43 Chapter 41: Sentencing

When Alastor asked that I already expected it, so I didn't hesitate to start lying like never before.

"My mother was not one of the most structured or stable people, she traveled everywhere with me as a child... we never stayed in a fixed place, I don't know why, it's the reason I didn't go to any magic school and everything I know is thanks to her and the people we met along the way..." I began to tell the story we prepared with the director "Mr. Dumbledore met her, he can testify to that" I passed the ball to the director to which he gave a brief explanatory account affirming it.

I ended by answering a few more questions, to which I received some comments from the ambassador and from the victims who could have been present at the trial, who were the least damaged and who wanted to help their rescuer, who had sent them a letter of 'prompt recovery '.

After all the witnesses gave testimonies, they took us out of the room and into the waiting room. There we were able to chat with each other and some of the victims and their relatives thanked me profusely with tears in their eyes for what I did in saving them all. On the other hand, those Aurors who 'sided' with Garrick ended up aloof and somewhat nervous.

Time passed and it seemed like the trial wouldn't be over anytime soon, which was weird. I had to take some of my food out of my inventory to share with everyone, for which they also thanked me.

To pass the time Aurelius told us stories about his years as an Auror, how he would retire next year and how much he hated Garrick since he became his boss thanks to his contacts, he told us several bad things he did and we laughed a lot at it.

Two hours passed from when we left until someone entered the room. Some Aurors along with people who were in the court passed through the door, among them Ambassador Muller and two other people from the German Ministry approached me and Tonks.

"Finally I have the opportunity to thank you for what you did" The ambassador said while he greeted me with one hand and the other patted my arm, he had English that denoted that he was a foreigner but very clear.

"You don't have to, I'm glad I could. If I knew someone was in that situation and didn't do anything, I couldn't possibly go back to sleep" I replied with a smile.

"You two are my heroes, young and promising, who can act even against the will of those above you for the good of the people, I admire you a lot" He did not give a sincere compliment.

"T-Thank you" Tonks said, a little nervous when she too was greeted by this charismatic and noble man.

"What do you think if you come back with us to Germany, you can assure them the position of auror there with all the honors, it seems that here they don't deserve it" she gave us a tempting offer.

"Well..." I looked at Tonks next to me "She has her family here and I have her, I'm sorry, but I think it won't be possible" I apologized while Tonks embarrassed next to me stabbed me with his fingers. She wouldn't mind joking around with any friend, but in front of someone important is something else.

"No problem, bring your family too, we have very good subsidies hahaha... that's fine, no pressure. If at any time you think that here they don't give you enough, don't hesitate to come see us, we will always receive you with arms wide open. Even if it's just a visit you will be welcome in my house, my wife makes a delicious Knödel that I would like you to try..." he spoke to us very friendly.

"Okay, if we go that way we'll make sure to stop by to visit..."

We were talking to the ambassador when Albus Dumbledore appeared walking towards us. The German ministry as well as Volker greeted him very courteously, he is someone of renown and highly respected throughout Europe and America...

"If you don't mind, I'd like to take my students with me," Dumbledore asked after exchanging a few words with them.

"No problem, but you better take good care of them or I'll end up taking them with me" joked the ambassador

"I don't doubt it..." laughed the director.

After that we followed the director down a secluded path, he was empty and there was no one, we were able to walk alone through the place and no one spoke until we were far enough away. There the director stopped and cast a spell on Tonks who seemed to wake up a bit and then looked at both of us.

"Are you okay?" We both asked the girl who recovered from the false memory of her.

"Yes... just a little confused, but everything seems to be sorted out quickly" she replied, scratching her head a little.

"Well... And... how was it?" I changed my target to Dumbledore, as he was the only one of the three to witness the entire trial from start to finish.

"All went well"

"Did they catch Garrick?" I asked excited.

"Red! Don't talk to the director like that…" Tonks chided me. "But… they did?" I end up asking anyway.

"No... they just suspended him indefinitely and he's going to undergo an inspection."

"What the hell? Cause a possible international catastrophe and a war between ministries for that alone...?"

"You shouldn't be proud of that, it was one of the dumbest ideas for such a simple problem" the director reproached me" but yes... it seems that he has very good contacts in the ministry of magic, so even Fudge saved him a bit in the audience" he said somewhat annoyed as well.

"With his personality I don't think he has many friends... How does he have contacts?"

