3 Going Back

Whilst eating, Riku always looked at the face of the charming Yua, seeing his gaze, Yua couldn't help but blush furiously. Even though he called her sister, she was completely head over heels for Riku.

Riku then after seeing the flushed face of Yua, as if used to it, just laughed and immersed himself to the very tasty food that Yua prepared. He didn't know why, but he felt as if seeing women blush was a perfectly normal thing for him.

He then said to Yua, "Yua, do you want to see my mom?", he then turned to look at her and saw that she had a very excited expression with a big smile plastered unto her beautiful face, "I always wanted to meet her and your father!"

Hearing her mention his 'father', Riku's face twitched as he didn't notice that he had a cold glint on his voice, "Never mention my father again."

Feeling the coldness in the voice of Riku, Yua couldn't help but shudder, she felt feat in her heart and was afraid and her cat ears drooped down along with her tail. Feeling the fear of Yua, Riku's face turned sour, he made Yua feel afraid of him.

He then hugged Yua and whispered to her ear, "I'm sorry Yua, I didn't mean to scare you", feeling his breath tickling her ears, Yua couldn't help but blush furiously and she had a bashful expression, her soft cat ears suddenly stood up, her tail as well.

Riku then caringly bit Yua's ear causing Tua's heart to palpitate and she couldn't help but shudder. Her body felt hot as she lost strength and leaned unto Riku's well-toned chest.

He then patted her head and lightly touched her ears tickling her and Yua's tail suddenly hit him and he accidentally grabbed it causing Yua to moan, "Nyaa~!", she then looked coyly towards Riku and muttered, " Bad big brother, you better take responsibility or else."

Riku then remembered something in his mind about cat people, only their lovers can touch their tales. Riku was shocked, but then he doesn't let go causing Yua's heart to palpitate even more, "Big Brother, please let go!"

Riku still didn't let go but when Yua fell down powerlessly with a completely beet-red face whilst panting so erotically, he then let go. Yua, who felt that Riku wasn't touching her anymore sat down correctly as she hammered her hands on Riku's chest.

She then said, "Bad big brother, you didn't take responsibility, you even made me like this!", Riku then lovingly kissed Yua's face as he stood up from the chair.

"Yua, let's go", Riku walked away towards his room whilst Yua was still sitting as she clenched her first whilst muttering, " Why are you making me fall for you more!"

Her face then flushed even more as she abruptly stood up causing the chair to fall down and quickly gone up to the bathroom with slightly trembling knees.


Riku then opened the door to his room and went towards his wardrobe and looked inside. He then saw various casual clothes and eye patches that cover half of the face?

He then grabbed it and saw that there were various characters and patterns on it and suddenly a flash appeared in his mind and he instantly knew it. If he didn't wear this, people can't bear but kneel before him due to his great magical power. It seems that it was a seal.

He then shrugged as he found no reason to care about putting the eye patch, but then, if the handsome figure left it here, then there must be a reason right?

His right eye was the eye that he covered with the eye patch, the weird eye that had a pupil in the color of white, an iris with a color of gray, and a sclera with the color of black.

He then looked towards the clothes and jewelry and as if someone possessed his body and forced him to wear clothes, he then picked up various clothes and jewelry and wore it.

He wore a black shirt underneath and a stunning looking white long sleeve shirt with the neck being close to the style of the neck of a tuxedo. The cuffs of the long sleeve shirt were colored black and he folded them until reaching his elbow.

He had two pockets on the long sleeve shirt that was on the bottom part both on the left and right. He was also wearing black jeans and beautiful white shoes.

As for jewelry that he didn't expect to wear, he wore a collar on his neck, a necklace, a single piece of earing to the right ear, a bracelet, and a ring on the middle finger of his left hand.

He looked incredibly stunning whilst he proceeds to look at the mirror in his room. He was shocked that he looked exactly like the handsome figure he talked to in the dark space. He just smiled as he walked down to the living room and shouted, "Yua! Let's go!"

He shouted but Yua still didn't come, he then proceeded to look for her. He looked for her in her room, in the kitchen, and other parts of the mansion, but she wasn't there.

He knew that she could only be in one place, and that was the bathroom. He then proceeded slowly and carefully but then he heard panting and moaning which caused his face to have a shocked expression.

Then at that time, as if his right eye had x-ray vision, he saw through the eye patch and through the wall which shocked him greatly. He then saw Yua fingering herself and he could only think of one thing in his mind, 'What the fuck?'

He then had a revelation as he muttered slightly, "It's my fault, isn't it? for turning her on? haha", he then walked back to the living room and waited for her for a few more minutes and Yua finally got out.

He then looked towards her with a great and handsome smile whilst asking, " What took you so long?", Yua then, remembering what she did, suddenly blushed as she said with a stutter, "I-its n-n-nothing!"

Riku then smiled innocently as he patted her head, "Let's go", but he knows that he will never forget about Yua's figure fingering herself and orgasming whilst thinking of him.

They then went towards the garage which had many cars parked in and Riku especially picked the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which was a modern-day version of the old Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which was roughly 19 million dollars.

It seems that he bought this a year ago when the company finally made another two models that each caused the same price. He then went inside and Yua also went inside the car as Riku started the engine.

It was a smooth transition and Riku then stepped on the gas pedal as he drove off out of the automatically closing garage door.

Riku seemed to win all the money with gambling and was able to buy everything he owned through gambling on casinos, betting on horse races. He earned a total of three billion dollars in five years which was a hefty sum.

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Riku then stepped on the gas pedal and the people who saw the car were greatly shocked and amazed whilst the others were jealous whilst thinking, 'Rich people like to brag', well, yea, they do, moving on.

Looking around the beautiful city, he was greatly amazed at seeing the improvement of the world in the past five years. Though, he didn't like to see the so-called heroes walking out with superhero skin-tight costumes making them look like exhibitionists and people who wanted to be raped.

He just drove faster as he was excited to finally beat his father to a pulp as he thought, 'I'm coming back, mom, and I'm gonna save you from that bastard and break his bones until he kneels down and begs to be just killed. Well, it's not as if I'm gonna kill him, I'm just gonna torture him until all his bones are broken and can't commit suicide.'

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