4 Complete Revenge to the Bastard Father (1/2)

As Riku drove his car, he then said to Yua, "Yua, I'm sorry again for scaring you earlier, my father is just horrible, I hate him, and I will always hate him, I'm gonna take my mother from him forcefully."

Hearing that, Yua was shocked, she didn't expect that Riku would hate his father to the core, she then looked at him and said, "No, it's alright, I understand, but why do you hate him?"

Riku then remembered the years when he was always beaten up by his father and said with a slight glint of anger rising from his voice, "He abuses both me and my mother, he's a lazy drunkard that doesn't care about his family, he just always hurts mom and I will always hate him."

Hearing that, nonetheless, shocked Yua incredibly, she didn't expect that Riku's father was this horrible, she then began to tremble in anger as she imagined Riku getting beat up by him. She then gritted her teeth whilst her eyes had a trace of killing intent.

Seeing this, Riku slowed down the car he was driving and patted Yua's head and tickled her ears causing Yua to make a moan as she covered her face that was flushed red, "Nyaa~ahn~! Big brother! that tickles!"

Riku quietly laughed as he enjoyed looking at Yua's cute flushing face. He then sped up the car so they can reach the other city quicker and faster. Riku couldn't wait to see his mom once again.

They then quickly got out of the city and Riku drove even faster and didn't even slow down despite the speed limit. Because of that, the police were after him.

Yua, on the side, then looked at Riku worriedly, "Big brother, how about you slow down, I don't wanna see you get arrested", Mark just smiled as he said, "Don't worry, I won't."

Riku then stepped on the gas pedal one more time whilst he was trying to access his memories. After a while, as if remembering something, Riku's eyes shone brightly as he smirked whilst mumbling, "Illusion magic is the go!"

There were many things in Riku's mind, chanting was necessary for people to access magic, but it sounded so cringey to him, so he tried to use it without chanting and just visualized his illusion.

The police officer, inside a certain police car, then said, "Catch the driver at all cost, geez, I was one the way to eat too", the police officer was female.

Her radio transceiver then sounded out with the voice of a female saying, "So you were busy, Police Chief Inspector, Reiko Asato, don't worry Chief, I'll take it from here."

A police car then rapidly drove towards Riku's vehicle but right at that time, the car that Mark was driving exploded, causing the two police cars to stop.

They then got out of their car and quickly ran towards the explosion only to see that there was nothing there, no burn marks, no ruined car, nothing. That's when they realized, "Illusion Magic! and to this extent!"

The Police Chief Inspector named Reiko had beautiful white hair that reached up to her waist, a nice curvaceous body, and had azure eyes that looked like the sky, she was a complete beauty.

The other policewoman then came with an angry look on her face, she had black hair with a part of it tied in a ponytail and sky-blue eyes, her uniform was rather folded in a quite revealing way which rather expressed her sexy body. She had a huge ass but smaller breasts but was still perfect to the eye.

Reiko then looked towards the black-haired woman and said, "Inspector Kasumi Ryugo, aren't your clothes rather revealing?"

The policewoman named Kasumi didn't mind the remark of Reiko to her uniform that she folded as she questioned, "How can make an illusion feel so real."

As Reiko remembered, she frowned as she imagined who drove that car. She then picked up a piece of paper and a pen from her pocket and wrote down something whilst saying, "Inspector Kasumi, can you track this VIN, we must know who drove that car and how he can make such illusions."

Kasumi then had a solemn expression as she nodded and grabbed the piece of paper, "That person is surely strong, we must be cautious of that person, we don't know if he's good or evil."


Mark then drove his car as fast as he could whilst his car was invisible as he thought, 'Well, that was easy', he then removed the illusion of his car being invisible and finally arrive at the city he once lived in.

Yua, on his side, didn't say anything as she was shocked by her brother's illusion magic. She was very sensitive when it comes to magic, and she had the same face when she first felt her brother's immense magical strength, but she was able to resist it to a certain extent as she was also skilled in magic.

Riku then turned the car and arrived at a house, he stopped before that house as he opened the door and said to Yua who was also about to open the door, "Don't come out until I tell you."

Hearing that, Yua didn't refute her brother but followed him, she then sat down on her sit and didn't open the door or go out with a smile.

Riku then was satisfied as he walked towards the door with a mad expression but quickly composed himself and knocked at the door.

At that time, a beautiful woman with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes opened the door. But the problem was, she had various wounds, scars, and bruises all over her body. She also had a difference now from before, she had small horns protruding from her head and a slim and flexible tail as if she was a demoness that had ascended to the world.

She was shocked to see a handsome man stop before her house, but her shocked expression then quickly turned into a composed as she asked Riku, "What is it, sir?"

Seeing the completely horrible state of Riku's mother, Aimi, Riku's eyes had a trace of anger and killing intent but he suppressed it as he said with tears in his eyes, "I guess even my mom can't recognize me."

Aimi, who heard the handsome man in front of him say, "My mom", her heart fluttered as she felt her emotions getting stirred, " Ri....ku? is that really you?"

She had tears in her eyes as she looked at the handsome man as he thought, 'If this is really Riku, then, I'm so glad that he didn't die, I'm so glad that he had become more handsome than before.'

Riku's tears then fell down as he hugged Aimi tightly and sobbed as Aimi also returned the hug whilst tears flowed down from her eyes. Both of them were crying in joy and pain.

After a while, Riku then let go of Aimi as he asked whilst holding Aimi's hands, "Did that bastard do this? Did he beat you?", Aimi didn't dare answer, but Riku isn't dumb and already knew it, " I will beat him up till he begs to die."

Just then a husky voice them shouted, "Aimi! you bitch, where are you!?", he then walked out of the house and saw Riku.

He was Riku's dad. Opposite of her mother's appearance, his father had angel wings and his face was more handsome than he was five years ago.

Seeing Riku holding Aimi's hand, his nerves started showing as he gritted his teeth and shouted, "Aimi! YOU FUCKING SLUTTY BITCH! SO YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME!? FUCK YOU!"

He then proceeded to send out a slap towards Aimi but his hand was stopped by Riku. He then turned around to look at Riku and shouted, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU BASTARD! YOU DARE TRY TO TAKE MY WIFE AWAY FROM ME! FUCK YOU!"

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He was about to punch Riku, but then Riku then smiled sinisterly like the devil himself as he said, "Hello father, nice to meet you after five years."

He then proceeded to punch his father in the chest which gave his father no time to react as he was sent flying whilst vomiting blood and the wall of the house broke as he passed through.

Riku then removed the eye-patch that covered the right side of his face as he said, "Time to teach you a lesson."

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