"His parents were well-known people in the ministry a long time ago, as were his grandparents, and so... he has many relationships and debts in his favor"

"Let's see how long they last..." I said before receiving a blow to the head from Tonks "Ouch... why that?"

"Because you were already thinking about something bad again, enough with this" he complained just coming out of initial nervousness when seeing that we won.

"For now…" he muttered to himself to take a hit again.

"Thank you Nymphadora" said the director "I hope you continue like this, I don't think he will stop getting into trouble for the same reason"

"Okay, stop acting like I'm not here. What else happened? You look too happy."

"Well, after the sentence was done we were slow to end the session because of some decisions we had to make. Clearly, all the credit he had taken had to be given back to the right people, that was frequently reminded by Ambassador Muller. .. Tomorrow possibly everything will be cleared up in the prophet"

"I have no problem with that...recognition was never my ultimate goal, I just didn't want a bastard to take it for himself and be seen as a hero when he's just trash" I accepted to which they were both a little surprised that I didn't care about fame" Now tell me why you were so happy..." don't forget the director's smile.

"Well, while we were discussing you, it was recognized that Hogwarts could create great wizards who are guided by loyalty and kindness even in a situation like that, so I was able to get a budget increase for the school. Now I can raise your salary." to the teachers and buy some things that are missing hahaha..." he laughed while stroking his beard.

"That means... What took advantage of our situation to make a profit?... Well, I guess if that's the case I shouldn't spend the troll's debt on this and can save it for later, I mean, since you know took advantage of this..." I smiled, while the director seemed to have eaten a lemon realizing that he should not have told that part in front of me.

"No, that's something completely different…" I clarify quickly.

"Did they say 'We should increase the school budget' or did you 'steer' the conversation in that direction to get it?"

"It was they who decided it, I had nothing to do with it"

"Dumbledore... I've lied a lot, I know he's doing it right now"

"That doesn't matter, it's caused too much trouble for you to even think about it..."

"Yes, but it seems you won't take me away from here... I know you said you would take me, but now things are different. Being recognized by everyone as a hero, it would be strange if he disappeared right after, more considering what very much that the Germans love me with them and that you would be the first person to be wanted if something happened..."

"...You're right, removing you now will bring more problems than if I left you for a while longer" I affirm. He knew it, but he didn't want to make me feel like he had power because he would possibly go further in the future" But you are still walking on a glass floor, Alastor already has eyes on you like several people in the ministry. I don't know how much you will be able to keep this lie


Nymphadora was listening to everything in silence, just as before she did not get involved in the cockfight in front of her. At the moment when she considered that the director would take Tenebrius away and leave her alone, she began to think... She would have to put up with people like Garrick who might appear, if something like the warehouse happens there would be no one to comfort her, she would have She would have to complete all the paperwork by herself, she would have to cook her own food... when she got to thinking about that she almost fell to the ground to hold on to the director's leg and beg him to give her friend another chance to stay, she wouldn't survive alone... But luckily that doesn't seem to be the case and she was spared that embarrassment and no one but her knew what she was willing to do to avoid all those nasty things.

"Well, I'll still consider the Troll's debt, but I don't want anything more like this, if something happens then let me know first, I'm counting on you for this Nymphadora" Dumbledore stated without wanting to fight much more, which he would have done if necessary.

"I'll take care of it" she affirmed with certainty that she would control me.

"Okay, now another thing I have to tell you about... Garrick was about to be assigned an Order of Merlin for his alleged deed, but after things were cleared up, the German ministry demanded that this order be assigned to the real man." hero..."

"Really?" X2 We both asked the director in amazement.

"Yes… when the Wizengamot heard that, they thought it would be fair considering that if it was done for a liar, it should also be done for real heroes. It was determined whether to give you a third or second class medal, but the Ministry German led by Volker demanded that we give you a first class Order of Merlin" commented the director astonishing us even more "They exposed that your act of going against the superiors not only saved them but more than forty people since old to children, men and women, wizards and muggles alike" he said surprising me that there were muggles in that suitcase "Many disagreed with giving you such an honor for being a stranger and a half-blood... but in addition to that data they also put on the table that possibly we would have given a great honor to someone wrong and if not for everything being revealed they would possibly have suffered under his command if they had to hide the truth, added to that that the German ministry will have a better relationship with the British one from now on and lastly your great achievements in healing magic..." he said this last part giving me a narrowed eyes look "In case you didn't know Volker Muller is also a specialist in healing magic among other things. According to him, in the condition he was in, if he survived at all, he would have pretty serious permanent sequelae, but that you, clearly using wandless magic, were able to help him accurately and to a full range by stabilizing his condition, which would be difficult. even for him...so they didn't stop until we agreed to give it to you"

"So?" Tonks asked, more anxious than me.

