24 Chapter 24 Power Rangers Vs the Black Dragon

After taking a peek into the man's surface thoughts Harry said, "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Why are there no magic users fighting for your righteous cause?"

The knight answered back, "The foul Witch Le Fay holds their oaths of loyalty to Merlin against them. Until Merlin is rescued from her clutches, they cannot fight at our side. You must not be a student of Merlin for you to be able to defeat these vile fiends."

Harry nodded back, "I am a student of the world and have learned much from it. As for these vile fiends, the metal bands around these men's necks cannot be removed easily and as long as they remain, they will not be able to use magic. You may do with them as you wish but I believe it best to keep the bands on for the remainder of their lives as nothing would be a crueler punishment than living a full life without magic."

The metal bands resisted grinding, melting, tearing, and corrosion, and even if an indestructible nail file was used on them it would take a decade of continuous use to file through the band. And since they were saturated with Anti Magic, it would take a very, very strong magic user to overpower them without killing the one they bound.

The man answered back, "The advice of a wizard is not to be taken lightly or ignored. I am not the one who will decide these men's fates but I will pass on your words to those who will. I myself am Sir Landford, a knight of Lord Gawain's."

Harry gave an appropriate bow and said, "Greetings Sir Landford, I apologize but I cannot give you my name. I am lost and wish to remain that way so that others seeking me cannot locate me. I ask a small favor, please do not inform others of my involvement today. Make up something if you wish, but I would appreciate it if I was mentioned as little as possible or not at all."

Landford frowned but only for a moment, "I would protest as such a deed deserves a suitable reward, but if that is what you desire I shall do all that is in my power to make it so. May I ask of your intentions for this land in the days to come?"


[New Quest: Rescue Merlin]

Free Merlin from his imprisonment to return to the present.]

Harry internally rolled his eyes and said, "What plans are there to free Merlin?"

Landford answered, "We have sent word south and across the channel to request assistance from others not taught by Merlin but I have little faith that help will arrive. Rumor has spread that Le Fay has a dragon guarding the land of his imprisonment and it is no ordinary dragon, but an Immortal Black Dragon!"

Harry's eyes shot up in surprise, his casual glance into the knight's thoughts didn't say anything the dragon being Immortal. This quest was impossible.

There are four types of dragons in this world. The most common type are the Magic Dragons, which are little more than beasts of concentrated Exotic Energy that take the form of a dragon. These however are widely considered imitation dragons and though powerful, are by a significant margin the weakest type of dragon. The dragons known by witches and wizards are all magic dragons.

Next are the Dragon Demon Sorcerers. Demon Sorcerers were Sorcerers or descendants of Sorcerers who underwent a dark ritual to merge their Chi with specific energies causing them to lose their soul and become demons. There have been thousands of Demon Sorcerers in the past but most have long since killed each other or have been sealed by good chi wizards. The only remaining Dragon Demon Sorcerer, the Demon Dragon of Fire Shendu, had his powers removed and from what Harry heard had been turned into a statue. The strongest Demon Sorcerers are immortal as their existence has merged with the source of their element but Dragon Demon Sorcerers are not considered true dragons either though many of their rituals require materials from True Dragons.

Above them are the Dragonkin, beasts and beings that contain the blood of True Dragons. They are the descendants of True Dragons and though some are weaker than the strongest dragon demon sorcerer, they are on average far more powerful. Dragonkin exist not just on earth but on other planets as well, there are many aliens who take the shape of dragons and most are Dragonkin.

And at the top are the True Dragons themselves, also known as Immortal Dragons. They are not gods but they are about as close as you can get to them. Immortal Dragons have enough power to wreck countries and have natural resistance to almost all forms of damage. Even the Ancient One using her Dark Energy would have difficulties defeating an Immortal Dragon. Not because an Immortal Dragon is stronger than the Sorcerer Supreme, but because an Immortal Dragon would be very difficult to harm, much less kill with magic of any form.

