1 Prologue

Ministry of Magic, February 2001

Tap...Tap...Tap footstep echoed throughout one of many black-tiled corridors a steady rhythm almost as if following along with a song, the Aurors lined in the main hall facing said corridors wands at the ready a young man stood forward wand lowered as he yelled out "Icarus, I know it hurts but the ministry has it under control there is no- " however he was cut off quite curtly "SHUT YOUR MOUTH...That bastard has taken everything from me and I swear I'll see him burn by my own hand" hearing this the young man shook his head and replied quickly "Icarus you know that's not how the ministry works, he will be sentenced to life in Azkaban and will pay his dues there" the rhythmic steps from the corridor came to halt though there was still no sight of Icarus that was until from the corridor every Auror present saw glowing red eyes open in the dark. "Harry, I do not wish to ruin the friendship that we have built over the years but if you don't let me through I will be forced to break my way through and we both know that it won't end well for any of you"

Seeing none of the Aurors back down Icarus clenched his fists in frustration and took a step forward into the light, the man was tall with pale skin, clean shaven face, Dark Flaming Red Hair with Silver tips and Red eyes in a black 3-piece suit with a black overcoat, After stepping forward and still seeing no reaction he shook his head, releasing his clenched fists with his palms facing the floor small sparks emitting from his them "Very well, Then you leave me no choice" just as he finished this line lightning erupted from his palms

5 minutes later

Tap...tap...tap...CRUNCH " I warned you Harry this could've been avoided" Harry coughed on the blood in his mouth be for he spat it out and spoke slowly, clearly in a great amount of pain " I-I ... wiisssh... t-that was-s...true" Icarus continued on his path to the holding cells whilst walking he looked down at his hands before looking ahead once more with an almost maniacal grin on his face.

" It's good to be a Black"

30 mins and a good few Crucatias curses later

Harry just reached what was left of the holding cells before he tapped his wand on his Auror badge " Sir it appears that both the suspect and Icarus have been burnt alive in fiendfyre"

Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt could be heard sighing on the other end of the line "Come to my office and give me a detailed report, knowing Icarus there is no way he'd kill himself." Harry furrowed his brow removing his wand from the Badge 'Sorry Icarus, it seems the minister is gonna be persistent I can only hope you've already escaped Britain'

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