Harry Potter : Transmigrating as Cedric

After awakening the Righteous Mage System, Cedric finds his path set: as long as he behaves like a true Righteous mage, he earns rewards such as experience points, magic power, magical herbs, and secret treasures. This journey molds him into the most upstanding Hufflepuff in Hogwarts history. At Hogwarts, Cedric leads by example and excels in his studies. He respects his teachers and abides by school rules. He loves his classmates, prohibits bullying, and does not tolerate any illegal or unethical behavior. Cedric becomes known as the benchmark that meets everyone's expectations for Hogwarts students. He is the warrior admired by Gryffindors, the god of learning worshiped by Ravenclaws, the prefect respected by Hufflepuffs, and the white mage most feared by Slytherins. Cedric is the idol who has shattered Voldemort's conspiracies time and time again! *************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes". original novel: 一霍格沃兹:史上最正派白魔法师 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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Chapter 21 Sorting Hat

"Put on the Sorting Hat!"

"Don't be afraid! There's no need to panic!"

"In the Sorting Hat's eyes, you're absolutely safe, because the Sorting Hat is a magical hat that can think!"

After the Sorting Hat finished its song, the whole hall erupted in applause!

"As the Sorting Hat bowed to each of the four tables, it soon became still."

Professor McGonagall stepped forward with a roll of parchment.

"Anyone whose name is called should sit on the stool, put on the hat, and join their house!"

Cedric was one of the first to come forward, but the line was long.

Almost everyone had been sorted when Cedric finally heard his name.

He walked up, took the hat in his hands, and placed it on his head.

Professor McGonagall's gaze softened as she saw him and whispered reassuringly, "Relax, it'll be over soon!"

"Thank you, Professor!"

Cedric placed the Sorting Hat securely on his head and sat down.

Little did he know the next moment...

He felt countless soft touches trying to penetrate his mind, but his Occlumency skills blocked them.

"Oh, this is a bit troublesome!"

The Sorting Hat's voice rang out.

"Child, your mind is heavily shielded. Can you relax and let me see?"

"Um, you won't tell anyone, right?"

Cedric was genuinely afraid of his past memories being read.

"Of course not! Who do you think I am? I am the consciousness of the four great houses. You can destroy me, but you can never take away any memories or information from me!"


Even though it said so, Cedric still didn't dare to reveal everything.

Fortunately, his Level 8 Occlumency was enough to control his memories.

He slowly released memories of coming to this world.

The Sorting Hat glitched for a minute.

In Cedric's ear, there was a continuous cheer!

"He's so brave!"

What the Sorting Hat read was Cedric facing the image of defeating the Dark Lord since he was five.


The Sorting Hat exclaimed excitedly, "What extraordinary courage!"

"At such a young age, facing such difficulties with such strength, and facing challenges without flinching."

"His courage is enough to show his true strength in adversity, daring to challenge himself and surpass his limits."


It was Cedric carefully planning his daily schedule and constantly modifying it according to circumstances.

And also his memory of learning anything once.


The Sorting Hat's voice was full of surprise.

"No doubt!"

"Cedric possesses extraordinary wisdom. He can maintain rational thinking in complex situations, deeply understand the essence of problems, and propose wise solutions."

"His wisdom is like a beacon!"

"Enough to help him find opportunities in difficult times, and maintain a calm and clear mind in the face of any challenge."

Next, Cedric arriving at Hogwarts.

The scene of him making promises to Hagrid and Professor Flitwick, and his efforts. There was even a declaration to defend Hogwarts and defeat Voldemort.

"So touching!"

The Sorting Hat's tone was somewhat choked up.

"Cedric, the epitome of loyalty!"

"He is a reliable ally, always steadfast in his promises and trust to his friends, family, or schoolmates."

"At crucial moments."

"He will always be the first to stand up and support his friends, never betraying them. His loyalty will earn him respect and trust, becoming the pillar that everyone relies on!"

The last and most important.

The Sorting Hat read Cedric's memories of leading his family and guiding Professor Flitwick at Hogwarts.

"Exceptional leadership!"

The Sorting Hat's voice became proud and cold.

"Cedric, a key figure in teamwork, can motivate the team and guide them towards common goals."

"He has outstanding communication skills."

"At work, he is good at listening to understand the needs of his team members, while clearly and clearly communicating instructions and goals."


"You are full of strong personal charm and infectiousness, making people willing to follow you forward together!"

"Oh my!"

This time, Cedric heard what seemed like a quartet of voices.

"Ah, Cedric, Cedric!"

"Excellent decision-making skills, leadership qualities, always making the most correct choices, daring to take responsibility, facing challenges with a positive and firm attitude!"

"That's Cedric!"

Cedric's face turned red.

The Sorting Hat's praise was really too much, if he wasn't under everyone's gaze now, he would have blushed even more.

But for now, let's leave it.

He didn't want to attract Dumbledore's further attention.

"Hurry up and choose a house!"

Cedric's brain urged him.

"Alright, alright, it's time for the final decision!"

"Based on your qualities, any house would suit you, so, which house do you like?"


Cedric answered without hesitation.

"Hufflepuff!" the Sorting Hat shouted loudly!


Cedric breathed a sigh of relief.

His time probably took longer, but luckily, he didn't break any records.

He took off the Sorting Hat and respectfully placed it on the stool.

As he took a few steps, Cedric stopped


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