143 Ch. 143 To the Ministry

The death of Fenrir and his diehard supporters officially removed the werewolf army from the equation. Only a bit more hunting of those left behind and that was that.

From what I remember, this means the vampires, dementors and giants would be the biggest supporters outside of pureblooded idiots. I can get it in all honesty, wizards have constantly tried to either enslave or eradicate any race they deem fit, without trying to truly work things out. Harder for beings like giants, who are naturally stupid, violant and sometime plainly rampage about, but vampires are generally quite intelligent and can be accommodated of the proper system is in place. Hell, I'm surprised other beings like centaurs and Veela's don't join up sometimes. I think the reason is that they know Voldehomo would turn on them in an instant as well. That's why the goblins stayed out of this nonsense, but they need to realize that they are still at risk even with their own army.

It's actually pretty funny since I now have a werewolf force, I'm in the final stages of having a proper Veela sanctuary built on one of my islands, I have a growing number of Centaur tribes allied with me, and a rather large population of merpeople residing in what has officially been called Atlan. My last reports told me 1834 werewolves in the village, 126 Veela's on the clear for relocation list, 741 Centaurs residing on the Herb Island, and a staggering 63 855 Merpeople of various tribes and species in Atlan, creating the largest functioning underwater city in their known history.

So yeah, I think I've got more friends than that grey doorknob.

I also received a report this morning, after everything was done and all my men had pulled out of the village. In it I was told that the entire place basically erupted into celebration at the death of Fenrir and they decided to celebrate it as a yearly event. I could understand that since most of the inhabitants were turned into werewolves by either him or those following his twisted ideologies, so permission granted there. Even Remus was celebrating with some of his new friends and invited Sirius to join in the fun. It apparently brought out the old Marauders in them and some rather nifty bits of pranking magic were on display.

Sounded like a good time in all honesty, but being a student comes with many restrictions, even if that student is a legitimate lord.

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Instead of partying with the wolves (and the dog), my friends and I gathered in the Headmaster's office with Professor McGonagall to finally get registered as animagi and have my early testing done at the same time. We all thought having the only registered animagus at Hogwarts would be perfect as our guide today.

I honestly don't know if Dumbledore has done it, but I wouldn't really be surprised since he was also a transfiguration teacher and it can be a pretty useful ability. Snape is also a possibility, I remember a good amount of theories on him being something like a bat animagus. Other teachers are also a possibility since apparently someone like Rita Skeeter succeeded. And although the possibility is extremely low, there has been proven cases of students learning it as well. The Marauders and ourselves being prime examples.

Now my early NEWT's didn't mean I was going to graduate early or anything, it just means I finished most courses available at Hogwarts and that I would only be taking a few NEWT examinations at the end of the year.

Getting to the ministry is just standard stuff and all of us, besides James, have a good amount of experience in coming here. Christian comes with his parents a lot as they report their findings, discoveries and activities to the Department of magical creatures, doing something they love and getting paid for it. Victoria has been involved in things like balls and dinners at the ministry since a very young age, something mother and myself have avoided since I am quite different from normal people and she hates the slimy gits who show up to these things. Leaving James to look around with a good deal of curiosity to understand the most he can from his own observations, even if the three of us have told him about how things run in this place.

It does help that I have an entire spy network in every level of the ministry to tell me everything, while also getting receiving plenty of news from my allies in Wizengamot. My biggest allies are the Dowager Longbottom, Neville's grandmother, the Abbot family are basically another set of Aunt and Uncle who also side with many of my ideas, Sirius as the newly reinstated Lord of the Black family likes how I am helping a lot people and sticking it to those death muncher families, and the Greengrass family which is more business than the others but agrees with many of my progressive ideas on how to actually make things better. I have many others on my side or more partial towards me, but these are less influential than the above.

But all this was quite new to our muggleborn friend so we let him take everything in as we went along.

It was good to see the ministry had gotten rid of those annoying flying memos and owls flying all around the place, switching to my little creations. So many lucrative contracts from many different ministries really put a smile on anyone's faces. It also made the place at least a bit less chaotic. But honestly, it's like wizards want chaos in everything they do. The ministry is weirdly sectioned, the means of electing people or passing laws are ridiculous, any event involving them is a clusterfuck, they take the weirdest approaches to problems, and I just don't know where to begin on what the Minister of Magic is actually capable of doing when he's afraid of Noble families, the Wizengamot, Dumbledore, any competent or wealthy witch/wizard, and is for some reason getting pegged by the most hated woman in this country (even more than Bellatrix Lestrange).

It's all just a mess.

Wait, no one is supposed to know about that last one.

Probably doesn't help that Fudge supposedly has a wife and kid somewhere too.

Meh, the image is just awful, but it is some of the best blackmail I have on both annoyances.

Pretty sure that's why we had to go to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement just to get registered (the custerfuck, not the pegging). It's like they didn't have better shit to do than monitoring less than a dozen people so they don't misuse an ability they spent a lot of time and effort learning.

I might have listened to mother ranting on the stupidity of our laws, government and minister a few too many times.

We all made it to the DMLE without any issues, even if a lot of women were pointing and whispering when they saw me, which made us walk a bit faster.

