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Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin.


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This is by far One of the best if not the best Harry Potter fan fiction I've read, all I ask of you is to not drop it... But if you do have a solid reason to do so I won't/can't blame you... Pls keep this personality of his it is very different in all the others that I have read and the one where Harry is in Slytherin is fairly rare so I give my support to you!!! (even though it may not mean much)


I really like this story, I recommend to read it. It’s really entertaining and it would fit to read if you like gray/ slightly dark harry and if you like when the main character actually is smart and doesn’t only have two brain cells. It would have gotten 5/5 if the author could update, I haven’t read the original so I don’t know if it’s dropped or just on hold for a long time... Each chapter have a good content and it have a lot of words, so even if there’s only 14 (I don’t remember the amount of chapters) chapters it will be like reading a novel/fic that have around ~20 chapters //Your Average Book Addicted


If you wait or have always wanted to see a dark and serious Harry welcome you will like the story, a great fanfic that makes sense and has space for much history and mainly evolution of characters mainly in Harry.


Reveal spoiler


A realistic harry But tone down the violence And make him so he make money cause he cant rely on his family's (potter) wealth (what if its draining faster than he can earn) Like both wizard and muggle's currency And tune down the violence And killing But kill them without people knowing and the one where he kill his aunt and uncle is very suspicios if wizard ministry knows It should be like they died in a car accident(all of them) so the money is going to fall into harry Like writing the paper thing or what to do with their money after their death like half of it is donation and half to harry (just like what u did author but its in the will paper thing) Cause outright transferring them(money) before their death is suspicios And if invistigated right (by the one against potter)then he's doom ... or something


This story had a perfect balance of bitter-sweet guilt pleasure and a strong independent character. One of the best WBWL books- even if the updates were a small problem. All in all-the language and plot surpasses many, and the timeline could be slightly improved.[img=update]


Good. Too bad it is not completed. Harry does feels to OP. And Hermione have no presence at all TAT Oh well, at least she does not get bullied unlike Ron. Lol author, do you have anything against Ron? Although considering Harry is Slytherin it is not OOC in my opinion. I am glad Harry get along with Snape though. Overall I enjoyed this. Author, if you still alive, will you come back and finish this? :puppy eyes: Please?


This is a very good story, especially for this site. Have you posted it on fanfiction? I would recommend to do so. This story will be a hit there. Hope you continue it


I actually really like how the plot is going. Maybe I have been subconcsiously looking for this type of Harry, a cold Harry who became indifferent due to his upbringing. TBH, I'm looking forward for more. I finish this in one night from around 10PM to 4AM. That's how hooked I was. Anyway, I hope you could continue this? I have my imagination but I want to see where you to lead this along. It was thrilling.


I binge read this story because it was so good please keep wring it it is a amazing story. I love Harry’s character in this and I feel it’s a very amazing story.


This story is entertaining and has distracted me for a bit. I have read many Harry Potter fan fictions but I have never read one quite like this.


Really good please update more.Really good please update more.Really good please update more.Really good please update more.Really good please update more.Really good please update more.


Not that good considering the other harry potter fanfictions. There is little to no character development and also does not stress much on the main character just keeps going on and on about the events. It seriously is not good, you can read it but don't blame me for not warning you