1 Beginning and End as One.

Arthur opened his eyes and was greeted with a blurry sight. He turned on himself, stretching, before rubbing his eyes.

When his vision cleared, Arthur was shocked to find himself in a room he didn't know. He panicked at first because he clearly remembered he didn't drink last night so he could only have been abducted.

But as he thought about it he found it quite impossible, because why would his kidnappers let him sleep in such a room?

Now that he looked at the room, Arthur noticed that it was a kid's room, and a very big one at that. Arthur looked at the bed he was on and froze in shock.

He currently was in a small bed made for kids, but what shocked him was that it was big for him. His body wasn't the same anymore. He became a kid.

As soon as he realized that new memories flooded in his mind and Arthur finally learned who he took the body from.

Coincidentally, or most certainly not, the previous owner of this body was also called Arthur Holly, except instead of being born in 1995 like him, this body was born in 1980.

Except from that Arthur couldn't find any difference. Any. Now that he saw through the past three years, Arthur came to a conclusion.

He had somehow been sent back in time along with his family, and they all were born 15 years earlier.

That's right, this Arthur's parents were the same as the big Arthur. They had the same age as when Arthur was 3.

Arthur was relieved he didn't lose his parents by transmigrating as this would have been a hard blow for him.

As Arthur was musing over what was happening to him, his door opened slightly. But Arthur was too concentrated to notice it.

The door opened wider and a woman in her early thirties walked to Arthur's bed and sat next to him. This brought Arthur our of his thoughts as he looked at her.

Blond locks, fair skin, a slender and tall body, she was indeed his mother, Natasha Holly. She smiled at him and said "I was about to wake you up. Did you sleep well?"

Arthur nodded and said "Yes, I made a strange dream but I don't remember much of it." That was a lie. But he was a good liar.

Nat took him in her arms and said "That's how dreams are. You forget them quickly. Do you think you are ready?"

Arthur looked at her confused and asked "What for?" Nat looked at him and replied "For your first day at school, silly boy."

Arthur suddenly remembered this would indeed be his first day at school. Arthur was not horrified by the thought of doing school again though.

First time was a pain, but the second time would be way easier as he would learn what he already learned.

The two arrived in the kitchen and there a man was sitting reading the newspaper. Nat kissed Arthur on the cheek and put him down.

Arthur smiled and ran with small steps toward his father, Henry Holly. Henry put down and took Arthur in his arms.

Arthur said energetically "Good morning!"

Henry chuckled and replied "Good morning son." Arthur got down and turned to his mother "Can I have a juice?"

Nat turned to the fridge and took out the beverage.

Arthur enjoyed the mood. It had been a long time since he last had breakfast with his parents, and he really missed it. After they were done, Arthur made his bag under the surprised eyes of his parents.

After all, not many 3 years old would be able to make their own bag before even going to school. Once everything was ready Henry said "Today we will both drop you to school with the car, but in the future mom will be the only one to come, okay?"

Arthur nodded and said "I understand, you have to go to work." Henry smiled and ruffled his blond hair and said "Such a good kid, why was I even worrying about you."

Arthur smiled cheekily at him and said "It's because I'm too smart!" Nat looked at him and said "We will see how smart you are you little arrogant boy."

Arthur turned to her and locked gaze with her, challenging her.

The three then laughed it off and got in the car.

Arthur was recognized as a genius. During the year, Arthur learned to read in basically no time, was always ahead of his classmates too.

Of course it was only kindergarten, but at the end of the year they still had asked him whether he wanted to skip a grade or not.

Much to their surprise he had refused. The reason was that he didn't want to be ostracized by others because of the difference of age. Or that's what he told them.

The truth was that he simply didn't see the point, he might as well go slow and ace it rather than go fast and only have above average marks.

But his plans got interrupted by a big something the day of his fourth birthday. His parents had first allowed him to invite his friends but they discovered that he had no friend because he thought they were childish.

It amused and worried them at the same time, but that's why they decided to invite their own friends. Apparently their friends had children of his age, and it would be good for them to know each other.

That's how Arthur met the two families, and although he first thought of it to be a coincidence, it was too big to be one.

The first family was a giganormous one composed of 7 children, with their two parents, and they are all red heads. Low and behold, they are called the Weasley family, Arthur and Molly Weasley had seven sons and daughter, Bill, Charles, Percy, Fred, George, the same age Ron and the only girl Ginny.

Not enough for you? The second family, are the Diggory. Amos and Elizabeth Diggory. What would Arthur need more to understand he had transmigrated in Harry Potter world?

The only thing he found confusing was the fact his parents never told him about magic.

But all of did, wasn't what impeded his plans. When they were eating the cake, as he was wishing, he suddenly felt painful. His entire body was aching, and that was the biggest pain he had ever felt, in both lives.

At first no one saw him, but when he started trembling they saw something was off. Everyone had freaked out, but Arthur couldn't see or hear them, he was in too much pain.

Strangely, he couldn't even fall unconscious, as normally under a certain amount of pain a human should faint. But Arthur couldn't, and the pain was getting worst.

This, is what spoiled his plans.

Obviously they went to the hospital, a normal one, but the doctors couldn't see what was wrong with him except for the fact he was in pain. They would have said he was simulating if not for his convulsing body and pained cries.

However, that night, he successfully fell asleep. Even with his body paining him, the moment he went to bed the pain seemed to fade away for a moment, allowing him to fall asleep.

In the past year, Arthur had never made a dream. Not even once. But that day, he did.

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