Harry had to stop himself from shouting but asked anyways, "How did Le Fay get an Immortal Dragon to work for her?"

Landford shook his head. His lord was the great grandson of Sir Gawain who was best known for slaying a dragon and they knew more about them than most. An Immortal Dragon should not be working for Morgan Le Fay no matter how powerful the Sorceress had become. "We are not certain. What is known however is that the dragon has not been seen on any battlefield."

Harry sighed and said, "Then I guess I'll check that out, you know where Merlin is being kept?"

Landford gave Harry the location and with that Harry walked away. His map had a pointer icon but he wanted to know the name of the location before blindly heading out. Once he was out of sight he transformed back into a Snowy Owl and flew in Merlin's direction.

As he flew further into the region, the taint in the air grew heavier and the sky grew darker and more oppressive. He was pretty sure it wasn't normal for giant beasts to be flying through the sky. One such beast which looked like a massive vulture with carrion black wings spotted him and changed its course for interception. Intercepting Mail Owls was a standard practice in times of war which was likely the job given to this vulture.

Harry had absolutely no intention of escaping, what's the point of maintaining his stats and ability to cast magic while in owl form if he has nothing to use it on?

He flew in close and watched as the great vulture raised its claws to swipe at him.

Harry then accelerated and rammed into the vulture, dodging the claws and smashing his head into the bus sized avian. Not surprisingly, he bounced off and the vulture wasn't affecting. He didn't think it would do anything, he just wanted to try it once.

His stats carrying over meant he had super speed and super strength compared to that of a normal snowy owl, but he was still vastly weaker than he was as a human. However only his physical stats were reduced in his owl form. His magic was powered by his mind which had not changed due to the nature of the Animagus transformation and since the Elder Wand seemed to be a part of his existence, his magic was only moderately more difficult to use but still usable.

The monster vulture recoiled more from surprise than the force of impact. It took only a moment to change its mindset from having lunch to aerial combat. It braced itself and swung its wings down to throw gales of winds to the left and right.

Harry was at the creatures left and his small body was caught up in the torrent of wind. A few heavy flaps of his own wings however was enough to escape the gale and brace himself in time for the vulture's second strike.

Harry increased his speed closer to his limit to gain some distance before the vulture could deliver it's following blow. It was good enough for experience in aerial combat and now it was time for the next phase.

Harry tried conjured objects for binding, water, ice, flames, and lightning, one after another. None had been used with enough power to defeat the vulture as he was simply testing their effectiveness in an aerial combat setting. Binding a bird with two large wings ended up being difficult without very large, very strong binds which didn't make it efficient. Water rolled off the vulture's feathers and it seemed birds were not as conductive of lightning as video games would make one believe. Ice however stuck to the feathers and fire burned the feathers, both were effective. Blunt force impact had some effect above a specific point but it was cutting spells and effectively used conjured blades that had the best effect in aerial combat. Second best was weaponized bindings like ropes with thorns or heavy clamps that punctured at the point of contact.

Harry was glad PETA didn't exist yet because even if it was a creature that was created with evil magic, they still wouldn't appreciate what Harry did to that monster before finally ending it. From the energy he absorbed he could tell the vulture was about level 70. Stronger than a Hogwarts graduate but not by that much.

Once Harry confirmed there were no other creatures or monsters or humans in the area, he flew down to the forest below and set up a base. Another reason he killed the vulture was because he was interested in its territory. He cast every spell he could think of to remove his presence and used transmutation magic to craft a small hole beneath a tree he found into a large fortified underground base. Next he used every secrecy and stealth spell he had to make sure it wouldn't be found and filled it with amenities and made a nice bed.

Harry had an innate sense for where his respawn point was should he ever die. As soon as he arrived, it set itself for the location he crashed into the moment he arrived in this time. Knowing his respawn point was lacking in safety made him feel more than a little exposed so he wanted to make a new one. Thankfully the means to set a respawn point was pretty simple, it was either set for the last safe area he was in or the last place he rested. When he died while training in the Room of Requirements or sparring with the Ancient One he would respawn there because that was still a safe place. But if he died against a monster or unsafe land, it would be set as the last safe place he rested. He was about to face an Immortal Dragon so dying was pretty much a given meaning he needed a good respawn point.

