490 490. Crazy Family

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Magnus was invited to the United Nations General Assembly to give a speech. Out of all nations in the world at this stage, about 70 per cent were under his direct or indirect control, hence he was the most popular and powerful man in the world even without his magical background.

His speeches were less for world leaders and more for the world to listen to, as the world leaders were already working as per his instructions.

"Good evening, my friends from around the world, those who are present here and those who are watching me. There is a quote, Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. I agree with this statement. It can be explained well with the United Kingdom, my home.

"Back when Hitler started his evil deeds, at the start all western nations didn't do anything. The United Kingdom's parliament fervently had debates about why they should let Hitler be and not meddle. The west stayed silent, saying it was okay as long as Hitler didn't expand beyond the territories lost in the first world war.

"So what happens? Disorder. What caused the disorder? Our inaction. From there, we can observe a cycle. It goes something like this. First, there is Inaction, then comes disorder, and that creates unhappiness. Then there is sadness and misery, we get more motivated to do something about it, hence comes the next step of motivation.

"Now when we are motivated, we try to do something. Hence comes action. Soon, that action starts showing results, as with the downfall of Hitler. That brings order back to our society, prosperity comes our way, we get rich, satisfied and finally, we get happiness.

"But what next? Do you know why every great civilisation falls? Why every nation after getting too rich slowly starts crumbling? That's because we become too happy, content and we get lazy. Lazy to do the same things again that brought order to our society. We lose motivation. Hence, comes the phase of demotivation.

"After demotivation, the cycle starts again, our inaction lets vile people take power, bringing chaos. Hence, in my eyes, the only way to keep Earth prosperous is to keep pushing ourselves to do better.

"Why must we be lazy? Why must we be content with our lives? Sure, you can enjoy all kinds of luxuries, but why must you stop working? There is a reason why so many Indians and Chinese immigrate to the United States. Because they are developing nations, their society is currently going through a phase of motivation and action.

"In the end, I will end my speech by giving a new motivation to the world. Earth is just the cradle of civilisation, the stars are our aim. The Galaxy is our home. Today, I am announcing the Project New Home. In 1999, I will head to Mars and as we enter the new century, I will open the next frontier of mankind.

"Humanity is not supposed to stay jailed here. It does not matter if you are a salesman, scientist, teacher, doctor, artist or taxi driver, each of you will have a part to play. So I hope that all who are listening to me play their part.

"Thank you for having me, have a good day."

It was not in the protocol but the crowd stood up and clapped for him. The revelation that he would lead humanity to Mars before the turn of the century was exciting for even the most unmotivated person.

Originally, the world had started to grow bored from the continuous mission to the moon. They don't even get much screentime on the news now. But Mars, well that was a new thing entirely. It was a planet with limitless potential. A planet with its own atmosphere.

Things just became too exciting.


"Mag, do I look fat in this?" Emma asked him, dressed in a beautiful black empire waist dress.

He hugged her from behind and pecked her neck, "I honestly think that you ask me this question just to get validation. You are smoking hot, my crazy wife."

"I'm 35, dear." She rolled her eyes.

"And you're a wizard who drinks the rejuvenation potion. You are so hot that I want to remain in bed with you for months at a time. But sadly, too many social obligations." Magnus felt her body with his hands.

It turned her on as well, "Umh... then you must work harder and find time to treasure your wife."

*Knock Knock*

"At least close your door before going down the degeneracy lane," Ragnar reached their room.

"What is there to be ashamed of? You? Hah, you're a million times more degenerate than me." Magnus barked and got away from Emma.

"The car is waiting." Ragnar reminded them.

Today, Princess Aurelia's first movie premieres. It was a superhero movie, she was acting as Wonder Woman. She had to dye her hair black for it, but it was understandable. The movie was going to be a part of the whole DC movie universe with Batman and Superman. Movies about Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter had already been released and were a success.

This movie's villain was the God of War, Ares. Magnus made sure to give decent enough action in the movie with Ares getting beaten to a pulp in some scenes. Like hell would he allow Aurelia's movie to be bland. She did all her stunts on her own too.

Soon, the whole family arrived in the theatres. Athena had joined as well. It was the first premiere with various big celebrities coming.

After a few photos clicked, Magnus took his seat in the last row. On his right sat Aurelia and on his left, Emma. His little sister held his hand tightly, nervous about her first movie.

"Haha, why are you worried? I made sure the movie looked as good as possible. Even dragged George's ass from the Star Wars set to work on the movie's special effects." He reassured her.

"I'm scared of something else, big brother. In the movie, the clothes of Wonder Woman are a bit revealing. I'm sure people will talk about it, say that I'm bringing down the name of the royal family or something." She said.

He chuckled. He had already addressed this situation, "Worry not, Aurelia. I have taken care of that. In fact, people are going to call you a role model soon. Just wait,"

They stopped talking when the movies started playing and the lights dimmed. It started with the home of Wonder Woman. There was also the male lead, played by some American actor. Magnus made sure that the kiss scene happened with a glass sheet placed between their lips. Aurelia didn't want to kiss other men at such a young age. She wanted to give her first kiss to the man she would fall in love with.

However, soon the hall was filled with loud cheers and shouts. Magnus and Adam went crazy, followed by Ragnar, Athena and Grace.






Aurelia silently shrank her neck and slid down on her seat in embarrassment. Who knew her family would go this crazy seeing her do action scenes. But at the same time, her chest was filled with pride and warmth, her family was so supportive of her.

But she didn't know that it was less about just supporting and more about how good the movie was looking. The actions, the graphics, the destruction, all looked real. It was a visual treat to watch that would get anybody's blood pumping.

The movie was one and a half-hour long, not a second of it was boring. It ended on a high note, leaving enough suspense for the sequel. Aurelia looked gorgeous in the movie, her black hair suited her body.

After the movie ended, there was a small private party for the guests. Aurelia was the talk of the time, men tried to talk with her to take their chances. But every time either Magnus would appear with a scary aura, or Adam and Ragnar would.

They knew that all the men in the party were up to no good. Most of the men in showbiz are up to no good. In their eyes, the best wife or husband is a scientist, because once married to a beautiful wife or handsome husband, they don't bother to sniff around in other places. Their life becomes fully focused on their partner and their research.

Clementia was also at the party. She shared a shot of vodka with Aurelia and patted her back, "I know how you feel. They are sometimes too obsessive."

Aurelia shrugged, "I know, but I know they only want good for us. Anyway, how's your love life going? I heard you have not dumbed that Hufflepuff boy yet,"

Chuckling, Clementia dreamily replied, "He's a good boy. Loyal to me and actively tries to make me happy. Sis, try to find a girl for Max though, I worry about his mental health. He only talks about cooking."

Both of them turned their heads to glance at Maximus, who was talking to Grace about a new dish he made. They nodded together, yes, their brother was hopeless.

"But what about big brother Ragnar?" Aurelia wondered. So they glanced at Ragnar next.

There he was, trying to woo 2 well-known actresses, Jennifer Connelly and Nicole Kidman, into a threesome. They shook their heads, "I don't think he needs our help. He just chose not to settle down," Clementia muttered.

"Our family is crazy," Aurelia added, then went back to drinking.

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