279 279. Something Omnious

"Hey, Magnus," Emma chirped.

"Good evening. You were supposed to look scary, you know... not that I mind this," Magnus said.

She blushed, "Well, I just thought I might try this new dress. How do I look?"

Ragnar nodded in approval, "Just look at Magnus' face and you will know how you look."

"You look good, Emma." Severus straightforwardly complimented.

Then she looked at Magnus to get praise. She did get them. "You look pretty in this. Let's eat now."

This was enough to make her happy. They together sat down and started devouring various dishes. Tonight, the dinner was special, as it had cuisines from around the world.

There was Takoyaki, Ramen, Sushi from Japan. Chinese style Dumplings, Peking Roasted Duck, Spring Rolls. Italian Pasta, Lasagna, but not Pizza, as Emma only liked the American version. There was also Korean food, Thai food, Indian, American(Fast Food mainly).

Everyone was happy as there was something to satisfy even the toughest taste buds. There was also so much new food to try. The method of serving though was different. This time the food was set up like a buffet.

On both ends of the hall, long tables were set, on them were lots of self-heating pots with all the dishes. One could just go and take whatever they want. And since Wizards eat a lot, Magnus didn't worry about wasting.

In the middle of the hall were the long usual tables for eating. Calm music was playing in the background as well. It was a lovely evening. And also funny, as all wore something weird today.

There was no restriction on where one could sit, so Magnus and his gang joined friends at Gryffindor's table. Lily was there too, talking with Severus. She was not as much of a friend of the four boys yet.

"Mag, this winter, I am going to meet my relative in the states, wanna come along? I'm taking Sirius with me." James asked him.

Magnus shrugged, "I'll pass. I have plans to go to the states next year in the summer. But this Christmas break, I will be busy with the opening of the new hospital."

"Tsk... always busy with something. Find some time to have some fun, man." Sirius scowled.

"Actually, I will be having fun this winter. Ask Ragnar. Even he's excited about it." Magnus said.

Ragnar nodded. But, they didn't say that they were excited because the hospital was going to be a gift to Grace, their dearest mum.

"Anyway, Remus, how are you? You must feel like a king all the time, right." Magnus spoke to the silent boy.

Remus confusedly asked what he meant.

"Hehe, well, wouldn't you feel like a king if you were the only smart one in a group of donkeys?" Magnus made fun of them. And in fact, he even called Remus a donkey.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU... what are you then? A lizard?" James barked.

Magnus scoffed, "Why not, dragons can be considered lizards. And since I can spew fire, I am one I guess."

He left them speechless and turned to Emma. He still had a score to settle with her. "Oh, look, Emma. A pizza for you. I ordered it especially for you."

She became excited, "REALLY? Thank you, Mag."

Like a hungry tigress, she quickly picked a slice and took a bite. 5 seconds after chewing, her face changed a little. Her eyes looked for answers on Magnus' face. But, it became apparent she was fooled since Magnus was holding his laughter.

"Bwaa... what the hell is in it? Ewww... it's soggy." She nearly vomited.

"Why, Emma? I thought you loved to eat Pizza. This is the latest creation, pineapple pizza." He introduced her to the monstrosity on the table.

"Pineapple? Who does that? This is madness. A sweet thing on a salty item, why would you eat something like this? Don't tell me there are people who like this thing?" She looked at him with a very concerned gaze.

"Yup, there are people who love this pizza religiously," Magnus answered.

"This... the world is doomed. How can such heathens exist." She went on to curse.

Slowly, time passed, and everyone enjoyed a very cheerful dinner. By 8 PM, the time for dance evening came. But those who wanted to could go trick or treating in Hogsmeade.

Most teachers and couples didn't leave the hall. Magnus and his friends went out. Along with them, most 1-5th years headed out. 6-7th years said they were too old to be doing such childish things, and many of them were couples.

"Let's go and get some candies." Magnus happily led his small pack to the Hogsmeade village. It was the only all-wizarding village in Britain. Hogsmeade was a picturesque little village of cottages and shops, with enchanted candles hanging in the trees

Magnus and the rest's first stop was Honeydukes. It was a very old shop that specialised in making sweets. Magnus had invested in expanding its business to Diagon Alley and other European wizard markets.

"TRICK OR TREAT!" He entered the shop loudly.

Mr and Mrs Flume, descendants of the first founder, ran the shops. They merrily came to greet him with a bag of sweets. "I guess for us, giving sweets will be much more affordable."

Magnus chuckled and put equal candies in their small bags. Not staying for too long, they headed to the next destination. It was Hog's Head Inn. The In was owned and run by Dumbledore's brother.

"Hello, mister Aberforth Dumbledore. I see that your business is not booming that much?" Magnus entered.

"WHOAH! He looks older than a professor." Ragnar exclaimed.

Aberforth chuckled, "Haha... many people say that to me. And yes, business is not booming. Since not many people visit here unless some special event, which is rarer than a unicorn letting you touch it."

"Hmm... maybe we can have next year's Inter-school cup here. Then I'm sure a lot of people would come. Why don't Hogsmeade every month contribute money together and organise some sort of competition? Like potioneering competition, charms, transfiguration and others. As long as wizards come to the village you will make money." Magnus suggested him.

Truly, if they can make the grand prize exciting enough, just starting a potioneering competition would make them rich. Since the competitors will look for ingredients.

"Dumbledore said it right, you truly are one hell of a businessman. Here you go, your treats." Aberforth gave them a big bag full of them. He was probably not expecting any other students to come to his depressing looking inn.

Like this, Magnus and the rest roamed the village, collecting candies. By the end, all of them were carrying sacks on their backs.

"Man, I don't think I can eat all this alone," Ragnar said.

"Let's send some home, to Bobby and also our employees," Magnus suggested.

"You can do the same with mine too. I don't wanna get fat with so many sweets." Emma added.

It was nearly 9 PM. Due to special occasions, the sleeping time was moved back to 10 PM today. So they decided to head back to the school.

As they were on their way back, Magnus started looking around. He noticed some people, most of them were wearing black. They stood in the shadows of the building. And all of them were looking at him.

He knew these people had just arrived since he didn't notice their presence before. Feeling that it was very ominous, he quickly took out his mobile phone and started frantically typing text messages one after another.


The notification sounds were resounding each second. Emma, Ragnar and Severus stopped and looked at him in confusion. Seeing a frown on Magnus' face, they felt something was wrong.

Severus knew what was wrong. They were walking, yet he felt out of breath, uneasy and scared. He knew that Magnus had sensed something.

Magnus spoke while typing, "Ragnar, get ready to get your revenge."

Ragnar quickly nodded and fiddled in his pocket with something. Emma looked at them in confusion.

"What's going on, guys?" She asked.

"Code red, Emma. Code red. Get ready." He warned her. It took a second for her to remember. Then she got into action and took out her broom from her pouch. Then she flew into the air without asking.

"Severus, we're most likely under attack. Get ready to defend. But you go first and tell all the teachers and students nearby about it. Force all young students to head back quick." He ordered.

Severus nodded and left without asking a question. Ragnar smiled confidently, "So this was what you were preparing for?"

"Yes, I was, and was not. I did not want them to attack today, but since it's a great opportunity, I knew they can't let this pass. Get ready." Magnus prepared to fight. His wand was ready, stuck inside his sleeves.

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