And though he technically didn't need rest, he still felt mentally fatigued from the nearly torn apart in the currents of between space thing and the flying all day thing and the fact that he hadn't slept in three days thing. So yeah, a nap would be really nice.

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In addition to waking up refreshed, his nap also caused the Aging Potion and the remaining effect of the polyjuice potion to expire meaning he needed to take it again to stop looking like a fourteen year old.

He could just face the dragon normally but there were too many downsides and not enough upsides. Although anything he did in the past would likely correct itself eventually, he still didn't want a record of himself in shape or name so going as himself was a no no. Thankfully he prepared for this. The prior day he knocked out each of those black knights and collected their blood to make polyjuice potions for the peasants to replace them and lead the army to surrendering. However he kept a batch of modified polyjuice with each of those knight's blood for himself as well so he had a dozen or so people he could turn himself into for a day.

Harry considered a few plans and decided to do reconnaissance a few times. He could afford to lose a few levels and figure out what worked and what didn't before giving it his all.

He would have to polyjuice as a different person each time to prevent the dragon from thinking it was the same person lest the dragon throw him in the same cell as Merlin or do something that prevented him from dying.

Of course it would be nice if he could resolve everything without fighting, but there wasn't exactly a Charisma Stat and he wasn't going to hold his breath.

Harry took out several uniforms made of Basilisk hide he practiced his tanning and crafting on. It wasn't the best he could do but it wasn't bad for practice. He then adjusted their sizes, made them the same in general appearance, and lastly, changed the color of each one to something vibrant. Yes, he knew what he was going to do.

Harry used the polyjuice for the person who was the least threatening to look at and put on the blue uniform and headed out. He sealed the entrance to the hidey hole so that even insects and little critters couldn't enter and apparated out. One of the wards he set would prevent teleportation or apparition in but not out. That worked best since his respawn was not affected by any barriers of any kind or else he wouldn't have been able to respawn inside Hogwarts the few times he died while experimenting due to carelessness or danger.

It took another two hours to fly to where he was told Merlin was being kept at half his full speed since he set his respawn point pretty far from the target location as he figured it would be dangerous.

Once he was close enough he returned to is polyjuiced form and walked the rest of the way. The location was a cave set into a cliff that looked very stereotypical for a dragon's lair. There were even torches set on the wall surrounding the entrance and someone was sitting outside. Wait.. Harry double checked and confirmed though well hidden, there were secondary signs that showed that caucasian man in the black martial arts robes was ridiculously powerful. Yeah, Immortal dragons can easily shift into human form so that was probably him.

Harry walked calmly over to the cave and confirmed that the man sitting outside was reading something. Books weren't exactly common in this era so he was a little curious about what it was but doubted he would recognize it.

The man's attention was on Harry the moment Harry stepped out of the clearing though he didn't look up from his book. Harry then paused. While paused he walked past the guard and entered the cave. However the path into the cave went much further than Harry initially suspected and he reached the limit of his distance before he found the end. He unpaused which returned him to where he was in front of the guard.

Well, no point in being rude. Harry straightened up and said, "Greetings, I am the Blue Ranger of the Mighty Power Rangers. Are you the one guarding Merlin? I seek the means to ensure his release."

He looked up from his book and said in a low voice, "Polite, for a mortal. I have never heard of the Power Rangers though. I am Chiantang, the Black Dragon. The one you call Merlin will remain here under my watch for the next year. After that, he is free to do as he pleases. Now leave here with your life or it will be taken from you."

Harry asked, "Is there nothing that can dissuade you from this? The Power Rangers are prepared to offer much in exchange for letting Merlin free without combat."