"Tenebrius Akaichi will receive a First Class Order of Merlin" smiled the headmaster proud of his student, but still annoyed by all this "and Nymphadora Tonks will receive a Third Class Order of Merlin"

"Err... me?" She pointed to herself trembling, not knowing if what she heard was real.

"Yes, they believed as the person who decided to support his friends to the end in order to make all this possible and as a colleague who has been actively involved together with him in cases like the arrest of Burden Erliash, an international thief, you should be rewarded." properly too..."

"I... an order from Merlin third class?" She was shocked.

"Yes, I also think you deserve it" I told him.

Nymphadora seemed to tremble in place of her and then jumped on top of me and crashed her lips against mine, giving me a deep kiss, with her tongue running lightly all over my insides and ending with a sound of *Pop*

"I don't know what or how you did it, but you are the best" jump excited "Me, a Merlin medal at 17 years old, is the best news I have ever heard in my life" I was so excited that I jumped like a little girl.

"You seem to like that news a lot" said the director as he laughed at his student's behavior.

"Of course I do, I don't know if I could be happier, don't you think that's the best news of all?" Tonks told me that he was still caressing my lips and contemplating the aftertaste of the sudden kiss I received.

"From the taste of peach in my mouth... I think I can tell that this is good news" I laughed after making a swallowing noise loud enough to annoy her.

When she saw it, she hit my arm, but her smile never disappeared from her face, I think she didn't even care about the kiss and what I could do with it, at this moment her head was full of the medal what would I receive

"I don't understand how you make everything you plan work, I thought we'd be thrown out on the street after this, but I ended up getting a lot of recognition" she asked herself, but without removing the smile from her face "Let's be thankful that you're not a bad guy because we would be facing the most dangerous dark lord of all time" he scoffed.

"Er... you mean, 'we are what we make of what they make of us' if the world doesn't do anything like this then it won't be necessary, but if it doesn't then yes" I said to which Dumbledore sent me a 'Don't even think about it' look.

"If you create a world of calamity and chaos, make sure you leave me a position as an auror within it" Tonks said continuing with the joke.

"Don't worry, of all the girls in the harem, it's you who I would mainly leave that kind of business to"

"Hum..." She raised her hands and moved them as if they were a scale, while with her eyes closed she said "Being the best auror in the new world" while raising one hand and then lowering it and raising the other "Being a slave sex for the rest of my life...I think I can live with that, anyway when you take control of the whole world I won't have a choice so I better be on your good side.Just make sure I have my own servants so that cook me and rank high enough to not put up with people like Garrick again..."

"Ahem... tomorrow your awards will be given to you, Volker wanted you to be as quick as possible to participate in the ceremony before you leave. You should rest and get ready, I'll talk to Fudge, you can take the day" Dumbledore ended our conversation because he had I was afraid that this simple joke would give me ideas that I was beginning to worry about.

Already with a hyperactive and excited Tonks for tomorrow it would be difficult to continue with the work, so I thanked Headmaster Dumbledore for getting us the day off. We continued down the hall until we left the tenth level, each of us going his way, me and Tonks going through our apartment while the headmaster would go with Fudge before heading back to Hogwarts.

On our way back to our apartment we were stopped by three people, they were the Hogwarts students who came with us, who were surprised. They had the day off, as many departments in the ministry were greatly affected by the complications it caused and decided to release all unnecessary staff for the rest of the day to have better control.

They demanded explanations, since only today they found out what happened due to the crowd, and despite a slight explanation from their superiors, they knew nothing. Tonks and I told them what happened, ignoring our future Order of Merlin, and under our story the expressions changed from sadness to anger, to surprise and a lot of satisfaction... our story ended with Garrick's trial so they were pleased to hear it. let him get what he deserved…although I wasn't that pleased, but I wouldn't cause any more trouble without a good reason, I'm afraid Dumbledore would knock on my door in the middle of the night.

When we were finally able to separate ourselves from the three oscas who kept asking us questions, we finally reached our home.

"I'm going to tell my parents" Tonks said before going into his room and then leaving with other clothes and running out of the house.

I just laughed and started thinking about some things for the future, I decided to make myself a coffee while I put some priorities in order.

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