that, she's too cute, I'd probably be to scared to even talk to her, but I must or else i can't possibly call myself a man." Grey told himself as he put his card back into the door and walked in once more.

"Uh, um caaannn I look at your card real quick?" He asked as he walked towards her.

"Yes, you can" She said with a shy but cute voice. She handed him the card that she held in her hand.

"Grey looked at her card."Well, I guess your my scouter." Grey said as he handed her back her card and all fear left him instantly. "It's nice you meet you, I'm Grey Lightning."

"I'm Elisabeth Aberman but you can just call me liz." She said embarrassed, as she looked at him.

Grey noticed she was even more cute close up with beautiful black hair that reached just below her lower back. Eyes that were colored black with a mix of grey, with just the right amount of eyelashes to bring out the color of the eye. She was at least five foot seven or he thought she was about that tall. He didn't dare think about her weight but he would say she was a fair one hundred and twenty pounds. With a face that would make any man want to propose immediately. His face got red as he looked at her and turned away.

As Liz looked at Grey she noticed that he was an easy six feet tall and lanky but with muscles. He had black hair, just like hers and brown eyes and had a pain but cute looking face. She got embarrassed around the same time as Grey and turned away.

Grey finally broke the silence.

"Can I ask you a question Liz?" Grey said as he went and sat on the far side of the couch.

"Sure." Liz said looking down.

"Why is a girl like you here at the AAA Academy?" Grey said as he looked at her.

"We took the assassins test like every fifth teen year old does each year. I had got the highest score and they took me on the spot."Liz said with regret. "I wouldn't even have tried if I knew that I couldn't even say goodbye to my family."Liz started to cry barely getting the words out of her mouth." I just want to go home and see my family again."

Grey was shocked at her answer, not knowing what words to choose.

Grey got up from the couch and walked to the huge window right beside the couch."So You didn't come here by choice but was forced to come here because you had the highest score.Where is your home?" Grey turned around and faced Liz.

"A small town in Texas called Ranger." Liz said as she saw confusion on Greys face."Its in the United states of America." She noticed he looked more confused. "It's a country on a planet called Earth.

Greys face lite up because he always wanted to go to Earth and try all of its food in person.

"Your from Earth liz!" Grey Exclaimed with joy, knowing he probably could know alot more about the food there and maybe she knew how to cook some. "Do you know how to cook food from there!"

"Um yeah, I'm from Earth and I can cook most food. Why do you ask?" As tears fell from her face

"No reason, I just love Earths food." As Grey decided to get back to the more serious matter because more tears where streaming down Lizs face.

"So do you want to see them again?" Grey asked as he sat back down.

"Yeah." Liz said looking back down at the floor.

At that moment Grey decided something that he hoped he wouldn't regret as he told Liz

"If we somehow get out of here alive, they always give the winners a one month vacation to wherever they want to go." He said as he slowly put his right hand up and showed his pinkie finger. "What I'm trying to say is well, I promise you, I'll let you see your family again and we'll get out alive."

Liz's face became instantly hopeful. "Do you mean that. I'll really get to see them again."

"Yeah, I promise you." As Grey reached out and Liz reached out with her hand and made the promise with their pinkies.

With that, an unbreakable bold started. Then Grey remembered about the medallion and decided he should put it on, while he completely forgot about the pain to come.

Grey pulled out his medallion and told Liz everything that the instructor/teacher had told everyone.

"I have to put the medallion on somewhere on my body, do you want to watch or go to another room?" Grey said as he held the medallion in his right hand.

Liz brought out a needle from her pocket."I'll watch because they gave me a shot to give you when the pain becomes to much."

Then Grey remembered about how they said it would feel like your heart was exploding. Then he instantly regretted saying anything. In that instant he thought of a great excuse to not put it on.

"Well um, you see I don't think I'll put it in just yet, I'm feeling sick" He said. Grey got up from the couch as Liz's face became scary and mean.

"I think I would be best to do it later when I'm more healthy, like maybe a few days, weeks or maybe years. Yeah I'll put it on in a few years when I'm sure I'm over this sickness." Grey babbled and stuck the medallion back in his pocket as Liz spoke up.

"No, your putting it on now! How else are you gunna keep your promise with me?" She Exclaimed as her scary appearance became even more terrifying.