Chiantang looked over Harry for a moment. "Hmm. You wear the treated skin of a Basilisk and though weak, you are certainly above most. Perhaps there is something you have which would interest me mortal, but it matters not. This duty is one I perform not just of service but as a favor to repay a debt. Some years ago my sister was seduced by an upstart offworlder Dragonkin and they were secretly married. He then shamed her, took her treasures, and left her heart broken and with nothing to her name. It was the Sorceress Le Fay who informed me of this allowing me to get justice for my sister and give that upstart what he deserved. I forced him eternally into his dragon form and made him undying after ripping his heart out and sticking it in a furnace so he can suffer for all of time. Le Fay called in the debt I owed her for informing me of that so she could request my service and she has paid a suitable price for it. Even if you could pay more, I owe no favor to you and my debt must be repaid. My services will only be for a year. If others wish to free Merlin earlier than this, they must slain Le Fay herself so that I no longer owe her a debt or defeat me."

Harry asked, "Others?"

Chiantang closed his book and said, "Yes, others. I gave you a chance to leave and rather than take it you decided to ask a question. I do not give second chances to mortals so you can take that answer with you to the grave."

He got up and struck at Harry but Harry was able to dodge and form a blade of Dimensional energy and counter. Chiantang didn't bother dodging and the blade shattered against his martial robes. He pressed his advantage without fear of retaliation and each blow had the force of a high speed semi truck. Harry threw himself back using the power from one of the larger strikes to gain some distance.

Chiantang smiled and said, "Not bad for a mortal. As a reward for making this at least a little interesting, I'll allow you to die under the power of a true dragon."

His form quickly became insubstantial and expanded out in a mass of darkness and power. A moment later it reformed into a massive one hundred foot long green dragon with a terrifying jaw, large wings, and powerful arms and legs.

Harry yelled, "Why are you called Black Dragon if you're green?!"

Surprisingly he answered and said, "I was born black but I prefer this form." He then exhaled a powerful breath of dragon fire Harry didn't bother to dodge. Heat above a certain temperature can't be felt by tissue as it burns away the flesh though the next part and the part after that would still suck.

A few moments and two excruciatingly painful instants later Harry was back in his hide hole. He moved over to the bed to rest since dying and reviving both made his existence ache.

After waking he went over the details he had. Chiantang wasn't going anywhere and his dimensional energy sword shattered on contact. His martial arts were above Mordo's and below the Mandarin, though he was many times stronger than either. His flames were also stronger than any fire magic Harry was capable of using. Not that any of that was really surprising. The name Chiantang wasn't familiar to him but it wasn't like Kamar-Taj and Hogwarts had all the knowledge in the world. In any case he at least had something of an outline to work with to make a plan.

The next Day Harry took a Polyjuice for the weakest looking guy and changed the color of his next Basilisk hide uniform to purple.

He returned to the site of the Black Dragon's cave and equipped himself with a magic staff that amplified his abilities.

Chiantang looked up from his book and said, "Another one?"

Harry shouted, "I am the Purple Power Ranger! Our Blue Ranger was sent to negotiate with you, but as he has not returned, it seems you have chosen death!"

Harry lifted his staff at the black robed man and summoned a dimensional edge using a spell he learned from the Grand Grimoire. Chiantang dodged the spell that cut space itself and nearly cleaved the cliff behind him in two. Harry was hoping that spell might break whatever cell was holding Merlin inside but he wasn't counting on it.

The human form of the black dragon struck out but the blow was stopped by a seven layered mystic shield. This staff couldn't amplify wizard magic but it was very good with other forms of magic. Harry threw a grenade over his shield and behind Chiantang at the cliff face. Chiantang ignored it and struck Harry's shield once more, this time piercing it completely though not fast enough to strike Harry before he dodged. Harry slammed the hilt of his staff to the ground and chains conjured from the energy of Krakkan's realm surrounded Chiantang as Harry used his fastest speed to jump back just as the grenade he threw three seconds earlier went off.

Chiantang wasn't able to break the chains fast enough to dodge the blast of the grenade Harry had squeezed one hundred Bombarda Maximas into.