What I found was a rather nice surprise as we approached the reception desk. A head of bubblegum pink hair.

"Tonks! How has the future pink head of Aurors been?" I happily said to the young lady in front of us.

"Aedan? Is that you?" The shocked pink head asked.

"Of course it's me. That's hurtful you know, not recognizing your friend after he helped you pass your tests. Was I only a tool for you?" I asked in mock hurt.

"Har har. Very funny you prat. But seriously what happened? Your eyes and hair are different now. Are you sure you aren't a metamorpagus?" She replied as she looked at me with curiosity.

"Nah. Just some changes with my magic and whatnot. But you deserve a little shock for never visiting. Every time I'm on break you say you're off somewhere hunting bastards down and always find an excuse to not come over. Getting kinda annoying when one of your friends acts like they're avoiding you. I mean I do send you letters and even then I get more info from mother than from you. So not cool." I answered after getting my nagging out.

"That's not... true. Has it been that long?" She asked with hesitation after wanting to defend herself.

"It's been since you graduated that we hung out together Tonks. It took us wanting to register as animagus for me to see you and that's by coincidence while you're working. So yeah, been a while since I saw you." I answered with a sigh of disappointment at the first friend I made in school.

"Wait you're all animagi!?" She nearly shouted in shock once again.

"Yeah, we all worked on it together. I got a mountain lion, Tory has a lioness, James is a dove and Christian got a wolf. And we all know what the Professor is." I answered with a bit of a grin at the end.

"Nice to see you again Nymph. Been a while. I also haven't forgotten I owe a bit of payback for that prank with the flobberworms in my bed." Christian said as he remembered a little incident from second year.

"Haha. Hey Chris. You're not still mad about that are you? It was just a prank. And wow, you got buff. You work out?" She asked to try to deflect the conversation.

"I do. And train to fight a lot. So you want to go few rounds in a duel ring?" He asked with a Savage grin on his face, resulting in a nervous chuckle from Tonks.

"Oh leave the poor woman alone Christian. And as much as I would like to pay you back for rain cloud which ruined everyone's hair and makeup in 3rd year, I do have a question for you Nym-pha-dora." Victoria intervened as she emphasized Tonks hated first name.

"You know I hate when people call me that." She bemoaned in response.

"Yes yes. But you also made my Aedan sad so too bad. Now why are you working the reception desk when you should be an Auror? It's not like the ministry is missing quill pushers." Tory asked as she found the situation strange.

"Well I'm supposed to be finishing up my apprenticeship under Mad-eye this year, but he just ditched me here saying he had to do a favor for someone and next thing I hear he's teaching at Hogwarts. So now I'm stuck on paper duty for a year since no one can take me with them." She answered as she deflated even more.

"That is rather strange. You'd think he could just take you with him and have you help out at least. That way he could still train you on school ground and he could teach." Commented James as he understood the situation.

"Wait what? That's an option? Why didn't I think of that when I was trying to convince him?" She asked in dismay as a dark aura of depression now leaked from her.

"That is enough tomfoolery from all of you. Miss Tonks I would like the forms to register a person as an animagus. The four of you are to fill it out and then Mister Bones will be going for his NEWT's as requested." McGonagall strictly said as she interrupted us.

"""""Yes ma'am.""""" Everyone said in unison, even Tonks as she still had the conditioning from her years at Hogwarts.

The registration was rather straight forward. Fill out a few forms, transform in front of an official who will check for any discrepancies in your body, have any distinguishing features recorded, a few minor things and you're done. Britain now had four new registered animagi to boast about.

Which they really shouldn't do in front of anyone from Africa since they have a really large number of animagi. Bragging in front of American wizards would also be ill advised since the native shamans are very good in the art as well.

After that was done we were now officially allowed to show off our animal sides as long as we didn't harm, freak out or mess with others in general. Also had to be careful in populated areas with predator forms like mine, Tory and Christian's since muggles don't react fondly to big animals capable of killing them. James will be able to go pretty much anywhere he wants though. My eagle form will also be good in most places, but I should be careful of those cunts hunt rarer animals for fun.

"Alrighty then. Everything is right and proper. You four are officially registered after the paperwork gets through. And what's this I heard earlier about NEWT's?" Tonks said as she sent the forms we just filled out through a vanishing box.

"I got super grades during my owls and offered early examination for my NEWT's as a result. And since we're here I scheduled them for today." I answered with a light tone.

"Damn. So are you graduating after that or not? Knowing you, there's probably not much you're learning there for a while now." She followed up with a little whistle.

"Not graduating early. Going to do a few more at the same time as everyone else for the ones I didn't get an early pass for." I answered with a shake and a shrug.

"Good luck then Aedan. Not like you need it since you helped me out with my NEWT's in your fourth year." She said with a little smile on her face.

"I remember you freaking out on potions and herbology so bad. But thanks. And try not avoid me, it doesn't feel great you know?" I said with a bit of a sad smile as we all got ready to head out for our next stop.

"I... Yeah got it. See y'a gang." She responded with some hesitation as we left and everyone said their goodbyes.

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