1 Meteor

What do people want? Well, for me, it's clear as day, people want money, riches, fame, women. They even kill, heck hurt people for it. They abuse people, they harass people, they make fun of people. Humanity is scum, even demons are better.


There was a young man named Riku, his only good point was his wits, always interested in the topic of time and space. He was ugly and fat and no one liked him at all. Every day he got beat up by his ass father, hired thugs, and his dick classmates.

*titititit titititit*

His alarm sounded out and Riku slowly sat down on his bed, He was terribly ugly, and almost every person he met couldn't look at him straight in the face, but Riku didn't mind, he didn't want any trouble. He then rubbed his eyes as he went outside his room

He went down to the kitchen only to see his drunk father, he then walked up to him whilst saying, "Dad, Dad, wake up, it's morning", Riku's father then woke up and glared at him angrily, just by that Riku already knew what was gonna happen.

His father then grabbed his clothes and slapped him in the face, " You fucking ass-faced bitch, can't you shut the fuck up for a minute, fuck you", his father then punched him in the face causing him to bleed and kicked him in the groin.

"That'll teach you a lesson", his father then spat on him and walked away, Riku just groaned in pain and cried inside his heart, he had to tolerate, he can't do anything, after all, he was weak.

Riku gritted his teeth as he stood up feeling pain all over and wiped the blood away, he then walked towards the bathroom and took a shower.

He was not emotionless, he still felt pain, he cried as the water fell on his body. Gritting his teeth, he urged himself to stop his tears and went out of the bathroom.

Riku had only one thing in mind, 'The world is unfair, my father abuses me and my mother, yet just because he had a high rank in the army, the police won't even touch him.'

He then immediately went towards his room and changed his clothes to his uniform. After changing, Riku went outside and was met by his mother. She had long brown hair and charming blue eyes, she was very beautiful, to be honest.

Riku's mom then looked towards him with a smile, but that smile froze as she saw Riku having a black eye and a wound. She then worriedly looked at him and said, " Did your father do this?"

Riku just looked away, unable to answer as he gritted his teeth. Riku's mom was fuming with hatred, but she had no power to do anything, even the chief of police don't dare touch Riku's dad.

Smiling bitterly, Riku's mom smiled as she said, "Don't worry Riku, mom's here, I will always be with you no matter what. I will protect you always."

Riku just hugged his mom with a bitter smile as he walked towards the door and opened it. Riku's father then shouted whilst Riku was outside, "Aimi! come here!", with a smile filled with clear hatred, Riku's mom, Aima walked towards her husband.

As Riku arrived at his school, he was immediately met by disgusted faces, some were pity but then that feeling was immediately gone in an instant. He was depressed by those stares, but that depression was ended as soon as his friend came.

His friend was a very beautiful girl, she had white hair and pale blue eyes with a hue of pale purple. She also had quite a beautiful figure with I-cup breasts and a curvaceous body.

She then walked towards Mark as she smiled at him and said, " Riku-kun!", but her smile froze like Aimi as soon as she saw Mark's injured face. She then asked, "Riku, what happened?"

Riku didn't answer and just smiled bitterly and this made his friend know who did it. She then pulled him and said, "Come, Riku-kun, let me treat your wounds."

Riku then tried his best to catch up as he said, "W-wait a minute, Lia-san!", on the side note, the boys gazed at Riku with extreme hatred and jealousy, whilst the girls stared at Lia with confusion, as they thought, 'Why would the most beautiful girl in the campus stick with the ugliest boy?'

Lia then pulled to a stop as they arrived at the infirmary. She then immediately took out a band-aid and placed it on Mark's wounds as she said with her voice filled with care, " There we go!"

Riku just smiled bitterly as he asked, "Lia, why would you stick with me? there are a lot of boys who are handsome and they like you very much", Lia just sighed as he lightly hit the head of Riku, " Remember, Riku, you are my friend, and you'll always be my friend, I don't care what others think, you are handsome in your own way."