Harry himself relied on the Basilisk robe and his own shields to protect himself but he was still sent hundreds of feet away from the blast.

The blast itself tore the cliff face to pieces but didn't destroy the whole thing. Harry sensed within the cliff was some structure that was being held together with powerful magics and it would not break with just that.

Harry twirled the staff in the air which called forth natural energy as well as energy from Valtorr's realm. Clouds started to gather as the dust settled and Chiantang's form was revealed. His black martial robes torn, blood and wounds over his body. It was mostly superficial but it at least proved that the True Dragon was not completely immune to magic above a certain degree and could even take damage from accumulated wizard magic.

A moment later the vibrant green form of the so-called Black Dragon was staring Harry down. He took in a breath but before he could release it Chiantang was struck by lightning from above.

Harry shouted, "The Power Rangers are not to be taken lightly!" He threw his staff down and the cloud descended to the ground. The Black Dragon was surrounded by water vapor that clung tightly to him and made it difficult to move around.

"Enough!" He shouted. He flapped his wings a few times and the spell holding the mist together broke and fell apart. Harry swung his staff once more as he gathered enough Dimensional Energy for another Dimension Edge. The spell cut into Chiantang's skin enough to draw blood but not deeply enough to hamper the immortal. The massive dragon launched himself forward towards Harry who jumped away but the hundred foot tall dragon changed directions with a subtle movement of his wings and reached Harry who threw his staff to the ground. Once it made contact, more chains appeared to wrap around the massive green monsters stopping his pursuit of Harry before he could shatter the chains.

Harry commanded energy from the realm of Ikonn to cast illusions of himself to make a dozen of him appear around himself.

Chiantang roared in outrage, "You Dare to Challenge a True Dragon to a contest of Magic?!"

His roar itself was filled with dragon magic which disrupted the illusions revealing Harry's position. The energies of the space were rendered deaf to Harry's command preventing him from further use of Sorcery. The various energies of the planes swirled around the field and strengthened as they bent to the will of the dragon's rage. A pantheon of glowing colors of light wrapped around the space and converged on their location.

Chiantang roared, "Die under the might of True Dragon Magic!"

The hurricane of impossible power locked the space and prevented any form of teleportation though Harry hadn't demonstrated his use of it. Even Wizard Apparition would not be able to penetrate the dense field of destruction bearing down on him.

As if to add insult to injury, Chiantang let loose his dragon breath into the hurricane of magical energies causing it to glow brighter than the sun and speed its convergence on Harry's location.

A few moments later Harry was back in his hidely hole and returned to bed for another nap. His only thought was, 'damn, so that's dragon magic huh?'

Once he woke he got out his next Basilisk Hide cloak. His equipment hadn't survived either death though he always respawned in at least a shirt and never naked. If he did die with his equipment intact it would somehow return to his inventory and re-equipment itself once he respawned.

He got quite a bit of information this time. What was most surprising was the effect of wizard magic. An amplified explosion spell had so much effect and unlike Sorcery spells, they couldn't be affected by the magic commanding powers of dragon magic. Thankfully he used a grenade instead of casting any wizard magic himself so he wouldn't give himself away as a wizard. He also got a good look at the recovery speed of a true dragon that he would have to overcome if he wanted to finish him.

The next basilisk hide uniform he took out would be colored black. He only had a dozen of them from his practice runs and he really hoped he would be able to get enough info on how to beat Chiantang before he ran out of them.

Harry returned once more and this time instead of reading in his human form, Chiantang remained in his green dragon form. However he didn't clean up the location. The parts of the cliff that had broken off from Harry's attacks remained. Which was kinda the point. Dragon Eyes can see through any form of invisibility so he couldn't sneak past the dragon before. The point of the senseless damage was to make enough cover to hide behind.

