Just a note.

Before I go any further into the story, I believe I should clear few things. The Why's? What's? and The How's? The usual stuff...

1 Why Bashing?

Ans: Because I am another emo teen with a sadistic tendency of seeing good guy's suffer.

Poor jokes apart, if you go through HP, you will find that Harry's whole life had been prewritten for him.

Everything from who he meets, who he talks to, where he lives, what can he learn, what should he know...

And between all this Dumbledore comes out as a masterful manipulator who wanted to martyr Harry.

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You can look it from two angles, he's another old guy who is trying to do his best but losing his grasp on reality. Or he's a manipulator who wants to control every thing.

I personally would have like to point every single plothole and flaw to prove the latter, but I am going to do let my story do the talking.

So as of now... I just wanted to see him humbled and thrown out.

Next are few Canon Changes.

JKR hasn't exactly created a properly structured social hierarchy. She briefly mentions about the Sacred Twenty Eight and that's it. So I am going to follow the Fanfic hierarchy of Ancient and Noble Houses. I will explain it in the story.

Next, is subject matter. I have my own opinions about how magic works, and I would be applying it here. Also, I don't believe that Magical Educations just needs inside even years. Their should be some sort of Higher Education options like starting from Graduates, Mastery, Doctorates and so on. I will be playing with this option here.

I am changing his Grandparents from Fleamont and Euphemia to Charlus and Dorea ( they were assumed to be his Grandparents until quite recently.) The reason is artistic creativity with their background. The Black Family, allows lots of his wizard politics and family feud to play with.

And finally, Harry is still a kid. He can't just go with Guns blazing and defeat Dumbledore. We are talking about a guy who almost controls the whole of Britain except in name. Plus he's a powerful wizard in his own rights. So it will start slow. Please be patient.

The first few chapters will probably be world building. Afterwords, I am thinking of putting him in Drumstrangs instead of Hogwarts. Only later does he joins Hogwarts.

Finally, this book is like a trial run. I want to get acquainted with the ideas and their applications, before starting another one.

I don't have a proper guideline on how the story should proceed. I have few ideas... but that's it. So feel free to post your ideas down here. It can be anything from realistic to downright impossible like Puffskeins are actually a group of alien who are quietly taking over the world by Hypnotising young females. Or is it?

And that's it... probably.

Oh, and my Graduation Finals are going on until April 1st. So please don't expect any updates until then.

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