After that, they went towards their classrooms as they still had classes to attend and in fact, their class ended in a blink of an eye. As soon as the class was dismissed, Riku walked away and went outside the gates, but then he was intercepted by some cliche punks.

"There he is boys, beat him up!", those punks then rushed towards Riku and punched him. Riku could do nothing, he was weaker than even the weakest of them. He was pinched on the face, the gut, even the crotch. He didn't cry, he just gritted his teeth.

The punks then clicked their tongues as they stopped hitting Riku, " Never get close to Lia again, and never show your ugly face here even a single time, this is our last warning", with one more kick, they left, Riku was still on the ground.


As Riku went home, the sun was already down, he was limping, he couldn't stand straight, lest walk correctly. He then opened the door and was met by his mother. Seeing him badly hurt, Aimi exclaimed, "Riku!", and immediately pulled him inside.

She then immediately got the first aid kit and treated Riku's wounds and bruises. She was very worried about him. She then hugged him and asked, " Who did this!?"

Riku just smiled bitterly as he said, "Just some punks warning me about Lia", Aimi still was very mad as she said, " Those jealous kids who have smaller dongs than worms! Agh! Riku, I'm gonna help you up okay."

She then supported Riku as they went towards his room. She then placed him on his bed carefully and kissed him on the forehead, "Riku, tell me if you have any problems or if anyone is hurting you, it's my job as your mother to protect you."

Riku didn't answer which caused Aimi to sigh as she walked outside the room. Riku just gritted his teeth as he saw his loving mother's back.


In the morning, Aimi woke up earlier than everyone to take care of Riku, whether walked towards his room and said, "Riku!", as she knocked on the door. But Riku didn't open the door.

Aimi then just decided to unlock the door with her keys and was shocked to see that Riku wasn't there, she then exclaimed, " Riku!!", and stopped exclaiming as she saw a letter on the table. Then there started, her eyes watered as she read the letter.

'Mom, sorry for this, but I can't take it anymore. I had to leave, I can't handle any more abuse by dad and people at my school, not just from my school, but people all around. I love you, mom, so don't worry about me, I'm moving to another place, you can come to visit if you want, but only you or maybe even Lia, just not dad and anyone else. I am gonna live in the neighboring city so it will be quite close to you and Lia. I'll also live in the nearest apartment so you can find me easily since I don't want to lose contact with those who truly cared for me.

-Yours Truly



Riku then sat on the train and watched the news on his phone, 'Meteorites kept falling and falling, causing cities to get destroyed! is this really the end of the world!?'

'Various deaths have been found due to meteorites fallin—'

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'The meteorites that fell are filled with radiation causing people to have a genetic mutation! New race confirmed?"

Riku turned his phone off as he murmured, "This is clearly bullshit, what do they think of this world? an anime? a movie? geh, they even said a clear crappy bullshit by saying radiation."

The train then stopped and Mark walked outside the train whilst limping. He then walked outside of the train station slowly as he looked around the city he was in.

"Nice place", he mumbled as he saw a taxi, he then decided to ride it and waved his hand. "I still have money and I got some money from my ass-father's bank account so I'm not broke and I could afford an apartment."

The taxi then stopped in front of him and Riku immediately went inside as he said, "Take me to the nearest apartment", the driver just nodded as he drove the taxi towards an apartment.

Riku then paid the driver as he got off of the taxi and gazed towards the apartment complex. He then smiled with content as he walked forwards towards the complex.

But before he could do anything, an object dropped at Riku whilst it was on flames. It was a meteorite. It hit Riku perfectly and Riku didn't even felt pain as he was crushed by it. The surrounding building were completely destroyed and people died due to the shockwave of the meteorite.


Aimi and Lia, who were both in the same place since Aimi wanted to talk to her suddenly had a bad premonition. They then mumbled a single word, no, name, " Riku."

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