10 Boy vs Troll, A Good Show

Adam started going to the room of requirement every night.

He followed a daily routine that started early in the morning. As soon as he woke up, he went downstairs in his suitcase and spent an hour or more exercising, with common physical training, which Muggles used. Push-ups, squats and sit-ups, sometimes he would run around the castle too.

Also, he enjoyed meditating, he focused on clearing his mind and relaxing his body, using that time in his occlumency training.

Now his mental defenses were more reinforced, new layers of defenses were added over time, it was a slow and careful process, being a natural helped him a lot in this area, practically preventing him from encountering bottlenecks, it was something that the more time passed the better he was.

That way he didn't need to continue the intense training of getting into people's minds, he didn't want to do it here at school carelessly.

During the days he attended classes like everyone else, normally he didn't speak during classes unless asked by the teachers. But as someone didn't always know the answers to the questions, he raised his hand and answered them, always without the slightest mistake.

So it didn't take long for it to catch the attention of students and teachers. Some students saw him as a genius, others as an annoying know-it-all, but most just chalked it up to a typical above-average Ravenclaw, everyone saw that he always spent his time between classes in the library reading.

If he studies so hard, it's natural for him to be so smart right? That was the thinking of the majority.

The teachers were happy to teach him. Adam never missed a spell and always knew how to answer any question, his assignments were delivered on time and in more detail than anyone else.

What Adam didn't expect was for this to ignite a feud between him and Hermione. He hardly ever saw her around the castle, but whenever he saw the little witch, he liked to joke calling her the 'second best student'.

Whenever he did that, he'd hear her leave muttering about increasing the number of books.

Most of the time he saw Hermione, she was with Isabella, who seemed to grow closer by the day.

The Potter twin was just as talented a witch as her mother, or so he'd heard some of the teachers say. With a great performance in all subjects, especially in potions, which to the surprise of all students, she had earned house points.

This was discussed by all the students at school, some thought they were in a dream, and asked their friends to pinch them. But amid the screams of pain, since as good friends they weren't gentle on the pinches. Everyone understood that they were very wide awake.

This wasn't a dream, Professor Snape, who seemed to freeze their souls whenever he looked into their eyes, had given house points to a non-Slytherin student, that was absurd.

Not only that, everyone knew that Harry and Snape didn't have a good relationship, and the professor couldn't pass up the chance to take points away from the boy, whenever he made a mistake.

That was the hot topic for days.

Everyone wanted to know why, but they could never find out.

Adam also heard about it. But he knew the answer, or at least he had an idea.

Professor Snape was in love with Lily, and suffered from eternal bitterness over actions he himself had committed in the past.

His words made the friendship between him and Lily.

She had stayed by his side even when he made the wrong choices, going down a crooked path.

showing how she cared for her friend.

And even though he managed to lose it, his words had hurt her irreversibly. They were like the wind in bringing down a house of cards as unstable as their relationship was at the time.

''How hard is it to be mudblood axed by a friend? ''

And that wasn't all, it was because of him that Voldemort went after Harry. He who told about the prophecy, he had once again tainted the friendship they once had.

Adam couldn't even understand what the professor must be feeling every time he looks at Isabella Potter.

After all, she didn't just look like Lily, she had the same eyes.

How hard was it for Snape to look into those eyes?

He did not know….

''Wait Mr. Davies'' a small voice sounded behind Adam who was preparing to leave the room.

Adam stopped in his tracks when he heard Professor Flitwick call out to him, he turned and saw the half Goblin waving with a smile.

He had just finished a class on spells, he approached the teacher as the students left.

''Something wrong teacher?'' Adam asked confused.

Flitwick chuckled and waved his hand, the smile never leaving his face.'' Wrong? Of course not Mr. Davies. Everything is perfect''

Flitwick couldn't be happier, since starting the semester, he couldn't stop bragging that he had the best student among the first years.

Sometimes he blurted out that Adam was the best student Hogwarts has ever seen in its entire history, he said that even with a dumbledore present, who only smiled in response.

He loved to remind Minerva that he had the best student, the teacher couldn't fight back and she herself agrees that Adam's talents were remarkable.

''Mr. Davies, as head of Ravenclaw it's my job to help my students, so if you need anything, remember to let me know.'' He said cheerfully. class, you can look for me in my room.''

