61 Chapter 61- Christmas gifts

Harry's POV

It was Christmas, and the entire castle was filled with joy, except of Harry who was hoping to have a Christmas with his friend who went home for the break.

So after opening the gift he got from Luna, a transfigured tiara that looked like Ravenclaw's tiara in the books (they agreed to only gift each other gifts they used magic to create) he had no-one to spend the holidays with, and no spacial plan for the time but, instead of being depressed, Harry did what he did best, what he did when the thoughts about the future overwhelmed him, when the memory of his parents corpse flashed in his mind, when his ex-friends left him - throw himself into his studies.

Yes, it might not be the most healthy way to deal with things by avoiding thinking about them, but it is one of the better ways to deal.

So instead of laying in his own misery like cannon Harry would have, Harry used the holiday to buy learn c language books he bought before and start programming.

He also used the time of winter break to work on the four gifts he gave this year.

It was his first masterpiece - 'Explanation for idiotic wizards witches, biology, Chemistry and other basic muggle subjects that even dumb magical people should know part 1'

By Harry Peverel

A book that mend basic misinformation all magical people seem to have, a book he only wrote once and used the Gemini curse to make it have copies for a few days as although he wanted everyone to read it, he was also afraid of what would happen if it falls into the wrong hands.

In addition, he finally managed to do forth year's transfigurations which was harder yet easier then third year.

The control is harder as animated to animated transfigurations is more of a partial transformation then a total one, where the parts of the body change shape but not itself, and while it sound easier, for it to be considered successful it need to be in one spell.

Yet, it is easier as you don't need to put as many orders, as it already has basic instincts.

If he had say the order of difficulty is:

Plant to plant

Small creature to small creature

Big creature to big creature

Small creature to big creature

Big creature to small creature

And plant to animal and animal to plant,

The last one is difficult as it is a living thing that works vary differently.

So as you can see, he didn't thought about Luna at all.... not at all.

Luna's POV

Luna woke up to and ran as fast as she can to the living room, while yelling to her father to wake up! It is Christmas! She was super excited as this year was the first time she would get present from a friend.

As she came down, she sat near the tree as her father came.

"Hey, Moon pie. Let's open the presents.

Open mine first."

After opening the present from her father (a lucky charm with silver wrackspurts) the yearly pudding gift from Mrs. Weasley (which she ate in 10 seconds... mmmm pudding) and her dad opening presents from her (a bracelet made of Unicorn hair she got from Hagrid) and from other people, she finally opened Harry's gift.

It was a book Harry sometimes joked about creating 'Explanation for idiotic wizards witches, biology, Chemistry and other basic muggle subjects that even dumb magical people should know part 1'

By Harry Peverel

With a note to go to page 42

When she opened the page it was about a guy named Neil Armstrong as she read about the guy who went to the moon, she turned the page and saw a card.

Inside of it was written:

'Muggle believe magic is fairy tale, magical believe traveling to the moon is fiction.

Both are real, who to say moon frogs aren't?

Never stop believing in the impossible.



P.s the book would disappear after two days.

As she finished reading the note, Luna understood for the first time what she feels whenever she was with Harry, Love.

Daphne's POV

It was Daphne's first time staying in Hogwarts for the holidays. Which also meant, it was Daphne's first time celebrating Christmas, as at home they were celebrating Yule like all the proper pure-bloods.

So, while she kind of missed the winter ritual for health, and didn't understand why would wizards celebrate the birth of a crazy wizard who thought he heard the voice of god and that muggle believe to be god, especially as his religion is the reason witch hunting became so popular, she was excited for one thing- presents.

So it wasn't surprising that she, Tracy and Blasé, the only ones of her group who stayed in school, were wake in the common room and ready to open gifts at 7:00 am, together with Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle who also stayed in school. What did surprise her was seeing Harry at 7:15, coming from outside sweaty and in short muggle clothes.

Wondering what did he do outside, she was about to ask when Tracy by her side did it.

"What were you doing outside in summer sport's clothes?"

"Exercising." He said with a little bit of a smirk.

"I know that." Tracy said with an eye roll. "I meant why are you wearing that? It is freezing outside."

"Well, thank goodness I'm a wizard and know heating charm. Now, if you excuse me, I would go take a shower as running does make me sweaty."

After that he left to take a shower and they brought each other the presents they got.

Not noticing Harry didn't have his wand on him

A few hours later

After opening the gifts, they talked, joked and played till lunch.

After which she went back to her room to sleep only to find another gift with a card on her bed.

On the card was written:

'Sometimes the hardest things in life, are the things most worth doing. It's because we haven't figuered them out yet, doesn't mean we wont.

P.S. go to page 14'

As she opened the gift she saw a book called

'Explanation for idiotic wizards and witches, biology, Chemistry and other basic muggle subjects that even dumb magical people should know part 1'

By Harry Peverel

Not knowing if she should be upset or laugh, she went to page 14 where she saw basic explanation about DNA and how it works.

P.S.S the book would disappear after two days

'He might be a jerk.' She thought while reading. 'But he is a nice Jerk.'

The Weasley twins POV

If there was one holiday the twins loved it was April first, with everyone pranking each other, but second place they would definitely choose Halloween, with candies and everyone scaring everyone, not to mention the costumes, and third place would be new year, with fire works.

After that there is Purim, again costumes and the noise you do when someone say "Haman", Easter, with chocolate and egg searching,

Hanukkah - how can you not love donuts???

So yes, they don't love Christmas.

They don't hate it, it just wasn't their favorite or even close.

If you want to find the reason why, you would have to understand their parents take everything about muggles literally, so when their family started celebrating muggle holidays, and their mother heard about the fact that naughty kids get coal and let's just say, they where never calm, and disciplined children, and for a 6th years old children to get coal when every other sibling get presents... well it was a little traumatic.

So, while they don't hate Christmas, they absolutely don't love it and they don't exchange gifts with any of their friends (to all of which they explained it), which was why, when they woke up and saw two gifts except from their mother gift they were surprised.

Opening the first, they saw weird objects and a card that said 'if you opened me first, close it and open the second gift'

The second gift was a book called:

'Explanation for idiotic wizards and witches, biology, Chemistry and other basic muggle subjects that even dumb magical people should know part 1'

By Harry Peverel

With a card that said- 'Necessity is the mother of invention, which is why wizards don't have much of an inventors.

You have a need to laugh which is why I hope this would help you grow bigger then you could ever need'

P.S.open page 69

P.S.S the book would disappear after two days

After laughing about the page number they opened the book and saw it was talking about technology, one line especially caught their eyes.

"'Technology can't work in a place with magic' is the biggest bullshit pure-bloods has ever said loud enough and long enough to confuse everyone. And the worst thing is that they believe it themselves. If magic and Technology can't coexist, how is it possible that Diagon Ally is in the middle of muggle London? And that near all the technology of the train station there is the 9 3/4 station?"

After that The book talked and showed pictures of some technologies which amazed the twins like the telephones and some that horrified them like Nuclear weapons.

In the end of the chapter about technology there was this sentence:

'Just like how all magic can be used for good and evil, technology is the same.

You don't blame the knife if it stubs you, but the person who did it'

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With another note at the end

'The other gift is some muggle pranks like the box of candies, go wild with those pranks and the knowledge in the book but remember: Even if you create innocent things- you have to think about the bad things they could be used for'

After reading that, the twins looked at each other and said at the same time: "best Christmas ever" and began planing to make Ronnikin their rat lab for the pranks.

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