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Harvest Season


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The island of Dorchester is a scientific anomaly, a chasm in space and time, and the grand secret that lurks within its centre could affect the very thread that holds the past, present and future in equilibrium. When Blakely, a field doctor, is tasked with the important mission of unleashing a virulent plague on the inhabitants of the backwards 19th-century island, just about everything that could go wrong does. Soon he's hunted by warlocks with bushy moustaches, witches with murderous powder, and bog bandits with a penchant for human flesh. With the help of his partner, Abis, a sailor boy named Dicky and a frazzled inventor named Vera, Blakely must seek to vanquish the chaos that could destroy time as they know it, and the very conflicts that ail his mind. _____ -:- ARTWORK in cover -:- Art by Alex Negrea via: https://twitter.com/alexnegrea_art If you are the artist and would like me to remove your art from my cover, please PM me here on webnovel. ____ Woah UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Got tons of stuff going on with this. tbh i just be writing w/o thinking of the plot holes its a work in progress


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