2 The World has Changed

Riku had one thought as he was crushed by the meteorite and it was, 'Am I finally gonna die?', as he thought of that, the meteorite then slowly descended on him crushing his skull, brains, bone, organs, everything, and the heat of the meteorite vaporized him into nothingness.

The various building around the meteorites started to crumble, people panicked and people died, that's how strong the shockwave of the meteorite was. The people who were very far from the vicinity then felt a never-ending pain in all their bodies as their eyes turned red and they scratched their bodies in pain causing themselves to bleed, so they were knocked out.


Back at the place where Lia and Aimi were in, the two girls then felt a chill running down their spine and a bad premonition came up to them. After feeling that premonition, they then felt a sharp pain on their bodies, and their eyes turned red, its as if everyone was getting affected by the shockwave.

Now back to Riku. He was in a dark abyss, like a typical reincarnation novel, he felt as if nothing existed, he was there floating around with his completely closed as if finally enjoying the peace and quiet. But just then he heard a voice, it was eerily similar to his own and because of that, Riku abruptly opened his eyes.

He then saw a handsome figure with white hair with completely black scleras, grey irises, and a completely white pupil. He didn't seem human, he also had wings quite similar to a dragon's in fantasies. But then he had wings similar to a demon's wings, He then smiled towards Mark and said, "I didn't think that my reincarnation will be so weak."

Riku then looked towards the handsome figure and asked confused, "W-who are you?", the handsome figure just smiled as he touched Riku, "I am you, and you are me, I've seen your suffering throughout your life and I can say that I always felt bad, you're suffering because of me, you just didn't know. It's because I had to preserve my power that you had such bad luck,"

Riku then just stared blankly at the handsome figure and the handsome figure just laughed as he said, "It's about time for you to leave, your life cant end just like that, you always abided by the roles, afraid of trouble, how bout this time you do not fret in terms of that okay?"

Riku just continued to stare blankly and when the handsome figure was about to leave, Riku then shouted, "W-wait! w-what are you!?", the handsome figure just smiled as he said, "You'll know soon enough. Now it's time to send you off, this time, you'll inherit your true powers."

Riku then got sucked in some kind of vortex and he then stared towards the handsome figure who talked to him earlier. Why was he so similar to him, why did it feel like he was him, He was confused and uncertain, he felt as if that if he won't be able to know, he'll probably die of curiosity.


What Riku didn't know was, five years have already passed, he didn't know what had happened and he was unconscious the whole time. The world had already changed from the world that he knew before. It wasn't the same anymore.

On a certain mansion on a certain place, on a bed, laid down a handsome young man with white hair and had horns. He was so handsome that countless beauties will even want to become his wife. His eyes then slowly opened and it showed eyes that weren't very typical. His other eye had a white pupil, grey iris, and a black sclera whilst his other eye had a completely dark-colored iris, and other than that, the other parts were completely normal.

In the mind of the handsome young man, he only had one thing in mind, 'Where am I?', he then looked around and beside the bed was a note.

'Riku, it's me, remember, I am you and you are me, so I helped you a little bit, you're now a rich person but your name is still the same, you will now have a little sister, or should I say that you claimed that she is your little sister and she was happy because of that.

Now unto the most important part, it's been five years, and you were completely crushed, but no one knew about it, but no one has found your body so no one believed that you're dead. Anyway, make a big comeback Riku! and remember, you don't have to abide by the rules if you don't want to, rules are trivial matters and are always meant to be broken. Hope you do the best!'

Riku was completely confused about everything, he didn't understand a single thing. He then tried to recollect his thoughts as he finally understood what happened. He then murmured to himself, "So I've been reincarnated huh."

"Onii-chan! wake up! it's time for breakfast!", A cute voice sounded out from below. As Riku heard that voice, memories flooded in his head. He then smiled as he shouted, " Yeah! I'm coming!"

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Walking out of the room he was in, he felt as if he already knew everything. Well, he did, memories came flooding unto him, of course, he will know.

One thing he knew though, that this body was definitely his, he took his so-called little sister exactly five years ago and he became rich exactly five years ago too. He then walked towards the stairs and walked down on it.

As he arrived in the living room, he saw a mirror and he saw his incredibly handsome face. He was shocked at seeing this face, sincere knew that the face of the handsome figure he talked to whilst he was in the dark abyss was like this.

He then slightly touched his face as he thought, 'f my face was like this before, will people hate me? of course not, that's why humanity is scum, wait, can we still call this world only humanity when a lot of people turned into other races?'

As Riku was pondering on things, someone suddenly hugged him and a cute voice sounded out, "Onii-chan! there you go again staring at yourself in a mirror. Let's go eat!", she then pulled Riku towards the kitchen.

Her name was Yua, she had beautiful pale-purple hair and shiny emerald colored eyes. She had a hair clip in the form of a crescent moon that made her look cuter. She was also not human, she had a tail and two ears similar to cats, she was one of the cat people.

Yua and Riku then sat down beside each other on a big table, Yua's face was flushed as she grazed arms with Riku. Riku then suddenly blurted something out, " Hey, Yua, if I were ugly, would you hate me?"

Yua then looked at Riku's face with a smile, "What are you talking about, Onii-chan. Five years ago you were...ugly, but you persevered whilst you were among the people who were disgusted just by looking at you."

"I would not hate you, Onii-chan, you even helped me when those bastards tried to harass me. I'm not gonna lie Onii-chan, but at first, I thought you only saved me because you wanted to do something to me."

"But you didn't, you even gave me a home! And now you're so handsome that almost all the girls who see you fall in love with you!"

Riku then smiled as he looked at Yua, "Thank you, Yua", He then smiled bitterly whilst looking at the food in front of him whilst thinking, 'This time, I'm not gonna be pushed around, based In what I remember, heroes and villains, those cliché fucking things were created after the whole world was struck by meteorites. I'm not gonna side with those two hypocrites, I'm gonna make my own rule."

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