5 Complete Revenge to the Bastard Father (2/2)

As Riku removed his eye patch, Aimi, suddenly felt her legs going weak. She then looked at Riku with surprise written all over her face. She then felt happy in her heart that her son not only grew handsome but also stronger.

'He can finally protect himself', she then smiled at Riku with teary eyes as Riku was looking at his father who was once again inside his house going to Riku's newly made angel-sized door.

Riku then walked towards the house and didn't even bother to open the door as he just bumped the wall and it instantly broke as he continued to walk towards his father.

His father was lying down on the ground with bloodshot eyes and blood gushing through his mouth. He then flapped his wings to support him to standing up whilst Riku said, "Hello bird-dad, can I deep fry your chicken wings?"

Riku's father's scleras then had clear red veins connecting to his iris showing up as he shouted, "HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE ANGEL RACE!"

Riku's father then glowed in white light as he flew towards Riku at an extremely high speed as he sent out a punch towards Riku. His first was glowing brightly as if it devoured all the darkness.

Whilst having a smug look on his face as he sent out a punch towards Riku, He was shocked by what Riku did next. Riku just opened his clenching hand and caught his strongest punch without using any power.

He was shocked but then felt a strong magical pressure coming from Riku as he looked at Riku's weird eye. He then trembled whilst his face quickly turned pale as he asked, "Who are you!?"

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"Oh, you don't even remember your damnable, piece of shit son, what a good father", Riku said sarcastically but his words caused his father to shudder, 'son!?'

Riku then glared at him with killing intent flashing in his eyes as his hand turned completely black with scales and his nails looked as if it was sharper than an obsidian blade.

"W-wait you're my son, w-we can talk about this! You don't have to kill me!", his father said nervously, his father clearly knew that he was stronger than him and can easily defeat him.

However, at that time, Riku only laughed like am insane person as he said, " Kill you? Hahaha! You must be joking!"

With that said, Riku's father's face then calmed down a little as he felt relieved that his son would kill him, but his face froze up as he heard what he said next.

"I'm only gonna torture you, is all", this caused Riku's father's face to twitch uncontrollably as he thought of a way to escape. "FUCK YOU", his father shouted loudly as he flew.

But before he could fly away so far, he felt unending pain warping all over his wings. Before long, he ultimately fell down from a quite fair height and looked at his wings.

As he looked at his wings, his face then twisted as he screamed in pain. He only saw that his wings were completely roasted like chicken wings that were sold.

Riku only smiled insanely as Aimi outside froze in fear of Riku doing this without even flinching. She was both scared and happy at the same time. She was happy at seeing that bastard finally suffering.

Riku then walked towards his father and took a bite of his wings which caused his other to screech in pain as Riku spat the part that he but as he said, " Pweh, disgusting. If an ugly and disgusting thing was cooked, of course, it would also taste as bad, what did I expect?"

His father then gritted his teeth as he glared at Riku with great anger in his eyes. Riku who saw this quickly cut off his father's right wing causing him to scream.

Riku didn't pay any heed at all as he slowly cut his left wing from the tip to the base causing him to not just scream but also felt fear upon his heart.

"Pl.....ease.... Riku... please.... stop.... I'm begging you!", as soon as Riku heard that, anger roused in his heart as he shouted, "Oh! I see! you want mercy!? fuck you! you beat me up every day, every week, every month, and every fucking year, yet did you give mercy? fuck you!"

Riku then bitch-slapped his father so hard that he was bleeding. Aimi, who was outside couldn't help but tremble. If someone saw this, Riku might get arrested, but she didn't stop Riku since she also wanted to see her bastard husband to get bitch-slapped like that.

Riku then punched his father's head to the floor, which made a hole on the floor that completely looked like his father's face.

He then walked up at the front, completely in front of his father as he lifted his father's head by pulling his hair which caused his father to scream in pain, "Noo!....please!"

Riku didn't care as he lifted his father's face up by holding his father's chin with his left hand.

"Do you want to die?", Riku asked his father. His father just cried as he said lightly, " Noo....", Riku was then annoyed as he stood up and kicked his father's face like a soccer ball.

Without stopping by a second, Riku then crushed his father's limbs and cracked a lot of his ribs causing his father to have a hard time breathing.

His father's face was filled with tars and blood as Riku was brutalizing him. Riku then once again lifted him up by pulling his hair as he asked, "What do you think is better, life? or death?"

Riku's father then cried so loudly that Riku punched him in his face causing his teeth to fly out. His face was completely ruined beyond repair as he said, "Pl....ease... ju..st... kill.....me!"

Riku then smirked as he said, "I won't kill you, you bastard", this caused Riku's father to cry even more as Riku's eyes glowed. He then took his father to a trip in hell using illusion magic.

As Riku user illusion magic, his father then screamed and screeched in pain as the illusion that was brought to him was pure torture.

Riku made him have an illusion as if he was in a torture chamber in which he was tortured for millions of years, but even after the millions of years of torture, his death wasn't viable.

Riku just walked out of the house as he said to his mom who was looking extremely pale in fear, with a smile whilst he hugged her, " I'm sorry you had to see that mom, now let's go! I'll bring you to my home."

His father was still screeching and screaming as soon he died of fear, no, he died due to a heart attack, his old fucking frail heart was scared to death due to Riku's illusion.

The screeching and screaming finally ended as Riku started the car whilst Aimi entered the car and looked at the beautiful Yua and smiled and she was extremely happy in her heart.

Riku then stepped on the gas pedal as he had a memory that he had a big mansion and land on this city. He then drove his car as he changed the VIN since he knew that someone must be tracking him.


Back to the Aimi's broken house, in which a body resided. Outside the house, there stood policemen including Reiko and Kasumi.

Reiko then asked Kasumi, "So how did he die?", Kasumi just had a stern look as she said, "Despite the injuries, he wasn't killed by them. He was killed by a heart attack and I sense a small trace of illusion magic."

"So does that mean it is?", Reiko just asked, whilst Kasumi said, "It might be, but the problem is, we don't know since we didn't see the illusion with our own eyes and what's more, it was directly used on him."

Reiko then looked towards the house filled with holes as she mumbled, "Just who is that guy?"

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