Before getting within his range Harry conjured a hundred black mice and allowed them to scatter into the field. He then removed a Shrinking Solution from his inventory and drunk enough to render himself the size of a mouse and he used the Reducio charm on his clothes to shrink them to his size. He approached the rubble scattered around the cliff face and slowly made his way through it to the entrance that led to Merlin.

The black mice got Chiantang's attention but the wizard magic that made them up was invisible so to his senses they looked like ordinary mice. Such creatures were beneath his notice so after confirming they were nothing he went back to ignoring them.

Harry was able to make it past the rubble and into the cave entrance without trouble thanks to his distractions and prior preparation. Both prior Power Rangers made no effort to conceal themselves and with the mice to make Chiantang ignore small movements the Immortal Dragon wasn't expecting a tiny infiltrator. The Shrinking Solution hadn't even been invented yet.

Harry spent a few hours slowly making his way through the cave. He paused before each corner and confirmed nothing was on the other side while paused before continuing.

Eventually he found the heart of the cave and found a red magic barrier. He wished it would be a nice set of bars or perhaps a door with a small window he could slip Merlin a Shrinking Solution and let him slip through, but no, it was an airtight magic barrier.

Harry used a few Wizard concealment spells and took the antidote to the shrinking solution while removing the shrinking charm from his clothes allowing him to seemingly appear before the magic barrier.

On the other side of the barrier was an old bearded man in a chair reading from a large tome. Next to the chair was a shelf with other books and a bed. When Harry appeared, he closed his book and said, "What's this? Who are you? A strangely dressed servant of Le Fay's?"

"Actually, I snuck past the Black Dragon and came to rescue you. Got any ideas on how to open this barrier?"


Seems the man known throughout history as the greatest wizard of all time wasn't expecting that.

He quickly said, "This barrier is formed from the heart blood of the Immortal Black Dragon. It cannot be broken except by his will or his death. You must leave here at once and obtain the aid of the Sorcerer Supreme! Only he can help me now."

A voice echoed through the cave, "So it is a Black Ranger now? How many more of you must I deal with?"

Dragon fire filled the cave and Harry found himself back in his hidey hole. He figured Merlin speaking with him must have risen some alarm on the other side of the barrier his spells didn't affect.

Although Merlin said to get the Sorcerer Supreme, Harry couldn't do that because the Kamar-Taj and the Sorcerer Supreme were aspects of his future, though it was a different one at the moment. The auto-correcting feature of Time Travel only applied to things far away and things that were unknown. Going to Kamar-Taj meant getting scanned by the wards again for the first time which meant he would need to figure out a way to make it forget it scanned him which meant disabling it and reassembling it. And that was just for the wards. It was far more complicated than that should he actually meet the current Sorcerer Supreme.

Anyways, he only needed one more test before going all out, a combat test.

The next day Harry used the Polyjuice for the largest person he had and colored his robe red. He also equipped several pieces of armor and accessories beneath his robes to increase his defense and strength using energy from Cyttorak's Crimson Cosmos which was half saturated into the armor. Next he got out his giant heavy sword made from the bones and fangs of the Basilisk. The sword was one of his better attempts at using Goblin crafting techniques and the sword's edges had Basilisk Venom magically imbued into it.

Harry approached the massive green dragon who once more got up and said, "This grows tiresome. How many of you are there?"

Harry swung his heavy sword in the air and said with a low, scottish accented voice, "You would not believe me if I told ya."

The dragon slowly got up and walked over to Harry who took a stance. He shouted, "I am the Red Power Ranger. Let me see the strength of the one who fell the others."

Chiantang swiped with his fist and Harry used his sword to deflect the blow. The force shook every bone in his body and made him feel as if the 'black' dragon was wearing a two story house and using it as a boxing glove.

Harry used the force of the blow to ready his swing and with a jump forward he sliced into the dragon's torso. A special feature of his weapon was that his sword's edge vibrates at high speeds and with the sharpness granted by the Basilisk fang edge, the blade was able to slice through the skin and muscle though it bounced off the bone.

Rather than recoil as one would normally expect, Chiantang pressed forward and attacked with his jaws while preparing his swing to attack should Harry dodge.