Liz ran and jumped on Grey pushing him to the ground. The air in his lungs were knocked out and she reached in his pocket and grabbed the medallion.

"If you won't put it on of your own free will, I'll gladly put it on you!" Liz threatened as she held the medallion in her hand trying to put it on Grey's arm.

Grey looked shocked on the ground. How did a cute girl like her change so fast but somehow she looked even cuter with her cheeks puffed out.

They fought on the ground for a few minutes that resulted in Grey getting a black eye and having to run but, he didn't make it far enough before she caught him.

"Fine I'll put it on myself." Grey mumbled as he finally gave in to her will. He reached for the medallion with his left hand. Liz handed him the medallion but Grey wasn't ready for it and it fell right below his left wrist and stuck there.

Grey didn't know what happened, one second he was reaching with his left hand then he fumbled the medallion in his hand but how did it get below his wrist. When he thought he figured it on, he notice that he didn't feel any pain.

"Hey, Liz it doesn't hurt. I think your punched hurt worse than this does right now."Grey got up and moved around a little then it started with out warning.

Right away he felt the pain, falling back to the floor as if a building had fallen on him not able to move even an inch.

Liz watched in fear at the sudden sight that she saw and she repeatedly apologized for what she did. Tears fell from her eyes and pain filled her voice as she keep on telling him she was sorry.

Grey heard her voice and smiled with a pain filled face. The pain grew even worse and he could feel the veins of the medallions travel through his whole body and around his heart. He rolled on the ground, over coming the building like pressure. He moving stopped after rolling around for a few seconds because the pain became to great.

Liz watched Greys eyes slowing turn white and lightning shooting out of his body. Blood shot out his mouth onto the floor with each passing second until he was laying in a pool of blood. She watched as the medallion slowly went into his skin and became part of him. The veins from the medallion was a gold color that was visible to the eyes. Liz watched as the veins covered Greys whole body and disappeared from her view.

Greys screams were painful for Liz to hear as she grabbed the needle and injected it into his arm, wanting to give him some relief. He screamed til his voice went horse and after a few minutes of insane pain it was over.

Liz was making the room in to a lake because seeing her new friend in pain because of her made her sad and hate herself.

Grey opened his eyes and winced in pain as he slowly looked at his left wrist. He noticed that the medallion was embedded into his arm like it was his skin. He felt a sudden rush of insane power over come his body. He moved his arm and could tell he was ten times as strong, just like the instructor said. He started to smile then it turn into a worried look when he saw Liz crying.

Grey sat up still wincing in pain with out Liz noticing. "Hey why are you crying? You didn't see your life flash before your eyes." Grey teased as he looked at Liz.

"How can you say that stupid!" Liz Exclaimed crying even more. "I thought you was going to die."

"But as you can see Liz I am not dead but I'm very much alive.I even feel better than I ever have other than then pain I still feel from you punching me."

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid don't you know how worried I was. I had to watch you go through all that, don't you even see the pool of blood your sitting in."

Grey noticed the pool of blood for the first time and also a puddle of water surrounding Liz. She must of cried a lot he thought as he looked at the puddle.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you cared that much about me. I mean we just meant like an hour ago." Grey got up from the pool of blood and walked towards liz.

"I do because if anything happens to you, I can't get home." Liz looked towards grey.

Grey laughed because he thought she was going to say she loved him or something of the sort. It made him relieved that he didn't have to turn her down because he just didn't know her well enough to date her or anything.

"Was it as bad as it looked?" Liz asked as her head went down.

"I've never had my heart explode or even been hurt bad. I can't really say if I was as bad but all I know is it hurt bad enough to were I thought I was doing to die." Grey sat down next to Liz.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you fumble the medallion onto your hand. I'm sure it was hard to go through I'm sorry I couldn't do anything but watch!" She said as tear rolled down her face.

"What are you talking about if you wasn't by my side I don't know if I would have made it and having you by my side made it more bearable. Grey reached down and grabbed both of Lizs hands."Thank you for making me put it on because I wouldn't have if you didn't do want you did. Lets be the best partners we can be Liz." Grey said as Lizs face lit up and she looked down with embarrassment.

"Are you sure even after everything I've done to you so far?" She Murmured while looking at the floor.

"Yes I'm sure." Grey said as he let go of Lizs hands which he thought was surprisingly soft.

"I'm gunna go look for the bath room now. I have to get all this blood off me, even though its mine." Grey stood up and suddenly stopped.