Adam laughed.' looks like he's in a good mood

He knew why the teacher was like that, it was because of Adam himself, after all having the best student of the year seemed to be something to brag about among teachers. Also, Ravenclaw had the highest number of points so far, some students joked that this year Slytherin would have his reign interrupted, even with Snape doing everything to help his own house.

Most of these points were clearly earned by Adam, in all classes with exemplary practical responses and participation. Even though in Potions Adam had never gained points, he had never lost them either.

'Am I in need of something? ' thought Adam, this would be a good time to earn something, but the truth was, he didn't need anything.

'Reserved section? ' He thought, but dismissed the idea.

No matter how brilliant he was, no teacher would let an eleven-year-old student study the reserved section books.

After thinking nothing of it, Adam decided he would save the request for when he had something on his mind.

Flitwick once again reminded him that he could visit him at any time in his personal room while Adam took his leave.

Time kept passing and the weeks came and went.

It was Halloween and the smell of roasted pumpkin was all over the castle.

Another thing that animated the castle were the pranks and scares that many students took. Courtesy of the Weasley twins.

By the time he reached the main hall for the evening's feast, Adam was in good spirits. Along the way the twins tried to scare him with an old lost gift trick, and when opened it was a prank. In this case, a giant spider jumps on whoever opened it.

When Terry opened the present, he almost cried with fright when the spider jumped on it. Adam laughed so hard his eyes watered, he couldn't help but admire the twins.

''They really are geniuses for humour''

''Are you still remembering that?'' grumbled Terry, whose face was less pale now.

Adam laughed and nodded. ''I'll remember for a long time,'' he said, putting his arm around his friend's shoulders. ''But don't worry, I'll make sure you remember too''

''Damn it, is that what a friend does? '' He asked pulling away.

''That's exactly what a friend does''


''Hey watch out the spider there!!''

''WHERE??'' shouted Terry, but in the next instant he heard Adam's laugh and understood.

''Let's draw your wand,'' he said with determination.

Adam widened his smile even wider. ''You don't stand a chance''

Terry didn't seem to take offense, he knew it was the truth.

''Wizard chess? '' Kept looking where he could get revenge, but gave up after not finding anything Adam wasn't good at.

''You're a freak, you know that right''

''No need to praise me'' Thanks Adam.'' Come and have a pie''

Terry snorted and turned away without speaking further.

Adam chuckled and shifted his gaze to the Gryffindor table. As expected, Hermione was missing. Also, he had heard some girls whispering that there was a girl crying in the bathroom.

'Looks like everything is going as planned for tonight'

Still looking, he saw that Isabella seemed to be missing as well.

'She must be with Hermione… well that doesn't change anything. now just wait for the show to start'

And it didn't take long for her wish to come true.

Right at the beginning of the party, Quirrell ran into the room, fear on his face. That was an expression no one expected to see from a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Well maybe one like Quirrell.

''Troll… In the dungeons, I thought I should say ''

Said right before collapsing.

After those words were spoken, general chaos engulfed the hall, stopping only when Dumbledore held them back.

''Monitors'' He said ''Take the students from their homes to the dorms''

While everyone followed the prefects, Harry and Ron slipped out, unbeknownst to them, Adam was following in their footsteps.

Harry and Ron ran until they found a frightening scene, they saw an ugly monster walking down the corridor.

It was a ghastly sight. Almost four meters tall, gray skin, body bumpy like a boulder and a small head on top. It had short legs, thick as a tree trunk, and flat feet. He held a huge wooden stick, which he dragged along the ground because his arms were too long.

When they saw the troll stop near a door and enter, they got excited.

''The key's in the door,'' murmured Harry. ''We could lock him in there,'' he said brightly.

''Great idea,'' agreed Ron.

''Bad idea you idiots'' They heard a voice coming from their back which scared them to death.

They turned quickly, relaxing at the sight of Adam.

Adam didn't stop his steps as he said, ''There's the ladies' room''

His words made drums resound in the minds of the two boys.

''Hermione,'' the two said, before Harry added with even more panic in his voice.''Isabella''

Then the three heard two female screams.

The moment they entered the bathroom, they saw Hermione and Isabella, both girls huddled under the sink.

