11 Ch. 11 Time, Money and a Letter

That was how the next four years of my life started.

My Aunt set up two tutors for every day, divided to before lunch and after it, with some time after my lessons to look after Susan. To her credit she was very well behaved when the tutors were around, but I think it did help that I also took her out to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour as a reward. With permission from aunt Amelia, Tilly as a chaperone and floo powder as our means of travel. On those little trips I sometimes get permission to buy myself a book or two from outside my tutors requirements.

Speaking of my tutors, I'm very proud of my progress with all the subjects I was allowed to study. it was really great to learn about so many magical things, even being able create potions and handle magical plants. But, I really underestimated the etiquette and writing lessons included into that deal. They were simply horrendous. I can deal with being taught how to properly act in wizard society, what to do in certain situations and how to present myself, but the hours upon hours of continuous writing in the proper style was making my hand want to jump off my wrist. This coming from a guy who's literally been tortured!

It took a whole year to be done with both of those classes and let aunt Amelia hold up her end of the deal, so Arithmancy was added first. She wasn't sure how to feel about an 8 year old learning how to do a third year level class, but I took it in strides. It wasn't until Ancient Runes was added that my pace slowed down a bit. But I'm happy I powered through.

And now for my results and let me tell you that some tutors were left almost in tears and others were trying to cram me with everything they could near the end of my tutoring. Not because I was a horrible student, but because they couldn't believe how much I got done.

Ancient Runes: It was an interesting subject, like learning a new alphabet. Only this alphabet could make things invisible, or fire-proof. I started this one a year and a half into my tutoring so I was not able to get as far as I wanted, just finished O.W.L level. I found the subject genuinely fascinating, as it lets one empower objects to accomplish certain task by engraving a symbol and imparting some magical energy into it. I was even able to use a set of Runes to create four matching expanded storage bags with the Bones family coat of arms, using my own original combination of Runes to mimic the undetectable extension charm. Susan really liked hers and started wearing all over the place, aunt Amelia thanked me for the thoughtful gift and switched over to using it, Tilly on the other broke down when she got one too and proclaimed an even greater everlasting will to serve our family. It was really hard to stop her from being overzealous after that one.

Arithmancy: Like Ancient Runes, I didn't get as much time on this with me loosing a year before I could study it. What did help was finishing high school in my previous life and knowing how math works, cause apparently wizards only actually learn about if they take the subject in their third year and not many people do. This gave me a fundamental understanding on how spells worked. It was really interesting breaking down spells and seeing what changes would happen. Of course I didn't use any of them, that was left to my tutor. It did also allow me to properly write down the math necessary behind my other sight, with that done I believe I'll be able to improve it later on. Got past O.W.L and near N.E.W.T for this one as I got a little too into it.

Astronomy: Although it's not a subject I'm particularly fond of or see much use in since I'm a not like the centaurs, who hold a close relationship with the stars, nor a seer which can see the future. And the fact that ritual magic is considered illegal as dark magic doesn't help reduce its uses. But still, I made it through five years of school material and even had some interesting bits of research on the side about how lunar energy can affect certain spells and potions depending on its waning and waxing cycle.

Herbology: I was actually really into Herbology. There's just something about being able to grow living, moving, sometimes attacking magical plants which makes it rewarding. I was able to convince Aunt Bones to let me grow some plants in the back like some Puffapods, Leaping Toadstools and I was actually able to recreate the environment necessary to grow some Aconite, also known as Monkshood or Wolfsbane. It goes without saying that I went beyond O.W.L level in this one. Even got Susan to join in and she seemed to really enjoy it, especially when playing with the Toadstools.

History of Magic: This one was not too bad since it's mostly about memorization, but the hard part about any history is taking the individual parts and linking them to the larger whole to form ones own opinion on the subject. It'll hopefully help me avoid having to listen to the notoriously sleep inducing Professor Binns and let me focus on different pursuits in class. I was able to finish up to O.W.L level on this subject by the time I was ten, but one must always improve when given the chance.

Potions: hehehe. I'm sure that I'm ready for Snape after this. I mean I respect the guy quite a bit. He made many mistakes in his life and he knows it. He's also suffered a lot from when he was young, to his school years, until finally loosing the love of his life to another and then to death itself. He his one of the only truly repentant human beings I've ever read about. But he's a shit teacher. As my response, I got to almost N.E.W.T level in potions. My tutor was so enamored with me that she tried to beg aunt Amelia to let me be her apprentice. Guess brewing a bottle of Felix Felicis will do that to a potions master.

During this time I also didn't slack off on my wandless magic training or physical efforts. I kept trying for the spells I remembered and of those the ones that wouldn't break or damage anything. So I trained the water making charm, fire starting, lumos, locking and unlocking charms, summoning and banishing, focused intensely on protection and even tried to Disillusion myself, but that one didn't work so well. All in all it went pretty well as I improved my magic control and abilities in secret.

Now that all that was out of the way, time for a recap on some more profitable adventures.

