Harry Potter: The Overpowered Mother-Con

In this reality, Harry Potter is an godly powerful wizard who is a mother-con that married his goddess of a mother Lily J. Potter AU HPVERSE, Adult Harry, Incest

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Bright rays of sunlight are beaming through the window into the bedroom. Inside said bedroom is Harry and Lily cuddling naked on their bed under the cover. Time wise it's about 1:36 in the afternoon. 

Harry had woken up from his slumber about an hour ago, 

Usually he would be at work around this time, but today is one of his days off. Plus even if he did have to work, he would honestly not even bother going in. Without including his fame, he's known to be a hard worker and one of the best workers. Which gives him a lot of leeway to do whatever he wants. No one at his job will blink an eye if he randomly decides to not show up. His boss always waves off his apologies whenever he randomly takes a day off without warning or informing anyone. 

As for the reason why he would not bother going in, isn't it obvious? He would be a bloody fool to his sleeping goddess of a mother. This is the first time they slept in the bed completely naked together.

The sensation of her body being pressed against his own is nothing short of heavenly. When he woke up, Harry found himself spooning Lily. His arms were wrapped around her in a possessive manner. While his face was full of nothing but her magnificent red tresses. One of his hands was holding her, the other firmly gripping one of her breasts. Their legs were intertwined with her back against his chest. Of course his morning wood was snuggled deeply between her warm ass cheeks. One of his mother's hands was lightly holding onto his arm. 

To be honest, he's pretty sure she's the reason his cock is in its current position. Not that he's complaining. 

Anyways, going to work was never an option today. He's about to quit his job so it really doesn't matter, his mother wouldn't want him to leave her either. Considering it's supposed to be the anniversary of her and his father today. He knew Lily would want to spend the entire day with him.

As for why he didn't wake her up yet, well considering how long and intensely they went at it. Harry decided to let her sleep longer, he was merely satisfied just being in his current position. 

It wasn't much longer until he sensed his mother was about to wake up. Thinking ahead, about 15 minutes ago he informed the house elf of the Potter family Sissy, to prepare a bath. 

Of course he did so telepathically, once he received her response. Harry literally sensed and heard Sissy popping into the bathroom within his and his mother's shared bedroom. 

Since she's going to wake up, the black-haired wizard sat up and stretched. Then he gently and easily lifted his mother into his arms bridal style. Standing on his feet, he made his way to the bathtub. 

The bathroom is essentially a copy of the Prefects' Bathroom inside Hogwarts. His mother had it redesigned like this sometime after he turned 19. 

Luckily the bathwater within the swimming pool-like tube doesn't get cold quickly. The color of the water is red.

By the time Harry stepped into the bathwater, sat down and placed Lily on his lap while holding her close to him. Lily finally stirred awake. 

"Mmmm…Harry?" She mumbled tiredly. 

"Good afternoon my wife." Harry kissed her cheek. 

"Afternoon?" Looking around she could make out that they were in the bath. 

"Yep, it's almost 2pm. I woke up a little over an hour ago." He replied.

Frowning lightly, she asked. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Because you looked way too cute sleeping and I was perfectly content spooning you." Harry teased her lightly. 

Lily rolled her eyes playfully. "You're always content cuddling me."

"With your body, who in their right mind wouldn't?" Harry said.

"Your father."

"I said 'right mind' didn't I?"

A burst of laughter escaped the red-haired woman's lips. Then she realized something. "Wait, if it's that late then shouldn't you be at your job?"

"Normally, but considering everything that happened last night and today's date. I figured you wouldn't want me to leave your side today." Harry grinned.

"Well you're not wrong about that, I definitely don't want to be separated from you. Still, you shouldn't make a habit of skipping work just to spend time with me, Harry. Your coworkers and boss greatly depend on you." Lily wrapped her arms around his chest and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Mom, spending time with you is more important than anything my boss or coworkers could possibly need me for. You know I only worked at this particular job because I lost a bet." He turned his head and kissed her lips.

"Mmmm~." Lily fervently reciprocated the kiss. 

She rather enjoys how much Harry seems to love kissing her. Always able to feel and sense how much of his love he pours into every kiss. Then there's the way her body reacts to his touch. Even now he has one hand resting on her hip, as the other gently rubs her thighs up to her stomach back to her thighs. 

Internally she can't help but pout because she wants him to touch her busty melons. Lily wants her son to molest her chest with his hand. It's like he's teasing her. So she took matters into her own hands.

"You do know we are supposed to be bathing?" Harry chuckled against her lips. Amused seeing his mother place his wandering hand onto her right boobs. Part of him eagerly wants to suck on her hardened pink nub to suck milk out. 

"I'm aware, sadly I just can't get enough of you baby." Lily moaned, loving how rough Harry is fondling her both her boobs. 

They continued to happily snog each other for several minutes. 

