6 Going to College

Riku then drove quickly and used nitro to quickly arrive, he didn't want to waste any time at all. Turned left, turned right, Riku quickly arrived at his property based on his memory.

Seeing that Riku stopped at the huge mansion, Aimi couldn't help but open her mouth in shock and awe. She hadn't thought that after five years, Riku would be this rich.

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In fact, she was shocked when she saw the car Riku was driving as there were only three models sold.

Riku then once again accessed his memory and found out that he had maids and a butler which were really good at combat, which shocked him. He then remembered the handsome figure that talked to him and thought, 'Just who is he?'

As Riku thought of that, a large splitting headache came upon him and caused his eyes to be blinded by a couple of seconds as he remembered what the handsome figure said, 'I am you and you are me.'

He then thought, 'What does that mean, I don't understand, after all, he had his own consciousness, how could he be me?', Aimi and Yua then saw Riku's pained expression and worried asked at the same time,

"Riku-chan, are you alright?"

"Big Brother, are you okay?"

The two girls then turned to look at each other but what shocked Aimi most is that, 'Why did she call him Big Brother? I don't remember having a daughter.'

Riku's pained expression then turned into a happy one as he smiled towards the girls and said, "I'm fine, I'm fine."

As he said that, the worried expressions of Aimi and Yua then turned into an expression of relief as they mumbled so quietly that only they heard, "I'm glad."

Riku then drove towards the big gate and saw a monitor beside the gate and he pressed a button and said, "Aria, it's me."

Even Riku couldn't believe it himself but, his butler is not a man but a woman. Though there are real woman butlers, he still didn't expect that he would also have a female butler.

Then a female's voice sounded out from the speaker of the monitor saying, "Master!", Riku just smiled as he said, "Can you open the gates?"

The voice then said, "Yes! Immediately!", the gates then opened and Mark drove though. He then drove through the roads on the yard in front of the mansion whilst immediately finding his way to the garage.

Riku then saw a woman wearing a beautiful dress and skirt that was completely black and the skirt had the length of up to the top of her knees. She had a cloth on her left hand whilst having towards Riku.

She had jet-black hair that was tied at the back and some strands we're at the sides of her face. She also had beautiful blue eyes and a pair of sunglasses that made her sexier than before as her thighs showed through her skirt.

Riku instantly knew who she was, she was Aria, and she was a very beautiful woman. Aimi on the car was even more shocked as she saw the beautiful woman.

She was an extremely happy inner heart that Riku had various women that were extreme beauties beside him, but she couldn't help but feel jealous. She didn't understand why she felt jealous of seeing her own son with other women.

Aria then pressed a button that immediately opened he garage door and Riku drove inside the garage and parked the car. Riku then got off the car with a smile as he opened the door of Yua and Aimi.

He then held Yua's hand first as he pulled her from the car and he also did the same thing with Aimi. Aria who saw this couldn't help but smile bitterly as she thought, 'Master has two women?'

He then walked towards Aria and patted her head which caused her to blush as she said with a still confident manner, "Master, it's not right to touch a woman without their consent."

Riku just laughed as he introduced Yua and Aimi, "Aria, this is my mother, Aimi, and this is my little sister, Yua, not a real sister though, I only claimed that she is my sister."

Hearing that caused Aria to smile widely as she thought that she might still have a chance. Aria then bowed towards Yua and Aimi as she said, "Madam Aimi, Miss Yua, it's a pleasure to meet you, Master, it's been a long time since you came back, are you planning to stay?"

Riku then immediately answered with a smile, "Yes, I am, now lead us to the mansion", hearing that caused Aria to be brimmed with joy as she took the lead and walked as she said, "With pleasure, Master."

She then led Riku, Aimi, and Yua towards the mansion and was greeted by seven maids who then said, "Welcome back, Master!"

Riku then smiled as he patted their heads causing their hearts to flutter, "I'm back, Airi, Ritsu, Ai, Himari, Hina, Akari, Yui", Riku then smiled as he saw their flushing faces.

Airi was an elf, she had pointy ears, but she had brown hair and orange eyes. Her breasts were A-cup, and she looked very cute with her petite body as she wore her maid outfit.

Ritsu was a vampire. She looked extremely similar to Airi and was sometimes thought of as her older sister, but she was not. She had a voluptuous body and had F-cup breasts. Her jet-black hair also covered her left eye that added flavor to her as her crimson eyes looked stunning and pleasing to the eyes.

Ai, on the other hand, was a normal human girl. She had brown hair and she a bit taller than Airi. She had beautiful yellowish-orange eyes and shocking G-cup breasts which were ever bigger than Ritsu's.

Himari was also a vampire like Ritsu. She had medium-length silver hair and enticingly beautiful crimson eyes. She also had the most shocking part of all, she had the biggest breasts out of the seven with whopping I-cup breasts. Her voluptuous body could seduce any man in sight.

Hina, just like Airi, was an elf, she had faded-brown hair and dazzling golden eyes that looked like the sun. If you stare at her eyes, you would be mesmerized and you wouldn't want to look away. She also had E-cup breasts and a big, plump, ass.

Akari was also an ordinary human girl like Ai. Just like Hina, she also had faded-brown hair and she had stunning emerald-green eyes. Also like Hina, she had E-cup breasts that looked really cute on her with her curvaceous body.

Finally, Yui, the quiet and cute cat girl. She had cold-blue eyes and a strict demeanor to her, but in fact, she's just a little girl. She just lacked the EQ to properly communicate with people, but she looked cute in her own way. Her bashful appearance was the cutest among all asher ears and tail stood straight up.

Riku, then, after observing the girls lightly smiled as he walked towards the living room. Riku then pointed towards a sofa, clearly saying that Aimi and Yua should sit.

In fact, they did. Riku then sat on the sofa placed at the opposite place of the sofa that Aimi and Yua sat on. The eight women stood behind Riku and a smile was always plastered on their faces.

Riku then looked at Aimi and Yua as he said, "Mom, I know you are confused about why Yua is calling me Big Brother, well its because I claimed that she was my younger sister when she was assaulted and protected her, ever since then, she treated me as her elder brother."

Aimi then smiled at what Riku had said and laughed lightly, "That's good to hear, I always wanted to have a daughter too." (A/N: Oh don't worry about that, you will have a daughter soon 😏)

"Alright, next topic is", Riku then said as he continued, "I'll be going to college and Yua, will also come with me. Are you okay with that?"

Riku then turned towards Yua and saw her smiling expression as she said, "Of course! if Big Brother is there, I will always stay with him!"

Riku then smiled as their discussion ended with a smile plastered on their faces. Riku then said to Aria, "Aria, settle the enrolment, I want to be able to go there tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes, Master!", Aria answered with a smile as she walked out for the living room with the maids. Riku then had a happy expression as he walked led Aimi and Yua to bedrooms as he also went to the bedroom of his own.

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