Did you know that Phoenix tears are incredibly rare and valuable? Cause I seemed to have found myself in a position of having one. Did you also know they love to eat magical plants? Which I happen to grow myself? Did you also know you can kinda bribe your Phoenix with her favorite treats and extra care in exchange for a tear about once every two weeks? Well I certainly found out after quite a bit of negotiations. To explain why I'm talking about this is pretty simple: i figured out a way to sell some and get some cash to invest into other places and start racking in the cash.

About a year and a half ago i decided to act upon a plan of mine. This plan was involving Gringotts wizarding bank.

Remember when I said it was really hard to get Tilly to calm down after i gave her that pouch, well I did this by getting to bring me to Gringotts one day, after I promised Susan to bring her back some bribes from Sugarplum's Sweets Shop in exchange for keeping quiet about me leaving. Now we had been to Diagon Alley before, but this was my first time heading to Gringotts itself.

Tilly apparated us in front of the imposing building. It was truly grand, made from snowy white marble and towering about the other shops, as if to proclaim its superiority, and announcing itself as Gringotts Bank in golden letters above the door. The bronze doors themselves held their famous warning in silver.

'Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.'

Stepping through the door and walking up to the stairs, I come to see a vast marble hall with long counters stretching along its length, with doors leading off to the vault passageways and with around a hundred goblins sitting at them. I receive a few inquiring glances from the working goblins and some more intense gazes from some of the guards for some reason, but I take them in stride.

I reach the head teller and wait for him to notice me.

After a minute he looks up at me a gives me a sharp-toothed smile, making me feel a bit off.

"Welcome to Gringotts Bank little warrior. How may we be of service?" He said in his grating voice.

"I have a business worth quite a few galleons to propose and I would like to request a private room to continue further. Also what's this about being a warrior?" I stated and the asked.

"It's in your walk, the way you walk steadily and with confidence, your eyes as they look around your surroundings, your body language as it seems ready to explode at a moments notice and your overall feel. Every goblin has experience as a fighter, even if we are not guards." He answered proudly.

"But why pray tell would you need a private room young one?" He then asked getting to business.

I reach into my pouch and place a vial containing a small amount of clear liquid. He takes it, uncorks it and takes a small whiff, immediately freezing after that. I give him a smile in response to the look of surprise he gives me.

"Follow me young warrior, it seems like you do have some business with Gringotts." He said with another toothy smile on his face as he got up and started walking towards his own office.

We reached his office as he sat down behind a desk and I in front of it.

"Well, tell me what you wish to accomplish here." He started us off

"I wish to sign a few contracts with your bank. I give a few samples of what i offered to sell for me, you get a nice cut of the sales and I wish to keep my information hidden." I answered with full honesty.

"An interesting proposition young warrior. And what do you believe will make our bank do this?" He said as if to test me.

"10% cut of the finale selling price for every unit." I answered giving them the best cut they could actually receive from such a deal. Because although they are the most legit option, I can find other means to get what I want. I few magically binding vows with some people in need of money and some disguises and aging potions to throw them off makes selling them through other channels is very doable. Annoying but doable.

"You do know your stuff don't you little warrior?" He asked chuckling at the response

"I think we can arrange a suitable deal for that much." He stated as he started to write some things on a piece of parchment.

As he was done he handed it to me.

"This contract states that I, Ragnok, head teller of Gringotts Bank, am to serve as middle in the sales Phoenix tears provided by, add your name here, in return for 10% of each units final sale and that all information about the seller and buyers shall become confidential. It shall become binding as soon as it is signed and a few drops of blood from both parties are added onto the contract." He stated explaining the procedures.

I pass the contract to Tilly to see if there is any hidden magic I missed by feeling it. She simply hands it back indicating it was good.

I sign and add my name, then use the knife Ragnok hand to me to cut my finger and let three drops fall on the contract. He does the same and it disappears with a flash of blue flame.

"Now that everything is in order." I say as I reach into my pouch and started taking out the stockpile of tears I had amassed since I thought of this plan. " I would like to do two things in Gringotts: open a new vault under my own name to store these new earnings of mine and ask if you are able or willing to invest in a few muggle businesses." I said with a large smile on my face at the shock on Ragnok's face and the greed in his eyes.

"Ahem. Opening the vault will simply take a few papers, some blood, a contract and a new key. We will have to discuss this investing of yours." He answered after snapping out of his daze.

"I wish to change most of my earnings into Pounds and invest into overseas companies. I have four in mind at the moment who I believe will succeed. In returns Gringotts will receive 5% of the money they invest on my part and 5% off the earnings, without having to be involved in any loses i incur. You get paid, paid again if it works and lose nothing if it doesn't work out. How's that for a dream proposal?" I asked with a perfect smile.

"Hahaha! You truly know how to tempt us don't you young master Bones?" He asked while laughing in delight at my proposal. "You have yourself a deal. Now which companies will you invest in?" He then asked to confirm my choices with his toothiest smile possible.

"Microsoft, Apple, Nike and Walmart." I replied.

After another hour all the paperwork was done for my request and I left the bank a very happy customer. I stopped by Sugarplum's Sweets Shop like I promised Susan and headed back home.

I was broken out of my musing on the last four years by the arrival of an owl in front of me holding a letter.

A letter addressed to me, with a seal containing a lion, snake, badger and raven.

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