"Liz, why did you try to force me to put the medallion on?" Grey looked down at Liz.

"I thought you was just messing with me when you said you would get me home and stopped caring if you even did care. Which made me think you was just like the rest of them. She said looking embarrassed. "But when you was in pain you wasn't cursing me or anything you just looked grateful. I figured that your the one person that I could trust here."

"I see why you got first in the competition now." Gray sat back down. "I'll tell you this Liz.I'll never stop caring about getting you home til you can stay there forever. I'll get you back home to see your parents for a month and after that I'll see if I can do anything to get you out of this place." Grey declared. Liz was shocked at his outburst.

"Why? Why do you care so much about me?" Liz Exclaimed.

"Because your special to me. Your the first real friend I ever had." Grey gushed.

"How can you say that. You don't even know me." Liz cried.

"I just have a feeling is all." Grey said as he got up and started to walk to find the bathroom when he fell unconscious and started falling to the floor but Liz caught him in her arms.

Liz decided to take him to the only bedroom in the apartment, where she let him sleep. When Liz was sitting on the other end of the bed she remembered how she felt the day they took her away from Earth.

As Soon as they announced the scores Liz was immediately escorted out from the waiting room and into a spaceship where three of the instructors where.

"Elizabeth Aberman as of today you will be apart of the AAA" one of the instructors said as the went shooting of into space.

"Wait, don't I get to say goodbye to my family." Liz cried as she looked for a place to run.

"Family their is no longer a need for that." The instructor said. "As long as your part of the AAA you have no family."

"Does my family at least get the money and riches from me winning the competition for getting the highest score." Liz cried.

"Of course not, there is no such thing because we already told them that you are dead."

Liz was shocked and angry because Each year the highest score for the competition got to go the AAA(Assassin Advanced Association) at a chance to make tons of money, if they make it into a squad. The winners family was always showed living in what looked like paradise when they showed it on TV. She figured that it was all a lie once the instructors said what they said. But she wondered why they would go to such lengths, wasn't money nothing to the AAA?

"Why won't you give them money?" Liz Exclaimed. "Are you too broke to give people even a little of your money?"

The instructors looked pissed, then one of them spoke up.

"No we are not broke but, why would we give peasants like you any of the money, when we can just keep it for ourselves and let you continue living in poverty on that stupid planet. To this day we still don't know why you humans got to live on this planet that's beautiful but you humans make it disgusting" He said as he spit in Liz's face. "You should be lucky we have to take one of you each year or we would never go there." He said slamming a board on the side of her face.

After that Liz didn't say a word after that and her impressions on the AAA grew dim. To the point were she started to hate them. They lied to the people on Earth and even abused her.

When they made it to the AAA academy she was told where to go and she went to and found the place she was supposed to find. When she got there she noticed it looked like a normal auditorium. She sat in the back not trusting anyone there. Then a man came out and gave a speech about how they where going to be scouters and at the end he said come up front and grab a needle because their partners would need them. They all went up front and grabbed a needle and was told to go to the office and tell the lady their name and go to their appointed room.

When Liz got there she was handed room key number one hundred after giving the lady all her information. As she headed to the apartment building she keep on telling herself that all AAA people are the same and that they are worse then scum. She made it to the entrance and went to the elevator where two people pushed her down and told her to fuck off that they was going first. As she watched them go into the elevator it only fueled her hatred towards the AAA. This continued to happened being pushed down and yelled at, told to go kill herself all until she was the last one there and finally got to go to her apartment. On the way up to the hundredth floor she was furious with the way the AAA people were and hated everyone of them and she decided that her partner was going to be just like the rest of them. She opened the door to the apartment door and was shocked at how the room looked. It was the most beautiful room she ever saw. The kitchen was in the left area of the room while the living room to the right with a bar like counter separating the two. She walked down the only hallway there and noticed that the was one bath and shower in the bathroom and only one bedroom with one luxurious king size bed.

By the time she got done looking through the apartment she decided to sit down on a couch in the middle of the living room when she heard the down open.