And the troll, who luckily had the intelligence of a stone, looked this way and that looking for them.

Isabella had woken up sad today, after all it was the tenth anniversary of her grandparents' death. She knew that Harry was the same, although every year he pretended not to be sad.

But that didn't seem like a day for sadness.

She had barely woken up when she saw Ron nearly pass out from fear of a prank Fred and George pulled on a spider. Then she saw the beautiful Halloween decorations and the lively atmosphere of the castle, and she ended up forgetting her sad thoughts.

She and Hermione spent the morning eating little pumpkin pies, while looking forward to the Charms class that afternoon, after all, today Professor Flitwick finally taught them a spell more complex than the Lumos spell.

Unfortunately they were split into pairs, she ended up with her brother Harry, which was just fine with her.

But Hermione was aligned with Ron, and although the boy complained less, he was often still a jerk.

And this time he was no different, he was a complete idiot.

Not just during class, but after it.

So she was with Hermione who cried all afternoon in the bathroom.

''Don't mind him Hermione, he's an idiot'' She said to Hermione who wiped her face, stopped crying.

''You'll miss the feast,'' Hermione said, ''You can go without me. I'll stay a little longer''

Isabella pulled Hermione into a hug.'' None of that. Let's go together, if he makes a joke again, I'll turn him into a mouse''

Hermione cracked a smile. ''You don't know how to do that''

As if remembering that she really didn't know, Isabella made a fist and punched the air forward ''Then I'm going to punch him''

This time Hermione laughed, looking better.

''Okay,'' she said.

''Let's go before all the sweets run out''

But then they stopped their steps, in front of them was the ugliest thing she had ever seen.

The monster looked at them and after a while of sluggishness, he swung his staff in their direction.

The two girls screamed and ducked, narrowly escaping. They huddle and hide under a sink.

Isabella was scared, she reached for her wand and gripped it tightly, but she knew there was nothing she could do.

She could feel Hermione shivering next to her, she was shivering too. She thought she was going to die, she didn't want to, so she asked someone to show up.

Then she saw Hermione look to the side and felt her trembling stop.

What did she see?

Then she looked too, and there she saw, Harry and Ron were there, but they both had dread in their eyes, she didn't focus on them.

She looked at the young man who was a little ahead, he wasn't looking at the Troll, he was looking at them.

She met his gaze, and saw his deep blue eyes, so calm and serene, as if he were enjoying the breeze of a moonlit night.

She saw him smile, and his smile seemed to serve as confirmation they weren't in danger anymore because he was here.

She was no longer afraid, she was no longer terrified, everything would be all right, because he had arrived.

Then she saw him shift his gaze to the troll, and this time saw his expression change. But it was not the fear one might have expected.

Do not.

It was excitement, excitement, as if what was in front of him wasn't some ugly monster that could kill him, but like a toy, something that could satisfy him.

She saw him pull out his robe wand, and make a simple wave in the troll's direction.

Then she saw a ball of water form around the monster's head.

She saw the troll go into despair, let go of the stick and put her hands to her face, trying to pull the water out in agony. His hands waded through the water again and again, but nothing happened.

She saw Adam wave his wand once more.

Then, from the troll's legs, thick ropes emerged, coiling around the troll's body like snakes. They twined around his short legs, climbed his fat torso and circled around his neck, where they began to squeeze.

This time the troll's desperation was even greater, his hands forgot the ball of water that was drowning him and went to his neck, pulling desperately, but the ropes didn't seem to give in and they were squeezing him more and more.

At that moment, footsteps sounded, and then some people entered the bathroom, but their figures froze the moment they saw the scene in front of them.

It was Professor McGonagall, Filch and Professor Quirrell.

She looked at Adam and saw him sigh, then he waved his wand and the sound of the strings squeezing intensified, the troll's arms slowly went limp, and when the rope wrapped around his legs tightened, his big ugly body toppled backwards.

Causing a strong impact sound, which was followed by silence.

She looked at Adam and her heart skipped a beat.

From the moment he arrived, calm was only replaced by excitement.

When he pulled out his wand and with simple waves cast spells she couldn't even understand, there was no incantation, his movements simple and beautiful, as if he were a conductor, controlling a good show.

Yep, that's what it sounded like... A fine show.

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