Wanting to give his milf of a mother more pleasure, the black-haired wizard gently spread her legs open. He removed his hand from her breast, making way to her pussy. Quickly locating the clitoris, Harry began to attend to it by gently caressing her clit with his fingers. Next he used his magic to act as a small strand. He used this strand to trace all over his mother's labias. 

These actions quickly turned Lily's displeasure from his hand leaving her breasts into bliss.

Harry took his time pleasuring his lover, he could tell she was immensely enjoying what he's doing. Her head was no longer on his shoulder and her arms were now wrapped around his neck. 

Not once did his mother attempt to break their kiss to moan her pleasure. Instead she kept moaning into their kiss, he didn't know why but he very much liked the feeling of her moaning into his mouth as their tongues battled. 

Eventually he moved his fingers from her clit and slowly inserted one into her pussy. He fingered his mother at a steady pace for a minute before adding a second finger. His strand of magic now targets her clit in absence of his fingers. 

For Lily, it did not take long for the combination of her son's actions to bring her to her peak. Harry noted that he'd very much preferred having her cumming on his cock rather than his finger. Though that's not to say he's opposed to the latter. 

He's looking forward to making his mother orgasm all over his face again. 

"Ooooohhhh Haaaarrryyyy..!" Lily broke their kiss and moaned as her climax shook throughout her body.

Unsurprisingly, her son wasn't done with her by a long shot. Before Lily could fully come down from her orgasmic high, she felt herself being moved around a bit. Currently she was sitting on the edge of the bath.

"Hmm? Ha- OH SON~!" Lily moaned even louder from the sudden sensation of Harry's tongue licking her cleanly shaved pussy. 

The way her son's tongue danced all across her pussy instinctively made her legs wrap around his head. Her toes curled up with one hand gripping the back of his head. Blissful pleasure invaded her mind, body and soul.

Lily's moans echoed loudly without restraint inside of the bathroom. "Yeeessss Harry! Lick me, keep licking mommy's needy cunt my love…" 

Her son was eating out her pussy as if he was a starving homeless man, who didn't know when his next meal would be. As if this might be the last time he ever has a meal as delicious as what he's currently eating.

"Mmmmm~ you like tonguing down my pussy my love? Does my strong and handsome son love the way his mommy's pussy taste? Don't worry as my son and husband, you can eat my pussy anytime you want. I'll always spread my legs open for you~." Lily moaned, her dirty words carried a lustful tone. 

"As corny as it might sound, it's like tasting the divine nectar of the gods. Your cum is the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. I'll need a daily fill of it from now on." Harry placed sweet kisses all over his mother's cunt. 

"I don't think that'll be a problem since I'll need a daily fill of your cock filling up my pussy." Lily sighed, knowing that she won't be able to last for long.

Her body is really sensitive to her son's touch.

She was caught off guard when she suddenly heard her son hissing. "SSssssssssssss~~..."

Being the usual smart lad that he is, Harry was speaking Parseltongue into his mother's drench womanhood. He was unsure if this would really have an effect, luckily his decision seemed to pay off.

His fiery goddess of a mother had squeezed her legs harder around his head. Her hand suddenly tightening into a fist with a handful of his hair. She also used that same hand to push his head even more into her pussy so his tongue could reach deeper spots. 

Her voice could not be contained. "Oooooooo FUCK! Oh great circe! I'm cumming baby! I'M CUMMING!" 

Lily's orgasm coursed through her entire body, a strong torrent of cum squirted out of her pussy onto Harry's face. The black-haired wizard eagerly swallowed and lapped up all of her divine tasting fluids. 

With how greedily Harry was licking up her essence, his actions caused Lily to have another powerful release. "Ohhh yes Harry! It feels so good~ keep licking up mommy's cum~ it's all for you my husband." She moaned with intense lust and desire in her voice. 

Lily was grinding her cunt into her son's face aggressively and Harry loved every second of it. He sucked hard on her folds.

A sigh escaped her after she came down from a third climax. Finally her son eased up on her, apparently causing her to have two orgasms back to back wasn't good enough for him. She slowly removed her legs from holding his head hostage along with her hand.

"I could do that all day." Harry said, he's satisfied with the amount of her cum he was able to get. 

For now that is.

Without saying anything, Lily grabbed his arm then used reinforcement magic to briefly strengthen herself. She easily pulled him out of the water. Next she grabbed his hand and led them to the shower area on the other side. 

While walking Harry couldn't help but stare in awe of his mother's jaw dropping ass. Lily smirked proudly, feeling his gaze on her.

Mother and son stepped into the shower together. Their shower was an enclosed shower, two sides of tall glass along with two sides of gray brick walls. Size wise it was pretty large, a lot of space to work with even if 4 people were in here at once. There's also a bench too. 

The shower door closed on its own after Harry stepped in, a second later Lily turned the knob in order for hot water to pour from the shower head. With said hot water hitting the tile floor, steam quickly began to build up.