Liz started to wonder if her partner was gunna be like the rest of them that pushed her down or was the partner gunna be worse and abuse her more. She keep on wondering what he or she was going to be like. When he entered the room and he looked embarrassed and apologized and walked back to the elevator. This shocked her because this was the first time in four days that anyone had talked to her as an equal even if it was for only a few seconds. Then he came back and asked her if he could see her card which surprised her and she handed him her card and wondered if this person was putting on an act just to get on her good side to back stab her. Then the boy introduced himself. After thinking about all the things that happened to her this past week Liz was wondering why Grey wasn't like the rest of them. The ones that seemed to hate everyone and Look down on everyone. She looked at the sleeping grey and wanted to know more about him because he reminded her of people on Earth and wanted to know how he came to be this caring for people.

It was a long day for Liz but she felt relaxed around Grey and went to the living room and went and layed down on the couch.

When Grey was sleeping he felt as if someone was talking to him.

"Wake, wake and look at me" The voice snapped. "Can't you hear me?"

"Who is this?" Grey asked. "And where am I."

"I'm Gabriel (Gods Ark) and we are in the medallion." Gabriel said.

Grey noticed it looked nice in the medallion. A little small space looked huge from the inside but what shocked him the most was there was a huge plain with a lake in the middle.

"Why am I hear and why is my medallion talking!" Grey asked desperately as he frantically looked around the plain.

"My name is Gabriel, I recommend you use it before I kill you." He said as he sat in the grass. "Your here because I took your soul from your body and put it in the medallion, your also here because we need to come to an agreement."

As he said that Grey noticed he looked just like an angel with huge wings. With brown short hair and scarlet red eyes, with a handsome face.

"What kind of agreement?" Grey urged not even questioning that his soul isn't in his body as he sat in fear in front of Gabriel.

"Before I answer that let's get one thing straight. Don't be afraid of me because I mean you no harm, I'm hear to give you strength, but I won't just give anyone my strength." Gabriel said as he looked straight into Grey's eyes. "Well I guess it's not really an agreement as much as it is a test. I'll ask you some questions if I like your answer I'll give you my strength but, if I don't I'll kill you here."

Greys hands started to shake and he started to sweat knowing if he gives the wrong answers it'll be over for him.

"What's the question?" Grey Murmured as fear over came him.

"Let's see." Gabriel said as he was thinking. "Why do you want my powers, to kill,destroy, steal?"

Grey thought of all the things he wanted to protect. He wanted to get Liz home and to do that he needed power to protect her. He wanted to be by his brothers side and fight with him.

Gabriel already knew deep down in Greys heart what he really wanted even if Grey didn't know it yet.

"I want power to protect everything that's precious to me and to get Liz home." Grey said bearly getting the words out of his mouth .

"What if my power isn't enough." Gabriel said looking towards the lake. "What will you do then."

Grey thought of how he trained hard with his brother and everything he went through in that time. Coming back to there camp soaked in sweat mixed with blood. The pain he felt knowing he wasn't as strong as he wanted to be. Then he remembered something his brother said. "Grey if you train every second you have a chance at the Academy, I know you'll come back alive and you'll be as strong as you want to be." Even if his brother was only saying that to strengthen him he took is to heart and train harder from then on.

"I'll use my own power, I'll train like crazy, use every once of strength to get as strong as I want to even if you don't help me and I'll get Liz home." Grey said with certainty.

"I like them answers, not to long or short but you need to be more honest with yourself." Gabriel said as he looked at Grey."I'll let you use my powers only if you tell me your real goal."

Grey was shocked because even he didn't know what his real goal was. He knew he wanted to protect Liz and get her home and be by his brothers side but what else did he want. Even he didn't know that yet.

"I don't know what my goal is other than what I already told you." Grey said looking towards the lake.

"Is that so. Gabriel sighed as his eyes fell towards the ground. "You can't have my powers til you tell me that and if your wrong I'll kill you."

Grey was shocked he had a goal to get out of here alive to be in his brothers squad. Then he meet Liz and he made getting her home a goal too but what was his real goal even he couldn't answer that.

"What about the ten times strength, power, skill and speed!" Grey Exclaimed remembering what the instructor said about getting the boost even with out your cloak.

"You'll get your ten times but my real power you can't have til you answer my question." Gabriel said as he stood up. "But that will have to wait til the next time I bring you hear."

"Wait can't I come here anytime I want to!" Grey Exclaimed standing up too.

"No you can unless I allow it. I'll call you back here when I know you've found the answer Grey." Gabriel snapped his fingers and Greys soul left and went back to his body.

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