Harry neither evaded nor dodged, he removed an edge of this sword that turned out to be a smaller sword and jumped off his blade to target Chiantang's eye.

The massive beast had not been expecting this and was forced to turn away or lose an eye. He swiped his claw where Harry should have been after jumping through the air but Harry had jumped backward while airborne using a retractable wire that attached the heavy sword to the removable blade.

Chiantang shouted, "Cheap Tricks!" And let loose a roar of flames.

Harry hid behind the sword which glowed with heat but didn't break.

Harry shouted with his fake accent, "You think fire can kill the Red Ranger?!"

It probably could if the black dragon continued but it would take a while. Harry's current gear was enchanted with his strongest Flame Freezing Charm which would prevent fire from burning him though it would eventually run out.

Thankfully Chiantang bought his bluff since he couldn't feel the magic of the Flame Freezing Charm so he had no idea why his flames weren't working and couldn't feel the strength of the charm waning with each moment.

Chiantang swung his tail and Harry stuck his sword into the ground to meet the tail. Scales broke off but as his tail was far more heavily armored than the dragon's chest and the strike wasn't able to deal significant damage to his tail before the force of the blow sent the blade skyward along with Harry who nearly dislocated his shoulder just holding onto the blade during that strike.

Chiantang jumped into the air and with a flap of his mighty wings overtook the soaring figure of Harry's swordsman form. The massive dragon rolled in the air and Harry got behind his sword and braced for impact as the rolling dragon's tail swung overhead with the force of a meteorite.

Harry's last sight was the fragmented pieces of his sword and the pieces of his own shredded body falling from the sky.

Two painful instances later and Harry was back in his hidey hole. He wasn't exactly happy that he could still feel the pain of death for something that should be quick and painless but he had long accepted it as the price of reviving from the dead.

After adjusting from the ache of revival, he went over the details of the fight once more.

The sword's unbreakable properties were probably used mostly up from the dragon breath and even if it weren't that tail swing in the end could likely have smashed a mountain to pieces, much less a half indestructible prototype sword made of bone. The Basilisk venom seemed to have had no effect as the sheer strength of the dragon's magic burned it away before the Black Dragon could even notice it. The strength of his arm swing was in the one hundred ton range and he was an expert in flight combat.

However, he did have weaknesses. He was over reliant on his defense and healing abilities and didn't seem to have much experience in fighting someone who could harm him, though harm is a relative term. Chiantang's bones were like reinforced diamonds and the edge of his blade didn't even nick the bones of his ribs before being bounced off.

A small sword piercing the dragon's chest through the gaps of the ribs into the heart may not work due to the size of the heart and healing factor but the brain would be an even harder target as even a surprise attack on the dragon's eyes using his fastest speed was easily dodged.

Harry paused and went over his inventory. There were a few things he could use but most wouldn't do much. Even his so-called Reality Bomb wouldn't do much against an Immortal Dragon as such a being could likely survive in a space where the laws of reality were broken. Harry didn't have any other one hit kill type attacks. Well, there was the thing which got him here, but even if he successfully set up a repeat of that, it would only send the Black Dragon into the past or future. Merlin was very specific that the Heart Blood Barrier could only be dispelled by Chiantang's will or death or else he would have mentioned banishment as an option.

Maybe he should just send a letter to the Sorcerer Supreme and call it a day. However he wanted to give it his all first.

Harry decided to do both. He did think of a plan which might work but before doing it he'd send a letter to the current Sorcerer Supreme that included everything he learned from his battles with Chiantang. Even if he lost or was imprisoned or worse, the details of the letter should enable someone else to beat the Black Dragon.

Harry spent a week preparing for the final encounter and made a few arrangements which he hoped would bare fruit in the future. A day after his last fight, the Black Dragon would occasionally fly around to scout the area as four consecutive days of showing up likely made him paranoid. He wasn't wrong either, but he had no way of readying himself for what Harry Potter had in store for him..

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