Without any more delay, Lily essentially threw herself onto her son. She kissed him, it was a loving kiss that deepened slowly. Her tongue danced along with his eagerly. Sensing the amount of affection her son is putting into kissing her back, it pleases her greatly.

Harry was grateful that he physically worked on developing his body as much as he did his magic. Being a half-blood who was blessed to be raised in a household with both parents. As a child Harry grew up learning a lot about both the magical and non-magical societies. Harry learned at a young age that wizards of the magical community don't really exercise. Most don't see the purpose of wasting time exercising to either keep their body in shape or to build up muscle. Which he found highly odd since he discovered physical workouts are immensely beneficial to wizards and witches. Not only for having greater stamina in a duel, but also increasing the size of their magical reserves. 

Anyways, thanks to his intense workout regimen that he committed to for years. His body as an adult man developed quite nicely. It's been a few times over the years when he's noticed his clothes suddenly become too small or too tight for him to wear anymore. Due to this body, he was able to easily withstand his mother throwing herself onto him. 

He's seen her do that to his father before and the end result did not go so well in his father's case. 

While kissing his mother, Harry's hands found their way to ass. Palming, rubbing, gripping, mauling, slapping and so on was done by him to Lily's pale-skinned butt. Her moans were confirmation that she enjoyed everything he was doing. 

Eventually they pulled away from their snogging, a thick strand of saliva connecting from their mouths. Still, a few more passionate quick kisses were shared before Lily spoke. 

"I know you don't like being compared to James often, but I can't help but notice how different you two are in times like this." She pressed her big tits more against his muscular torso.

"Mind elaborating?" Harry's tone carried a bit of curiosity. 

"In the decades we've been married, even in the beginning days of our relationship your father wasn't the affectionate type. Sure, he was definitely in love with me and had no issues saying it. However outside of sex, James isn't one for a lot of physical affection. While it did bother me at times, I never took it as a bad trait of his. I simply accepted and respected that's just how your father is. You on the other hand even before our relationship took this turn couldn't go a single day without a hug or a kiss from me. You always tried to focus on how to keep me happy and continue to improve myself. James? We both know that answer. How many times in the last decade alone did I spend my birthday or anniversary with you instead of your father? 

Even during sex, your father often focused more so on his own pleasure rather than his and mine. That's not to say he didn't make me have good orgasms, but more often than not as long as James got to cum one time he was fine leaving me unsatisfied. You on the other hand in just a little over 12 hours made me cum multiple times before your own orgasm. You put my pleasure first above yours, I've been trying to do the same to you but it's hard to keep up. Hell, James didn't even like giving me oral and there's you who not only eats me out as if I am the last meal you'll ever have. You swallow and lick my cum like it's the greatest thing the world has to offer." Lily explained in detail.

"Just when I thought my father couldn't be more pathetic, all these years he could've spent pampering you. A literal goddess in mortal form. He, for some inexplicable reason, decided to not truly appreciate you. I could honestly understand if he had come to the conclusion that he realized after so many years he's no longer into women. But no, he's bisexual and cheated on you with a man and a woman, who at her best couldn't come close to you at your worst. I don't need to know what she looks like to know that's a fact. Just when I thought my respect for the guy couldn't get any lower." Harry scoffed, mocking his father for being such a fool. 

Say what you will, but in Harry's opinion no woman could compare to Lily. (And people called Snape obsessive)

Lily smirked at being called a goddess. "You shouldn't badmouth your father like that, Harry. He's still your father who does love you even if you aren't on good terms right now."

Harry shook his head. "Mom, me and you both know that dad fears me more than he loves me. I can't blame him since it's my fault that I lost control for a bit."

Long story short, a few years back James in his anger said something very foul to Lily. Poor James did not know that Harry was around at the time and heard what he said. This ended up with Harry beating the absolute hell out of James that day with only his fists. 

If it wasn't for Lily, who had finally broken out of her shock, using her magic to restrain her son momentarily to calm him down. James could have potentially been beaten to death. It didn't help that James couldn't reach for his wand and any accidental magic was instantly suppressed by the pure pressure Harry released. 

It had taken Lily a whole night while sharing sweet kisses and saying sweet words in his ear to finally get him to calm completely down.

Father and son didn't speak for months after that. Even after Lily forced Harry to apologize to his father. 

It was that event that showed Lily just how crazy her son can get about her. 

If one were to look at it from a different angle, one would assume that Harry was a husband who beat the hell out of some random guy who insulted his wife. 

"Regardless, just listen to your mother." She kissed him once more.

"I have no problems with that." He said after returning the kiss.

"Now, let's get to the real reason I pulled you inside of here." Lily smirked. "Because you made mommy feel so good by eating my pussy so thoroughly, mommy will also make you feel good. Then after that we can have some more fun by making each other feel a lot of pleasure."